Project Update


It was just over one year ago that I started work on The Learning English Video Project and I have to say that I am thrilled with how everything is going so far. The support I have received from YOU, the audience, has been spectacular and I have really enjoyed reading your feedback since I began the blog posts in August 2008.

So far, has released both Stories From Morocco and Lessons From Romania, which both seem to have gone down very well with audiences from all over the globe. I am especially pleased to report that Lessons From Romania has had over 12,000 views in the first three weeks!!

Tales From America, the third film in the seven-part series, is going to be available to watch on from June 21st 2009. I am very excited about the release because this film features students from all over the world who had come to New York to learn English. The tips, advice and comments that the interviewees provide allow for deep insights into learning English from people of different ages and with alternative perspectives. The film lasts for just about eighteen minutes and will be available, as always, both with and without subtitles. Just visit on or after June 21st to see the film for free!!

In August 2009 I will take The Learning English Video Project to Shanghai, China. Then in September, we will travel to Sao Paulo, Brazil to make the last film in the series. If you are in Shanghai OR Sao Paulo and would be interested in taking part in The Learning English Video Project, send me an email!

My address is

I can’t promise that I will get back to everybody, but I will certainly try. I have had so many wonderful comments and invitations from people, it is difficult to keep up! However, I am most grateful for your support and I hope that you are enjoying The Learning English Video Project!

All the best,


4 Responses to “Project Update”

  1. Tara Benwell says:

    Congratulations on all of those views. Wow! That’s an impressive number.

  2. selma says:

    You’ve done what meets the learners’ needing.
    You have a right to be supported.
    Thank You and Good Luck.

  3. Nataly says:

    Thank you a lot for your job. This is a very great thought to make a films. And you did them very interesting and helpful for us, English learners.
    Thank you!=)

  4. Maria says:

    Hi Daniel,
    I found you videos a great help in teaching my students English in Korea.
    They are eagerly awaiting the next video, about Spain. When will you have it ready? I tried to find it on the website, but could not.
    Keep up the good work.