Lessons From Romania Released Tomorrow


The second film from The Learning English Video Project is set for release tomorrow (May 21st 2009). The film is part of the 7-part documentary series that looks at learning English as a foreign language across the globe.

As with every other film in the series, Lessons From Romania will be free to watch and download. It will be available with and without subtitles and will come free with quizzes, lesson plans and an audience comments page!

The Learning English Video Project is is now also available on Facebook! Just search for ‘The Learning English Video Project’ in order to become a fan!

I look forward to reading your comments and hope that you enjoy the film.

All the best,

4 Responses to “Lessons From Romania Released Tomorrow”

  1. ahmed amer says:

    hello :
    i am ms/ Ahmed aimer want in learn of English
    to in my have some words and sentences ,but need speaking very good talk English
    good by …….thank you

  2. ahmed mohamed says:

    dear all ,
    caan you send to me a uesfuj web sait for learning EN , and send aleasons of english to me
    my regardes,


  3. muhamad says:

    Hello.if you can send to me video lessons for me

  4. rony says:

    hi, can you send me the video lessons, please? thanks.