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Conversations in Spain

The latest film in The Learning English Video Project series is set to be released later this month! ‘Conversations in Spain’ is a 17-minute documentary style film that explores English learning techniques and methods in Madrid and Granada, two very different cities in Spain.

The finished production will be available to watch for free on both with and without subtitles. Versions will also be available for direct download and will be accompanied by free teaching materials, also provided by ‘Conversations in Spain’ is due to be released towards the end of November so keep checking this website for more details.

I began working on the film with my assistant director Joel Carr back in September 2008, when we shot most of the footage. This particular chapter of the project has a very unique feel in that it has been constructed to suit learners who may have problems with listening in particular. As the title suggests, the film focuses on three central conversations that detail various questions and answers about learning English on the European continent. I have been working with Josef Essberger, founder of, and Matt Errey, producer of ESL board-game ‘Word Up’, in crafting a film that offers learners the chance to absorb entire conversations with a learner of English, a teacher of English and the director of a language school.

Each of the films from The Learning English Project has its own style and design. ‘Conversations in Spain’ is an attempt at allowing learners to gain an insight into conversational flow that they might not have otherwise had access to. The conversations have been very carefully selected in that they not only provide a chance for learners to practice their listening, but they may also offer new ideas, tips and information about learning English in different parts of the world. As always, the film is stitched together with footage from the location settings, which are very beautiful places indeed. ‘Conversations in Spain’ also features music by electronic composer Tom Carr, who also wrote pieces for ‘Stories from Morocco’ and ‘Lessons from Romania’.

The Learning English Video Project is is proving to be popular all over the world, with ‘Stories from Morocco’, ‘Lessons from Romania’ and ‘Tales from America’ accumulating over 30,000 online views and an average of one hundred downloads a day since the films were released earlier this year. Throughout August and September 2009, Joel and I worked on two more films for the series; one in China and one in Brazil. I am currently editing the Chinese chapter that was filmed in both Shanghai and Xiamen. This film looks at how English is being used for a specific purpose on the Asian continent. I also hope to have more information on this film later on in the month. To see regular blog updates from the film production, simply click on the ‘China’ link on the ‘Director’s Blog’ section of the site.

I would personally like to thank everybody who regularly contributes to for all your support and advice throughout the project and I hope that you will continue to express your interest with what we have in store for you over the next few months.

Best wishes,

Daniel Emmerson (Director – The Learning English Video Project)

3 Responses to “Next Release”

  1. Julia says:

    oh! Thank u for your job, it’s so important and helpful for us who try to learn English. And i invite you to visit Russia)))) here u can also make an interesting film, cause people here also value the great role of English language. There are a lot of english schools, centres and clubs where we can learn it)) and each young aducated person can speak english))So.. we wait for you on a visit))

  2. Arif Sipra says:

    good job that u hv voluntarily exercised for the learners as well as for the countries unaware of the the english lang.
    i’m a music director and a screen writer at lollywood,pak film industry.
    wish you the best of luck at present and the time to come.

  3. Tony Escobar says:

    Dear Mr. Daniel Emmerson,

    I have enjoyed your videos very much in respect that I showed them to my ESL students here in Shenyang, China. I am an Foreign English Teacher. It helped my students realize that there are other ways and methods one can use to learn English in an enjoyable way.
    I am American and from New York City so odfcourse I showed them the Tales from America since it’s setting is New York City.
    I cannot wait for your video from China because the students are eager to see it soon!
    I congragulate you on a fantastic set of videos which can aspire students as well as teachers.
    Just one question. Did you receive a grant to finance your Video Project? Just curious is all.
    Thanks again.
    Tony Escobar
    Sunbo Foreign Language School
    Xiaonan Branch
    Shenyang, China