We landed in Poland after a difficult journey involving two nights in Spain, a connecting flight in London and a loopy panic attack on my part. My first novel, Walking On The Left, was to be published in Poland the following morning and the plan was to spend a few hours signing books during the release ceremony at the Krakow book fair. We arrived at the fair twenty minutes late and I found myself sitting at a table, surrounded by copies of my book and a small gathering of eager teens, waiting for me to sign their new purchases… it was a surreal experience to say the least and I decided to make it even more so by tying a pink silk scarf to my neck… goodness knows why.

Book Me

I found it an interesting situation to be in as the majority of ESL students and experts we had spoken to at that point on the trip, saw reading books outside the classroom as an excellent way to learn a new language. My book is in Polish, which gave my experience a peculiar twist, but it still forced me to reflect on the impact of what reading a book in a foreign language can bring about. The Polish title of the book is Ktoredy. It is sponsored by and Outloud Productions.

Ktoredy, By Daniel Emmerson.



Once the fair came to a close, Joel and I boarded a train to the final destination on the Project ESL schedule. The train took us across the Polish border to the Czech Republic, then over to Slovakia and down through Hungry, landing us in Budapest where we spent two hours before boarding the next train to Bucharest. The second part of the journey took about eighteen hours in total, getting us into the capital city at quarter past six in the morning…

Welcome To Romania

Our first impressions of the city were that it resembled Poland somewhat. Communist tower blocks, trams and a bustling train station. After a couple of hours lurking in an old coffee house, we met with an English friend of mine who gave us a guided tour of the city. The road on which he lived consisted of gangplanks resting on a few muddy banks, he pointed across the street at an erotic shopping mall and told me his apartment was upstairs. My friend had an interesting take on the Romanian students that he teaches and he kindly agreed to an interview for the project, an interview that set the standard for things to come…

By the end of our second day in Romania we had interviewed a swarm of eager students, one or two teachers and several locals. The footage that we captured during our entire stay in Romania is some of the best so far and it will make for fascinating viewing once the film is complete. The eagerness and enthusiasm that we received from everybody we met was most unique and I am pleased to say that the people we met in Bucharest have added an entirely new dynamic to this interesting and diverse project.

Interviewing Alex, a Romanian student at the University of Bucharest. She is fluent in Romanian, English and Japanese.


Shots from the city centre



I would like to thank everybody who donated some of their time towards the project and all at International House Bucharest, who did an excellent job in accommodating us.

Joel setting up at International House Bucharest


Over the course of our trip, we learned a great deal about the process of learning English and how it differs from place to place. However, a common source for practicing and learning English seemed to be by listening to music and watching films. This is a great way to improve listening and vocabulary particularly, but I imagine that some films and artists are better at this than others.

My question to you is:

What are your favourite THREE films, favourite THREE musical artists and favourite THREE authors that have helped you in learning English and why?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best Wishes,


516 Responses to “Romania”

  1. Eileen says:

    Hi,Daniel,first, I’d like to answer your questions,my favourite thre films are OO7, one tree hill and prison break, I know little about foreign musical artists and authors except Chinese artists and authors, so I’m sorry.

    I want to share with you something happy, I set up an English Club in my company, and we named it as Big Apple English Club(BAEC). There are about 30 English learners and lovers. We organize some activities from time to time and improve our oral English. Maybe you can contact me if you’re interesting in our club. Welcome to Xinjiang province of China! and welcom to BAEC.

    my email is

  2. Stefan Kann says:

    Gone with the Wind
    We won the West

    Tex Ritter
    Ella Fitzgerald

    James A. Michener
    Charles M. Schultz
    John Grisham

  3. Alex says:

    Hello there

    My favorite movies would be ,

    1- The Lord of the ring
    2- Matrix
    3- a lot like love
    4- Sword fish
    5- Whale Riders

    Music would be Celine Dion , David Gutte , Sarah and more & more

    Thanks , E mail address ( )



  4. Dejene says:

    Film,it is very interesting.please continue

  5. tolbi radja says:

    thanks for your interest.actualy I improve my english with universities courses and some practical books selled in book-shops,in addition to some short tv programs.concerning moovies , music and radio programs,I don not anderstand very well the accent used so I GIVE UP QUIQLY and prefer watching or listening those broadcasted in french or arabic .

    I wish to here from you soon,best regards.

  6. Enrique Mercado says:

    Dear Daniel:

    No doubt my three favourite films are Blade Runner, Citizen Kane and Fahrenheit 451. My favourite musical artists are Paul Weller, Bob Dylan and Suzanne Vega. And my favourite authors are Salinger, Nabokov and Ray Bradbury.

    After listening to Paul, Bob and Suzanne and reading and watching these aforesaid books and films, I’ve improved my English a big deal.

    Best regards,
    Enrique Mercado

  7. mihai says:

    I’d like to tell you that I will be pleased to join u guys .I’m looking forward to hearing from you!!

  8. Amira says:

    My 3 favourite English learning site are: because it provides every single thing in detail starting from beginners to intermediate and advanced, by Jane Straus because she deals with very fine confusing grammatical points, and especialy the TP.

  9. mokhtar says:

    Hi,Daniel,first, I’d like to answer your questions,my favourite thre films are OO7, one tree hill and prison break, I know little about foreign musical artists and authors except Chinese artists and authors, so I’m sorry.

  10. eva says:

    hi danial,,

    i would like to answer your questions

    my favourite films are

    1-others -nichole kidman

    2-when man loves woman – meg rayan

    3-wreck park

    and thousands of movies….hhhhh

    three musical artists

    1- johann strauss

    2-julies massanate

    3- goerge winstone

    and some others


    1- sharlok homlz

    2- Jobran khaleel Jobran

    and alot of authors but not their books aren’t in English…

    i wish i answered your question.

  11. Robert says:

    Hi Daniel:
    I want to ask you, but I have only one answer for each one, and these are:
    1. Film: Grease
    2. Artist: Frank Sinatra
    3. Author: Jay Maurer, Focus on Grammar.
    See you,
    Greetings from Lima, Peru.

  12. Luz says:

    I’ve been learning English through songs, films, and books. Actually, I don’t have a favorite one for every resource for learning English has been very useful for me . Mostly through songs and films I’ve acquired a great practice in listening, pronunciation, and intonation, and through literature I’ve gotten a lot of grammar, spelling, and comprehension. That’s why I consider songs, films, and books so useful for the learning of the English language. I can tell that music from the 60s has been very useful for me.

  13. Meisam says:

    Dear sir
    I don’t watch films.I listen to Persian Musics.I try to learn English through books and grammar.

    Meisam Fallahi

  14. Luz says:

    Great project. Very useful for all the English learning people. Keep on going!.

  15. Hidayet says:

    Hello Daniel,
    My perferable three movies are; may be, 24, Law and Order (S.V.U and Criminal Intent), CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). I believe there are more, but these three series I used to watch them more than once a day.
    For my preferable three artists, I can name celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Backstreet Boys (these are among the artists for whom I can learn the song by heart).
    Then the authors; I know many, mainly: Carol Myers Scotton, David Cristal, Hudson River (I have read a lot for those authors,as I am interested in Linguistics and their works are recommended for students of linguistics).
    Finally, I would like to thank you for this wonderful WebSite..I find it so interesting, and SORRY for my english.

  16. Ioana says:

    Hi, Daniel. My favourite films would be: Pride and Prejudice, Becoming Jane and Pirates of the Caribbean. Why? Well, I quite enjoy listening to British accent, because it helps me to improve my pronunciation. On the other side, I like Pirates of the Caribbean due to Johnny Depp and his funny way of speaking.
    Musical artists: Lifehouse, Faith Hill and Shania Twain. Listening to their songs, I learned new words, so that I improved my vocabulary.
    As authors I will say Jane Austen and a poet W. Shakespeare. I prefer, though, Jane Austen’s style.

  17. Eimeel says:

    Hello Daniel!

    My three favourites films are Anywhere but here with Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman, The Diary of Bridget Jones and The Godfather.

    My musical artists are in the first place, this great british band named Coldplay, Savage Garden and Nelly Furtado.

    The three authors that have helped me to learn English have been Oscar Wilde, Howard Zinn and Sylvia Plath.

  18. Irene Fallavier says:

    The Ten Commandments
    The Untouchables
    Steel Magnolias
    Musical Artists
    Elvis Presley
    Barbara Streisand
    Johnny Mathis
    Joyce Kilmer
    Walt Whitman
    William Shakespear

  19. rosa says:

    hello ,
    i am happy to recieve lessons from the english club they really help me in teaching
    concerning my three favourit fims ; nine months , titanic and city of angles
    my three musin artists ; celine Dion ” she has a clear English ” , Brain Adams , and the english songs of Joe Dassin
    so waiting for new from the club best wishes for u

  20. Cindy says:

    I don’t know many films. But I do love some films like “the Mask”, “Matrix”, “Gone with the Wind.” etc.
    I also know many American films and author or muscian in other language, but I don’t know the Engslish name. Why don’t you just make list about them? It is easy way for Engslih learner like me to choose from the lists some names.

  21. rosa says:

    ahh my favourit authors are : D.H Lawrance , Jane Austin , Nathaniel Hawthorne

  22. Jimmy says:

    Hi , Daniel. I think it is a great idea travel around theworld and inquiring about people´s experience on English learning. It a shame I have no enough broad band to download or view the viedos . But, it is ok anyway.
    My three favoritve films are Dead Poet Society, Shakespeare in Love and Beaches. My three musical artists are Michael Bolton, Lionel Ritchie and Journey(with Steve Perry as leading singer). And talking about authors,I prefer Williwam Shakespeare, Edgar A. Poe and William Faulkner.
    I guess any of them can make you interested on studying English Language to enhance one´s knowledge about this amazing culture.
    Thanks for teh idea once more, Jimmy, the Cuban boy.

  23. Irene Fallavier says:

    Hi Daniel,
    I submitted my favourites apart before this greeting. I teach English in a club of more than 30 members here in La Reunion. We practise and learn English as often as one hour a week. Just contact me if you are interested about our club.

  24. Tareq Faris says:

    1- The Cable Guy: when he talk slowly i can understand without watch the translate.
    2- I-robot: The same.
    3- Golden Eye: i learn alot of things when i watch the 007, because when like something you focus on it. and i learnd new things.

    Musical Artist:
    Brayan adams: i like the slow music and i learn a new words in english.
    there is alot but what i want to say if somebody really want to learn english listen to the slow music and it not neccary to leaen quickly.. give your self the time and you will be better.

  25. Gabriel says:

    Well, Daniel, congratulations for the new project you bigin, and thanks Josef for the “English Club”.

    My 3 favorite films are, Adam Sandler’s Click, Two for the Money, and Over her Dead Body. My 3 favorite musical artists are Madonna, Billy Joel, and George Michael. My 3 favorite authors are Sir Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe, and Truman Capote.

    I hope it will help you.
    Wish you the best of luck.

  26. Ramzy says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Here goes my answer to your question. Enjoy!
    1.1 Pulp Fiction – nice plot and far from being a mainstream Hollywood one-week blockbuster.
    1.2 The Big Kahuna – excellent script and intelligent dialogue. I think it’s the first American movie that puts the English language to work eloquently for Americans.
    1.3 Blackadder series (Sorry no more films)- a brilliant saucy sassy wicked dialogue, yet a wonderful insider which proves that the Brits speak the real English while Americans speak ESL in comparison; no offence, just my opinion…

    2. Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits- I’d count him as three artists to reflect how firmly I like him. Yet again, he’s a real proof that English can be too frustrating to be understood when heard spoken or sung by a native speaker of certain locale (namely, New Castle.) His songs were like tongue twister exercises back in the days. He still rocks!

    3.1 Ayn Rand – A founder of a controversial yet an influential philosophy. Although she’s not a native speaker of English, but her books taught me how dedication to reading English books could enrich one’s vocabulary without needing assistance from a teacher.
    3.2 Stephen King – the master of horror fiction. His bestseller, Cujo, kept me captivated between the book and my dictionary for days.
    3.3 God, King James Bible- An insider on the evolution of the English language. Let alone it’s ethical and spiritual value.

    There is plenty up my sleeve though.

  27. María says:

    This is England
    About a Boy


    W. Wordsworth
    Ken Follet

  28. Ibrahim Ibrahimi says:

    Hello everybody!

  29. Marlene Poiani says:

    Sense and Sensibility
    Pride and Prejudice
    Musical artists
    Frank Sinatra
    Elvis Presley
    Barbara Streisand
    Walt Whitman
    William Shakespear
    Joyce Kilmer

  30. Valery Sheremetiev says:

    Thanks, Daniel! Salut from Russia!
    The Best of Films (by my opinion):
    Forrest Gump
    Once Upon a Time in America
    Fight Club

    The Beatless
    Status Quo

    Authors: Fleming, Cooper, Twain
    Best Regards.

  31. daoud says:

    I am afraid I forgot about the names exactly but …I may say: the masc…(leonardo decaprio)…….the three masqueteers …and other cartoon movies …it is known that we in algeria don t pay so much interest for movies for learning we just watch for leisure…as to misic I may say …Celine dion s music …cher ( do u believe…) and many other music in which there is a vast vocabulaty relating to different domains..history……etc.
    I wish I were helpful with this brief answer…i look forward to seing you realize your project.
    yours sincerely.

  32. juan pablo perez says:

    Hi Daniel.

    bright mind
    The godfather

    Richard marx

    Bon Jovy

  33. Maritza Garcia says:

    Little Women
    The Bridge of Madison County
    Wuthering Heights

    Musical Artists
    The Beatles
    Jim Croce

    Edgar Allan Poe
    William Shakespeare
    The Brontë Sisters

  34. Carlos Fuentes says:

    Hello Daniel,
    I’m happy to say that U2 has helped me since a long time ago, I used to read their lyrics and it was really helpfull. Besides, I used to watch American movies with English subtitles, it is great learning!
    I couldn’t say about authors, I’m not familiar about it. But is great!
    Thank you!!

  35. dido says:

    thanks daniel for being care about us in english .
    my 3 films :
    pretty woman,home alone1&2,sister act1&2,friends serious.
    celine dion,backstreet,blue,westlife,whighthouse,Phil Collins,Brian adams,frank sinatra,Areatha franklin.

    the 3rd question , i dont have any author im just reading any book ,but i dont like to read alot in english becouse we dont have good books in english here n egypt ,its difficult to find .
    i’m learning english becouse i’m crazy about it & one of the best teacher in english helped me alot ,so i love it becouse of her too

  36. Giuliano Martini says:

    Films: “Educating Rita”, “Shampoo”, “The Ipcress File”.
    Music: Joan Baez, John Lennon, Pink Floyd.
    Authors: Charles Dickens, W. Somerset Maugham, Herman Melville.

    I like these movies because the pieces of dialogue in them can be used, with little variations, in many different circumstances. I found them very useful to learn.

    I have learned my first words in English by writing down the lyrics from “Farewell Angelina”, sung by Joan Baez. It seemed to work, so I continued with John Lennon. As I felt more confident with the language I had a go with the Pink Floyd. I am still working at them…

    …and when I need a real treat, I pick up a book by one of the three writers I mentioned and I read (or reread as I recently did with “Moby Dick”) one of their works, and the world looks nicer.

  37. Louisa says:

    The gone with the wind
    Thorn birds
    Mariah Carey
    Celine Dion
    John Galsworthy
    William Maugham
    William Shakspeare

  38. Erika Schoeneck says:

    The Old Man and the See
    Gone with the Wind
    Musical Artists
    Elvys Presley
    Julie Andrews
    Tom Jones
    John Steinbeck
    Wiliam Shakespeare
    W.Somerset Maugham

  39. nziha says:

    Hello Daniel,

    My favourite films are:X-files, The lake house and Harry Potter
    My favourite musical artists: Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette and Dream Theater
    My favourite authors: Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen

    Good luck
    Nezha from Morocco

  40. Mojgan says:

    my favorite movies are :
    my favorite music stars are :
    1)PINK FLOYD( musical group)
    3)50 CENTS
    authors who I mostley read their masterpieces are
    1)HENRY DAVID THOREAU(WALDEN,its really great )
    2)VICTOR HUGO (the translation of his books, i mean)
    3)READER”S DIGEST (a wonderfull magazin)

  41. saly bada says:

    favourite film: In my country
    favourite singer : dolly parton

  42. Farin Zand says:

    Dear Daniel,
    I learn English own my self. I just love English .
    My dream is that some day could speak the language
    well.I hope your films can help me.
    My favourite films are my fair lady Viktoria Viktoria .
    Rod Stewart is my favourite.
    I wish you good luck in your project.

  43. Rosabell Gonzalez says:

    Hi Daniel,
    it’s always very difficult to say what you like best because there are so many films, singers and writers that I’m sure to forget one. so I’ll just say the ones that come to my mind.

    Three fims: Rio Bravo
    The Quiet Man
    All that Heaven Allows

    Three singers: Frank Sinatra
    Billie Holiday
    Bing Crosby

    Three Authors: Somerset Maugham
    Jane Austen
    William Shakespeare

    I hope this will help. Good Luck!

  44. Abel Gonzalez says:

    Hi Daniel,

    My name is Abel Gonzalez. I’m from Spain and I teach English in a small village in the province of Palencia (north of Spain) where I was born. I have a few adult pupils in my classes, but they are very keen on learning a new language, although it is sometimes difficult for them.
    As for the questions you’ve asked, I wouldn’t say that those films, artists or authors are the only ones who helped me in the learning of English, and that there are a lot of more films I’ve seen, artists I’ve listened to and authors I’ve already read that helped me with my English too. But in the case of my favourite three films, “Gladiator”, “Close encounters on the third kind” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” will do. As for the artist, Alan Parsons, Mike Oldfield and The Cardigans. And the authors, Shakespeare, George Orwell and Edgar Allan Poe are my favourite.

    If you ever want to contact me, please write to my email address and I’ll be glad to help you.

    Thank you very much and my best wishes.

    Abel Gonzalez.

  45. nziha says:

    Hi again,
    I forget to answer the question “why”?
    Well, books, films and music are the best way to learn a foreign language.
    Music and films develop our listening skills and give us a chance to listen to real pronunciation.
    Books on the other hand, develop our reading and also writing skills. More than that, all the three , books, films, and music enrich our imagination.

  46. Carlos says:

    Hello Daniel,

    My favourite films are The Forgotten, The remains of the Day, and Henry V.
    My favourite musician are Frank Sinatra, Robbie Williams and Jennifer Rush.
    My Favourite authors are Sir Connan Doyle, Tom Clancy and John Grisham.
    Best regards
    Carlos from Argentina

  47. Chiara says:

    My favourite films are: Notting Hill, (they say Hugh Grant speaks a perfect British English), About a boy and Star wars.
    My favourite music artists are The Police, The Queen and the Beatles, because their songs are often easy to understand and sing.
    My favourite author is J.K. Rowling because her books are so enjoyable and easy to read. I’m sorry, but I often read business books and magazines, so I really can’t add other authors!

  48. Essam says:

    Hello Daniel,
    My favourit three films are:N23,N300,Troy.Well,those are my favourite ones till now.They are not necesserily the ones helped me improve my English!!
    I’m muslim and “fukaha” diverge on wether it is “Halal” or “Haram”.Not to be in trouble,I listen to music hardly ever.
    My favourite three authors are :John Steinback,Hemingway,Bertrand Russel.
    Good luck

  49. Hasan Turgut says:

    Thank you for your efforts for teaching English.
    I learned some English at U. of California At Berkeley Campus. Marliyn Moore is the famous artist for all times. And Gone with the wind is the film.
    Good luck for your new project.
    From Turkey

  50. SHerief >> from Egypt says:

    Hi Danial,

    my favorite films are The Jackel, bearl harbor and beautifull mind

    favourite musical artists are Celine Dion, Back street boys team and evanicence

    favourite authors : charles dickens, shakespeare and Philip Prowse

    See you

  51. Moon says:

    My favourite films{pride and prejudice,Molino Rojo,Howl’s Moving castle}.My favourite musical artists{cher,Enrique Iglesias,Shayne Ward}.My favourite authors{Charlotte Bronte,Jana Austen}^^;…Thanks to English club :)

  52. luz says:

    hi, my answer are the next, My favourite films are: titanic, enchanted and harry potter, because I like the fantasy.
    My favourite music artists are jonh lennon , beegees, and celi dion, because their songs are often easy to understand and sing.
    so sorry but I dont have favorite authors.

  53. Klara says:

    Dear Daniel,

    yours is a wonderful idea and I admire your courage and patience and everything it takes to come up with and realize this project!!

    I have not been as fortunate as those ladies above, but I’m alive and young and can probably do some good in the world still.

    Okay, as to your questions:

    The top three movies that helped me learn English the most are GATTACA (1997) by Andrew Niccol, INVENTING THE ABBOTTS (1997) by Richard Kelly, and REALITY BITES (1994) by Ben Stiller.


    GATTACA has a beautiful storyline and pictures just as beautiful to go along with that and above all, I love the message of that movie – so I watched the film over and over again until I got even the tiniest sigh without any subtitles.
    Please don’t ask me how many times, it beats me.

    INVENTING THE ABBOTTS has a pointy beginning with Joaquin Phoenix narrating (and also appearing) throughout the movie. I liked his clear pronunciation and the sound of his voice made the movie so much better. To compare with, I also liked KISS KISS BANG BANG, but Robert Downey Jr’s narrating voice is a little too fast and chaotic (as it certainly suits his character in the movie) so that took me a great while. It was still fun watching, but I would have never gotten along without subtitles.

    REALITY BITES is just so full of great lines, the script writer certainly was an artist…
    In fact, it is almost so abundantly full of nice lines that the story itself had to suffer. But that’s okay because the actors did an impressive job and I loved Winona Ryder in it, and that’s how we come to your second question.

    WINONA RYDER has a different way of speaking it seems to me. When I listen to her in movies and in interviews, she is not trying to talk her way out nervously or acting like a posh hypocrite, but she is really making her points and I like the way she has ideas and expresses herself in that literate and sophisticated way of hers, which made me want to learn speak English like her in the first place.

    AUDREY HEPBURN is not born English nor American, but to my knowledge many non-native actors and actresses came to Hollywood around that time and got lucky. Well, among them, Audrey Hepburn speaks English most elegantly, I think, and I thought, when she can do it AND act AND dance AND sing AND be enchanting at the same time, then I could at least try to learn the language like her.

    You know, one very great source of getting to know more about your favorite actors is the Actor’s Studio and its interview series. What struck me the most was that the actors and actresses were also given the chance to introduce themselves apart from their films, as persons from childhood up till now and their future dreams, projects and plans outside the film studio. So who made the greatest impression there on me was
    who’s had a long story before coming to Hollywood (like most of the good ones do) and who gave the most accurate and admirable answers to the students and the interviewer. He also gave various impersonations that were hilarious. His free, yet very eloquent talking, his calm and benevolent voice, his sense of humor and his clear points of view on that many subjects made me want to become more accurate in speaking English myself.

    MARGARET ATWOOD was the first author I deliberately read in English (that is voluntarily aside from school assignments). I began with ‘Cat’s Eye’ and after that possibly read every line she ever wrote. I admire her for the mostly hurtful images she creates in the reader’s mind in her own surreal way; she creates human bodies and minds in a well of emotions that equals no other contemporary writer I read of.

    TONI MORRISON is the other author who excels in creating hurtful images, but hers are more real, down to earth and more motherly as Margaret Atwood’s. My favorite book is ‘Love’ because it has a stunning beginning, a breath-taking middle, and a heart-wrenching end. No, not one of those cheesy happy end romance stories. It is mostly tragic and very, very wisely written.

    Funny as hell and very, very true.

    Whew, I could go on and on but you asked for three each, so I hope there’ll be many more comments here for you.

    Cheers from Germany,

  54. Consuelo Sánchez says:

    Dear Daniel,

    About yor c¿questions, my three favorite filmes that helped me to lear english are: Camp Rock, High School Musical and Barbies, all of them are films that my children saw, and I share with them and at the same time I learn english. About my favorites musicals artists are maroon 5, lenny kravitz and delirius? because their letters are goods and when I hear them over and over I learn to hear thepronuountation of many words. Thank and I hope my information could be use.

  55. Klara says:

    Well hey, actually I wrote only about why I liked the books I read of those three authors, so I kind of got confused and drifted of.
    Your question was how it helped me learn English.
    So I have to name one other author:
    His ‘Bliss’ was such a revelation to me in that it contains so much in every sentence – agony, despair, hatred, sarcasm, happiness, bliss. His writing maybe was the biggest influence on mine. I think I wanted to express as much as him in one sentence, so that my sentences in school got longer and longer, but anyway, it helped me acquire more and more vocab plus strengthening my style………..

    MARGARET ATWOOD made me think more of those worlds within human minds so I automatically looked for expressions and ways of getting to the innermost thoughts and pack them in words as clearly or as surreally as possible.

    TONI MORRISON then gave me the other half of expressions and half sentences, those one more wordly (plus African-American sayings which is interesting in itself), yet also from the magic realism realm which makes you dream, and that’s one kind of an art.

  56. Pat says:

    i do not have any particular films..i just watch whatever comes in hand in original with subtitles…but best i think james ivory, howards end;best books for learning : harry potter;


  57. idris ichlek says:

    My favourite films are: thirteenth warrior. brvaveheart.hit.
    My favourite music artists are Cat steven i love his nice english songs. Michael jackson.beatles.
    as authors i can say Charles dickens,wilkie collins and a turkish author very famous in here i always read his articles and stories Fethullah Gulen

  58. marta perez says:

    my favorites films are: as good as it gets, pretty woman and ghost
    my favorites singers are: Barbra streisand, phil collins and celine dio
    my favorites writers : gabriel garcia marquez. los dostowiesky( I don’t know how to write it )

  59. Sudhakar says:

    Hi Daniel,

    My favourite films are:Chrnicles of Narniya,Tranformes and Shrake
    My favourite musical artists: A. R. Rahman,The drifters and Madonna
    My favourite authors: Shakespeare, Rudolfo Anaya and Bryce Courtenay.

  60. aya says:

    hello Daniel,
    i wanna answer your questions,firstly, my favourite 3 films are :mission impossible,if only and high school musical.
    secondly,my favourite musical artist are: Enrique Iglesias ,Eminem and Shayne Ward, but my favourite authors are: Shakespeare ,Charlse Dickens and Alexander Pope.

  61. Carmelo (Mel in English :-) ) says:

    Hi Daniel!
    I was so glad to receive your e-mail.
    Great journey in Romania, wasn’t it?
    Well, here my answers are: my favourite movies are Titanic, The Color Purple and The Pussycat on a hot tin roof.
    My preferred musical artists are Madonna, Coldplay and Eminem.
    At last my authors… hum… my only author: Agatha Christie!!! The best in detective and spy stories. Don’t you agree with me?
    I’d be glad to receive an e-mail from you, Daniel.
    Bye for now… Good luck by Mel

  62. Karo says:

    My favourite fims are Madagascar, Notting Hill and Love Actually. As regards music, any English speaking artist is just great! (sorry!) but I can name some: Madonna, Celine Dion and one of the best bands in the world: Queen …
    Authors: Jane Austeen, Paul Auster and Shakespeare…
    Why? when you like semthing you are curious for more… Fun and motivation are the key elements…films and music are the best way to learn a foreign language.

  63. Klara says:

    Hey there, Daniel,

    I just left you two huge messages only to see that they were deleted because it took me too long, I fear. Well. I got confused anyway and wrote you a novel about actors instead of singers…

    Okay. To your questions again:

    1) FILMS:

    GATTACA (1997) by Andrew Niccol.
    Beautiful storyline along with beautiful pictures and a great message to it made me watch this one over and over again until I understood every line without subtitles.

    INVENTING THE ABBOTTS (2001) by Pat O’Connor.
    What I basically liked about this film is Joaquin Phoenix’s narrating. He also appears alongside Billy Crudup, Jennifer Connelly and Liv Tyler, but Joaquin Phoenix is the one most worth remembering, I find. It must be because of the quality of his voice, very clear pronunciation and there was a certain flow or melody in it. It made the film so much better.
    To compare with, I also liked KISS KISS BANG BANG, for example, but here the narrator Robert Downey Jr. speaking at a rather fast and chaotic pace (which suited his character alright, but I would never have made it through that latter movie without subtitles).

    REALITY BITES (1994) by Ben Stiller.
    So many good memorable lines that the story proper of the movie almost disappeared behind those fun lines. Some actors were a little breathless and hard to get, but the wonderful script hold it all together.


    When I went through a ‘I love gospel’ phase I listened to their songs a lot and wrote down their lyrics to learn them by heart (because listening alone was too hard for me back then) and then sing along. Very uplifting, especially “I can’t give up now”.

    Emotive and always good for depressive phases. No, not for intensifying, but for relief. Bass and lyrics are fun and always worth listening to. That’s how music works, isn’t it? Memorable through sound (melody) or speech and sometimes both as in this case.

    When I was in Canada for a semester, it turned out a friend of mine from Greek and me were both fans of them and we started listening to their songs over and over, most of the songs for their beat, but “Walk Away” and “The Fallen” as well as the English version of “The Dark of the Matinee” took their space on my mind so that I memorized those lyrics almost effortlessly. Very dark and very appropriate at that time, I guess.

    3) AUTHORS:

    MARGARET ATWOOD is the first lady of my English experience realm. After I read her novel ‘Cat’s Eye’, there might be no line she wrote that I haven’t read. I love the way she not only portrays human minds from the outside, but from the innermost happenings, and in that surreal way of hers. The hurtful images of that first novel still stay with me, and the simplicistic way her every sentence turns out to cut into your imagination is worth watching.

    TONI MORRISON is the other dame of fascinating, yet hurtful images, but hers are more real and down to earth, though not entirely of this visible world. Her stories are made in the magical realism realm, but it is actual persons she portrays within their eras.
    ‘Love’ is such a novel, and there is so much more in the story than one might imagine from the title alone because you can find anything else but love, yet if you look close enough……..

    PETER CAREY is the name. His novel ‘Bliss’ was the bomb in my thinking world. From the first humorous line to the last thrilling word, it is the most flawless piece of work that I lay eyes on, I thought back then. The only book (in English) I read back and forth and never got fed up with. Every sentence is so full of agony, tragedy, comedy, bliss and pain that it struck me I too want to write like this and be able to express myself like this.

    Dear Daniel,
    nobody can possibly know how much effort you put into this thus far and how much you’re gonna need to succeed yet, but I admire you for doing this project and I wish you the best of luck to get a lot of helpful comments and enough motivation and will to get this thing done!

    Cheers from Germany,

    P.S.: Sorry, but I must be doing something wrong, it’s the fifth try now, I hope I haven’t cross-posted like five times or so….

  64. Amparo Gómez says:

    Three films:
    – 007 Series and Yellow Submarine, because the British pronunciation, and What dreams may come.
    Three musical artists:
    – The Beatles
    – The Roling Stones
    – Queen
    Three authors:
    – Charles Dickens
    – Edgar Allan Poe
    – W. Shakespeare

  65. Re7aaB says:

    hi ,
    My favourite films is Dying young , I dont listning any Music

  66. aziz saadallah says:

    Hi everybody, my three favourite films are:300-apocalipto-Lost
    My three favourite musical artist: celine dion-rihana-lionel richie
    and my three favourite authors:Shakespeare-hemmingway
    why? simply when we saw films we here a lot of words and expressions which help us to improve our languages that’s what it happens when we listen to music and read different books

  67. bosy says:

    hey Daniel
    my favourite films are 1-serendipity.
    2-awalk to remember.
    3-Certainly Titanic.
    and i prefer both british and american films .
    3 musical artist :Kings of Leon,marieh carey,Taylor Swift
    actually i don’t remember much but i’d love to say i borrow books from british council. cause it include everything and i love to read magazines and love stores


    The Ten Commandments
    The Untouchables
    Alexandre, the Great
    Star Wars
    The Lord of Rings

    Musical Artists:
    Celine Dion
    Elvis Presley
    The Beatles
    Johnny Mathis


  69. beyhan says:

    British english

  70. farahnaz says:

    Thank you very much for your email. I would Like the British movies and books and I enjoy them. The problem I never remember the names.

  71. Kim says:

    8 1/2
    The humor and complexity make one not want
    to miss any nuance.
    Far from the Madding Crowd
    The sensuous scenes of Nature
    The wonderful evocation of the author’s style
    The rhythm of the movie reflected the rhythm of
    the language.
    Judgment at Nuremburg
    I saw this as a teenager. It has made me think
    about issues of loyalty, truth and ethics. It also
    raises issues – at least indirectly – about
    Jenseits der Stille
    This German movie is about the barriers between
    languages (in this case German signing and
    spoken German).
    The Spanish Apartment
    Here we hear “all kinds” of European accents and
    languages and watch young people learn to
    get along and also see them in their efforts to
    communicate across languages and to learn
    another language.

    Their lyrics are so clear and their music is so

    Marty Robbins
    He tells stories in his songs. He enunciates.

    The Platters
    Their voices are like church bells, their themes
    simple and eternal.
    His writing is clear and direct. His message is

    Thomas Hardy
    He uses such colorful language, painting scenes
    with his words.

    P. K. Dick
    Some of his stories are very difficult because he
    plays with words and grammar, but it’s worth
    the effort.

    Thomas Pynchon
    For the same reasons as Dick
    across language and cultural differences

  72. LuisCarlos says:

    Hello Daniel,
    Well , I’ve been watching a lot of film in order to improve my English and to pass a funny free moment. I get use to watch the films Speak up: Maybe coud be a good films: the Beatiful Mind by Ron Howard, Gangs of New York by Martin Scorsese and Far from Heaven by Tood Haynes . The three films introduce English different styles; American and British English.
    Three interesting books could be :The great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald , Teacher Man by Frank McCourt and The English teacher by R.K Narayan. All recount things about teaching .
    Finally three good singer could be Frank Sinatra Nat King Cole and The Beatles . It’s easy understand and remember their songs .

  73. fatma says:

    hello daniel,
    thank you for your email and I’d like to answer your questions.the first,the favourite films are city of angels,pretty woman.titanic because these are very easy to understand the conversations between the actoress and actor .the answer for second question is westlife because their songs very clear and can catch the words faster than other songs
    the third question ldo’nt interested to read book but sometimes i read short stories.

  74. Mariana says:

    Thank you for this email. I would like the british movies, and my favourite chanter is Celine Dion and now I not remeber the names of authors.

  75. maria says:

    hi, i just would like to share my opinion. About movies i have many favourites , like 007, 24 grams, butterfly effect, the godfather, fight club, seven years in Tibet, six sense, de ja vu, and many, many others movies.
    My favourite music artist is Bono from U2.

  76. neslon florez says:

    my favorite films are :forrest gump,the god father and 007 favorite music artists are hillsong and dctalk i’ve never read any book in english.
    i learn especially from films music is not my main source of learning

  77. AleXXX says:

    Great, Excellent. 5 stars.

  78. LuLu says:

    the three movies that i like are gone with the wind,kangaroo jack and the ring
    the three song artists i like are seline dion,justin timberlake and madonna
    the three stories i like are david copperfield,ann of green gables,jack and the beanstalk

  79. Ting says:

    My favorite film:
    Actually, I prefer American soap drama, and Heroes, Grey’s anatomy, The mentalist are the 3 I like most.
    Musical artist: Linkin-park coz’ their songs are always so passionate.
    Author: I haven’t even finished reading one book, coz the original English novel seems too difficult for me, will try harder….

  80. Rose says:

    Musical artists – Julie Andrews, Barbra Streisand and James Blunt.
    Authors – Agatha Christie, Emmanuel Levinas and Jean-Paul Sartre.
    Films/Shows – NCIS, CSI series, Criminal Minds

    I hope these answers will somehow contribute to that video filming. More power!

  81. MARCIA says:

    Hello Daniel

    How are you?
    My favourite films are: Cine Paradiso, Sixth Sence.
    My favourite musical artists: Michael Bublle and The Police.My favourite authors:I’m sorry but I often read beauty magazines or same news papers.Thank you.

  82. MARCIA says:

    Hello Daniel? How are you?
    My favourite films are: Cine Paradiso, Sixth Sence.
    My favourite musical artists: Michael Bublle, The Police.My favourite authors: I sorry but I often read beauty magazines or ame news papers.Thank You.

  83. Luís Ramos says:

    Well I like lots of American movies but my favorites movies are Amadeus, Scent of a woman and the trilogy Matrix and Lord of the rings.

    An author I like to read is Edgar Alan Paul.I read his short stories.

    Movies, intensive and extensive reading help a lot in learning a foreign language.

    Take care

  84. Caro says:

    I’m very welcome on this proposal but I remembered it to the title and author of the films viewed. I argree with nziha said that:
    “Well, books, films and music are the best way to learn a foreign language.
    Music and films develop our listening skills and give us a chance to listen to real pronunciation.
    Books on the other hand, develop our reading and also writing skills. More than that, all the three , books, films, and music enrich our imagination.”
    Thank you for sending me mail.

  85. krishnamoorthy says:

    Thank you very much for your email.My favourite films are: all james bond movies.I know only little about foreign musical artists. i didn’t read any british english books.

  86. Minh Cat says:

    Hi Daniel,
    My favorite 3 films: 007, Harry Potter & Mr. Bean :); 3 musical artists: Elvis Preley, Jone Lennon & Micheal Jackson; 3 favourist authors: Sheakpeare, Puskin & Mark Twain. Watching can help you increase your listening & speaking skills. And you can contact with real English. Reading as well!
    Wish you all the best!

  87. kevin Du says:

    hi. my favourest film is ‘Breave heart’.
    my favourest music is ‘the last rose in summer’
    and my favourest author is Mr. Jinyong whose swordsmen novel was very popular in China.

  88. Naomi Poon says:

    The Lord of the Rings
    The Independence Day

    Musical Artists:
    Sarah Brightman
    Celin Dion
    Backstreet Boy

  89. Maya says:

    Hi Josef,

    My favorite films are the lord of the rings, spiderman,never ending stories and others.
    Musical artists, mariah carrey, whitney houston and celine dione, authors -shakespeares and other author of english.

    I like them because of clear english so I can better understand the way they spoken the words.



  90. Vector Yong Huang says:

    Hi Daniel,
    I think what we need to learn is how to use English, like “Familiar Albumn USA”. We need to use English for living, for working, not for art.
    Most foreign learners do short of an true environment to exchange with others, so it’s difficult to them to learn a foreign language. We hope you can help us with this.
    Maybe it’s simple to you, just help us and begin to treat us as a child.

  91. Anabel says:

    My favourite films are Neverending Story, Labyrinth and Legend, because I like so much goblins, dragons, faeries, and all about fantasy. I like watch these movies in original version because doing that I can improve my english and listen the original voice of the characters.

  92. Vindy says:

    I like the song of Micheal learn to rock. Thier music is nice but not too fast. The word is easy to understand and clear. Thier song is is the most easy way to learn english.

  93. Limei says:

    Hello Daniel,

    Firstly i’d like to say that i’m very glad to hear about your project, cause it’ll help english learner to improve their english.
    Talking about your question :
    1. My favourite films are :
    – Spiderman
    – The Mummy
    – Mulan (1 & 2)
    2. My favourite musical artists are :
    – Michael Learns To Rock.
    – West Life
    – Mariah Carey.
    3. My favourite author
    About favourite author, i’m sorry that i know
    nothing about this, cause i don’t like reading.

    That’s all about my answer, hope it can help ur project.

    Thanks & regards


  94. nour says:

    how do u do
    i like troy,brave heart & buddha bar music

  95. Daniel says:

    Hi, My favorite films are sports stories. one of movie was deep emotion for me. Movie title is
    ‘Coach Carter’ This movie is a story about one basketball coach at high school. And it is true
    story. I like true story movies because it makes
    me thinkmyself again as well as review my life
    by movies story. And script of this move is very
    easy to understand and interesting. I recommand
    this movie to other english learners.

  96. Benjamin says:

    Thanks a lot for the email. I would prefer the British movies and books. Just like what farhanaz had said. It will be the new experience for me. Well, isn’t that the easiet way to learn english is by musical drama or songs and etc…..

  97. Danilo Bernal says:

    Hi Daniel,
    (And thank you Josef for writing us.)

    Answering such question was not easy due to the great number of films, performers and authors that “make excellent teachers.”

    For kids I always recommend:
    Shark Tale
    Ice Age

    For adults:
    Being John Malkovich
    The Devil Wears Prada
    The Persuit of Happiness

    My favorite musical artists are:
    Allanis Morissette
    Bryan Adams

    And my favorite authors:

    Charles Dickens
    Emily Bronte
    Oscar Wilde

    Thanks a lot for developing such intereting project.
    From Colombia

  98. Bear says:

    I am not frequently read a book but listen to the song. I would love the classic song that is not so fast and the Westlife team. Sorry that i rarely pay attention on the artist name.
    It would much help to learn English via film and music.

  99. Sok Im Chea says:

    Hello Daniel,

    My favorite film is ” The freedom writer” because it’s full of lesson learn.
    My favorite song is ” Heal the world” because it’s my inspiration song.
    I learnt a lot of words in both of above.

    With respect

  100. Sok Im Chea says:


    My favorite film is ” The freedom writer” because it’s full of lesson learn.
    My favorite song is ” Heal the world” because it’s my inspiration song.
    I learnt a lot of words in both of above.

  101. carol says:

    song is the most easy way to learn english

  102. Daniel says:

    I’m a native speaker from Australia.

    Films: “V For Vendetta”, “Man On Fire”, “Forrest Gump”.

    Musicians: Stevie Ray Vaughan, ApologetiX, AC/DC.

    Authors: C.S. Lewis, A.W. Tozer, Banjo Patterson.

    Daniel (another Daniel)

  103. Hugo, Brazil. says:

    Hey, dude!

    I’ll help you out with this:

    – Favorite movies (or videos):

    1) Russel Peters shows (on YouTube): because he is a brilliant comedian and speaks really fast. It’s incredible for improving the listening skill.

    2) 300: because it’s fantastic and really cool. The vocabulary is not that complex and the lines are mostly short and go straight to the point.

    3) The Lord of the Rings trilogy: it’s so rich that I can’t use words to explain. Magnificent.

    – Favorite musical artists:

    1) Ben Harper: his melodies are unique, and his pronunciation is easy for me to understand.

    2) Dave Matthews: simply the greatest musician of our time, in my opinion. The lyrics which he writes are all masterpieces.

    3) Alanis Morissette: her voice is magical and her accent sounds pretty good to my ears.

    – Favorite authors:

    1) Anne Rice: my passion of all time. The best writer that I’ve ever read. I read her novels year after year and I think I could do it for all the eternity.

    2) J.K. Rowling: I learn a lot of new vocabulary in that wizards’ universe. Amazing.

    3) J. R. R. Tolkien: I love his divine creativity and his narrative is so epic and powerful that I read his books for all day long without eating or drinking.

    That’s it. May God protect and guide you.


  104. Nguyen Thu Hien says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I like the 3 films: “Shall we dance” (Actor: Rirchard Gere and Actress Jennifer Lopez), The lover and 007 (Royal Casino). And the 3 music artists are: Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand and Shania Twain. I hardly read the English novels so don’t know much about them. Sorry!!!

    Hanoi – Vietnam 18 Nov 2008

  105. Kittisak says:

    My favorite flims are The Lord of the Ring, Green Miles and Saving Private Ryan. I like drama movies because they contain the meaning of life and I think it make me happy. For music, I like Imagine by the Beatle, Sorry, Blame it on me by AKON and Love by the Beatle. Roald dalh, J.R.R Tolkein and Victor Hugo are my favorite writers.

  106. angie wolf says:

    hi everybody, well my favorite films are Harry Potter’s movies, the t.v. series “desperate housewives” ( I have learned alot of slangs from there). For music: of course: ” The Beatles “, their songs are so clear that you can understand every single word as well as “the Crawn berries”, I love their songs. I often read the “Speak up” magazine and many books, I do not have a specific favourite author, well thanks for asking our opinioins. Best, Angie

  107. Alba says:

    My favourite films are Spielberg’s films. My favourite 3 music artists are Paul McCartney, Madonna and Pink. I love books, so I like almost all of them (in english language or not).

  108. ana luisa says:

    My favourite films are:Gone with the wind, Pretty Woman, and Sabrina (Harrison Ford), Music: Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Authors¨: Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare and Jane Austin. It´s easy to learn English when you think that you can meet people from other parts of the world, actually I´m studying at the University on Saturdays a course of oral practicing and I find it fabulous!

  109. Satyananda says:

    I love both listening all kinds of music but wacthing only cartoon,action and fun for movies. Entertainment is entertainment I do not like to listening both sad songs and movies.Some love song make me feel like I am the one in that song.And try to write my own song sometime.I learn to pronounce by wacthing soundtrack movies and read the subtitles. For easy words the cartoon movies help me alot.

  110. QUYEN says:

    Dear Daniel,

    First of all I would like to send you a big thank for your useful English lessons I have ever received.

    I regret and so sorry for the convenience for not answering the targets from your three questions. I am a fan of film, music but I have a bad habit that I can not remember the artist’s name, author’s name and even film’s title thought I remember many details from films. However I considered those are good methods for understanding English in the real contexts and cultures which I have been applying so far.

    Thank you and best regards,
    Wish you a great day.
    Quynh Quyen

  111. ana luisa says:

    I´m happy to receive your news and I´d like to have friends to practice. Are you going to make a page for that?. Thanks for sending me this email
    Ana Luisa

  112. Khairul says:

    Hi,Daniel,first, I’d like to answer your questions,my favourite thre films 1.Roman Holiday
    2.The Troy
    3.The old Man and the Sea;

    I like American engligh.Because I find their word easy to understand.

  113. niko says:

    my name is niko,i’, from indonesia and i’m a beginer in learn english. my favourite film are : phenomenon,coach carter and too fast and too farious…my favourite music artist are : james blunt,the hoobastank and bryan adam and i don’t have favourite author coz i never read a book

  114. Khairul says:

    My Three favourite Authors Are

  115. REX MAKAHANAP, SH says:

    I have watched the Trilogy of The Godfather, and I learned the conversation . I like Frank Sinatra , James Ingram and Diana Ross for Singer because their clear pronounciation. About book’s author I don’t like novels but I enjoy to read many thing and I read Newspaper in English . All materials above have been used by me to improve my English. That’s all…

  116. prabhu says:

    My favourite films are:X-files, The lake house and Harry Potter
    My favourite musical artists: Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette and Dream Theater
    My favourite authors: Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen

  117. panggih says:

    Hi…I like to see aq english film (europe produced) for studying english.but also with the stars like jet lee, other hero film. Only I don’t remeber what the title.

  118. Dian says:

    Hi Daniel
    My favourite films are Harry Potter, Smallville, and Barney. I learn a lot from that films, esspecialy Barney, because my daughters watch it everyday, but I like the language. Well I’m not familiar with the musical artists and all the book I read already translated in Indonesia. It is hard for me to find it in english

  119. Basit Ahmady says:


    I like Sami Yousuf Music and easy for me to memorize and repeat after him, much easier than the rest.
    I am watching mostly American movies NOT harassing ones but the love stories; i don’t remember the names. I am very lazy at reading books but only i am interested to read books to study like scientific books, English Grammars and of course i read English club grammars from your site as i know all by heart perfectly and taught your topics since 2 years in my English Course.

  120. Ngoc Kha'nh - Alex says:

    *** … Aloha All =^_____^=

    _ My favorite 3 movies :
    + 1 . High school musical ( The lyrics of those song in this movie are really cool >_____^ )
    +2 . Harry potter ^^
    +3. Camp Rock ^_________^
    +2. Britney Spears
    +3. WestLife

    *** … Their songs are really great , i can learn English from listening them >______^

    _ My Favorite Authors :
    +1. Jack Canfield
    +2. Mark Victor Hansen
    +3 Dan Clark

    *** .. They write “Chicken Soup For The Soul” . In Viet Nam Their books are published in bilingual Books , so I can learn English form reading those wonderful stories =^_____^=

    _ I think when you learn or dosomething you just love it so you can get it easily >_____^ . I love English so I often spend my time on it ^^

    Have a great day ev’ryone >______^

    Best Wishes =^_____^=

    Ngoc kha’nh :-)

  121. len says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I like the movie of Bruce Willis and Sammuel Jackson which is in title UNBREAKABLE.I was inspired by Sam because despite of his weakness ( always having broken bones) he became famous through his talent and that is making art.I am suffering for asthma this can cause me to hinder what I want to do,but when I saw this film, it’s give me courage to continue what I want.

  122. Dechmaa says:

    I don’t know about films, so I’m sorry. But I like advantures and love.
    My favorite artists are John Travolta and Brad Pitt. “My favorite author is William Shekespeare” I think. Watching films is one of the best ways of learning English.

  123. Yoly Loza says:

    my three favourites movies:
    Ice Ages 1 y 2
    Madagazcar 1

    My favourites music artists:
    Mission College
    Chris Rice
    Billy and Gaea

    My favourites Authors:
    Doug Batchelor
    Ben Carson
    Stephen Bohr
    Mark Finley
    David Asscherick

  124. WAasantha says:

    I am so happy hear your news and one tree hill and prison break,Notting Hill and any british film.
    my favorite authour are Shakespeare,Arthour conon doil.
    I have no much experiences about the english songs

  125. Yoly Loza says:

    One of my favourite songs from Mission College is “My First Vision” I hope that one day you will be able to listen to this wonderful song and enjoy it. May God bless you!

  126. Yoly Loza says:

    May God Bless you all!!

  127. shannyvu says:

    Dear daniel
    when i have free time, i usually listen to music and watch movies. My favorite singers are backstreet boys, Shanne Ward and pop princess Britney Spears. I love thier music and i learn lots of new word or expression when i hear their song. By the way i really like watching Home alone,Exterminator and Kungfu hustle.

  128. WAasantha says:

    I am very happy about the news. i like to following films
    The Ten Commandments
    Barbara Streisand
    one tree hill and prison break
    Joyce Kilmer
    Walt Whitman
    William Shakespear
    I dont have much experiences about the songs

  129. Ngoc Kha'nh - Alex says:

    *** …. Aloha Daniel =^______^=

    _ My favorite Films :
    +1. High school musical >_____^ ( Those songs of that movie are really cool )
    +2. Harry Potter ^^
    +3. Camp Rock =^______^=

    *** … I love The movie that have cute actors % actresses ^^ and cool songs , so i can learn English effectively by enjoying them >_______^

    _ My favorite musical artists :
    +1. Back Street Boys =^_____^=
    +2. Britney Spears >_____^
    +3. Westlife ^^

    *** … Their songs are really nice , I can learn E by listening to them ^^!

    _ My Favorite Authors :
    +1. Jack Canfield
    +2. Mark Victor Hansen
    +3. Dan Clark

    ***.. They Write ” chicken Soup For The Souls ” , In Viet Nam Those books are publishes in bilingual Books , so I can study E by reading their wonderful stories =^_____^=

    *** .. I Think when you do or learn something you just love it then you can het it easily >_____^ I love English so I often spend my time on it =^______^=

    Have a great day Ev’ryone =^______^=

    Best wishes >______^

    Ngoc Kha’nh :-)

  130. Ernst says:

    Films that help my students with learning English:

    1 My Fair Lady

    2 The Sound of Music

  131. suwanna says:

    Good morning,
    Thank you very much for your care. May many wonderful thaings come to you and your team.
    Now come the answers,
    Favourite films : Sound of Music, Beauty and the Beast, Musical box.
    Favourite musical artist: John Denver, Celine Dion,Challot Church
    Favourite author: C.S. Lewis
    Have a great day

  132. Pares says:

    I like the movie of Mamma Mia. The movie is nice so I watched it more than one. If I have a free time, I always watch the movie. I like Jems Bond too. The songs I like ABBA. Their songs are most popular and easy to learn English.

  133. Pares says:

    I like the movie of Mamma Mia. The movie is nice so I watched it more than one. If I have a free time, I always watch the movie. I like Jems Bond too. The songs I like ABBA. Their songs are most popular and easy to learn English.

  134. lapnguyen says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your email very much!

    I would like to try listen / speak/ write English to improve my English well.

    I like songs which Micheal Learn to rock, ABBA, Tony Braxston.

    For novels, my weak point that I did not remember
    the authors.

    Sometimes, I remember the artist: Tom Cruise, Julia Robert, Jolie Angelia in some films.

    The reasons, I try to study English & want to enlarge my knowledge as well.

    Thanks for your kind support & wait for your further instructions all.

  135. Aman says:

    Hi Daniel,

    well i liked “when a man loves woman” “sex and the city” “The touch”

    Authors are “Mark Twain,Oscar wilde and Earnest heimingway

    Music artist are Akon Eminam and jeniffer lopez

  136. Alloth says:

    my favourite song is
    “Show Me the Meaning Of Being lonly”

    my favourite movie:
    “Little Man”
    “The Dragon”
    “Spider Man”

    I like to listen to songs and watch the movies with out translation.
    best wishes… ALLOTH

  137. Aman says:

    Hi Daniel,

    well i liked “when a man loves woman” “sex and the city” “The touch”

    Authors are “Mark Twain,Oscar wilde and Earnest heimingway

    Music artist are Akon Eminam and jeniffer lopez

    and i own Harry’s english club where we are team of 15 learners so if you have any interesting activity do send that

    thanks for all your support

  138. akhtar says:

    Hi to all members of English clup

    Firstly I thanks you for your emails. I think films and music increase our level of listening skills ,also I like to develop our reading and writing skills by American English .

  139. meraj says:

    My favourit films are:series of Transporter,The fast and furiouse and Red line.
    My favourit musical group are Evanescence,The rasmus and Linkin park because first I love rock music and their lyrics are very beautiful . and I often read magazine and newspaper in the internet instead of reading book.
    Thanks for e-mail.

  140. Julio Quizhpe says:

    cuador.To belong this club is fantastic.
    I love star war, god father. My favorite musical artist: Elvis Preslay, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles.
    I have read some books to improve my English like “Dracula”.

  141. Ahmadi Zia says:


    I am very pleased that I am connected with english It is a nice website and very useful for all the english learners, I would like American movies, Books and magazines to study and take advantage of them. so by watching movies I could improve my english very soon.


  142. Angela says:

    Hi, Daniel! I,m a tutor of English, so i give only privet lessons at home to help youg learners to love and not to be afraid of a foreign language (any of them with the help of English). Films that i like most are all parts of Shrek, 007 – the previous one and Harry Potter. music artists that bring me joy and good English are Sting, The Beatles and i can’t recall the name.And the writers are Stainback, Vonnegut … don’t remember.

  143. Zbunj says:

    seinfield, friends, nikita
    rhcp, green days
    agata christy, harry potter, sophie kinsela

  144. shirzai says:

    thanks so much for your good websit and I learn alot of enghlish words.I like to see Notting Hill, (they say Hugh Grant speaks a perfect English), About a boy and Star ware films.if Passable please send me some enghlish learning book.

  145. Thanh Ngo ( vietnam ) says:

    Hi Daniel !

    How are you !

    Presently, My main concern is english speaking, it is big problem with me. I think that you should make forum that we can connect with native english where you can exchange language each other. I think that we learn from native english directly is best effective.

    I am looking forward to hearning from you.

  146. arivu says:

    My favorate is british english which will give the good grammer and excellent pronunciation.

  147. David says:

    Billy Elliot
    Forrest Gump

    Musical Artists
    Judy Garland
    Barbra Streisand

    C.S. Lewis
    Shirley Maclaine
    Norman Lewis

  148. Jharendra says:

    Favourite films are: Notting Hill, British English
    Favourite music artists are The Police
    Author is J.K. Rowling

  149. may says:


    Okay, so my favorite movies are:
    1. I am Sam – I love Sean Penn, and the story is just heart felt, that we don’t need to be smart or even normal for that matter, we just love, and love it all that really matters.

    2. Blood Diamond – It is very TRUE, more than diamonds, LIBERTY, PEACE, FRIENDSHIP, FAMILY, EQUALITY, JUSTICE, these are more important.

    3. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL (this one is an Italian Film though, La Vita Bella) – I love it because the man, tried his best to HIDE the war in the eyes of his child by pretending that everything is a game, so the child doesn’t have to feel the trauma of it. I also like the way he tried his bet to make his wife feels he’s always there loving her and that she should not lose hope because he will be there for her no matter what.

    1. Linkin Park
    2. Michael Bubble
    3. Beach Boys

    1. Little Prince – my all time favorite, honest, simple and yet heart warming
    2. Anne of Green Gables – feminine, strong willed, inspiring
    3. Tom Sawyer – fun, adventurous, friendship

  150. Monotosh Mazumder says:

    Dear Daniel,

    I hope you are fine. I would like to inform you, my favourite three films are The World is not Enough, 007 and the best Titanic. Sorry, I have no idea about British musical artists. Also J K Rowling, Shakespeare and Joyce Kilmer is my favourite authors.

    I wish your good luck.

    Best Regards
    Monotosh Mazumder
    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  151. Ian says:

    Dear Daniel,
    Thanks for your email
    It’s me Ian my favourite 3 movies are SPEED1(Keanu Reeves),Brave heart (Mel Gibson),Beautiful days (forgot the actor/actress…). and for musician are The Corrs, David Foster, and TOTO..I like thier music very much.i also play music equipments (guitar and drum) as well as sing a song.
    Then i am glad to inform you that you (English club) have been very helpful to provide us some English materials which i could share in our English club in Bandung West Java Indonesia.our club name’s RECC (RRI English Converstaion Club).
    Appreacitae receiving your next email…Thanks

  152. alaa says:

    hi daniel my three favorite films gladiator kigdom of haven &7 sins , singers eminem blues pussy cats sorry but i don’t know much about foreign authors
    i think movies and songs are good to improve the listening and learn slang and the other hand books are good to improve reading and writing skills

  153. Abed says:

    Hi ,

    My favorite films are: The lord of The rings (Two Towers) . Seven . green mile

    My favourite musical artists: Celine Dion, jennifer lopez ,cristian burgh

    My favourite authors: agata kristi ,mark twain .victor hogo

    Good luck

    thanks awfully

  154. Orient says:

    Dear Daniel,

    I am very glad to answer your questions, but to tell you the truth, I seldom watch film in English, because my listening is so bad. I have watched 007-GoldenEye, Face off and a good Franch film-No 36 Jewelry Street which impressed me very well.

    I could not answer your the other questions.

    Anyway, I learnt from you two good ways to study English. Watching English films and Listening English music! Thanks a lot!

    Best wishes,


  155. pirooz says:

    Hi Daniel,
    thankyou for your mail, my favorite films are Indiana Jones Series, although the most of Hollywood films are very attractive, and I enjoy Cellin Dion’s musics.

  156. ishag says:

    Hello, Danniel

    i,would like to sumet my favourite about ESL iprefy reading books for the fgollowing authors
    3-MR. Haright

  157. lilia says:

    my favorite singers:Bon Juvi, Cher , Robbie williams
    my favorite films: Crash, Neverland and nightmare before christmas(Tim Burton)

  158. Majid says:

    I’d like to music jeniffer lopez and rock music too.I would Like the British movies and books and I enjoy them.My favourite films are: Notting Hill, (they say Hugh Grant speaks a perfect British English), About a boy and Star wars.

  159. Arun says:

    Hai, Daniel Firstly I wish to thank you for your each mail which guided me to learn better english.

    My favorite 3 movies are:
    1. Shakespear In Love.
    2. Band of Brothers.
    3. The Lion king (All animate and graphical movies).

    My favorite musical artists
    1. Enrique Eglesias – but I do listen and sing the god songs in our chruch.

    My favorite author is none other than the Bible scriptures and I listen the preachings whereever it avail in media.
    thank you.

  160. Jhosh says:


    My three favorite films are The Green Mile, Armageddon and Saving Private Ryan… they are though provocative, they made me think.. when it comes to music I love Rascal Flatts especially “Broken Roads:, and authors I like Stephen King, and classical authors also Paulo Coelho

  161. Shaker says:

    Hj Daniel
    I favorite British English and would like to wacth 3 films in Engkish>
    Thanks very much

  162. SOLOR says:


  163. NAZAIRE says:

    I like american english and some films because it’s easy to learn by video.

  164. Hatam says:

    My favourite films are Papione, Titanic and prison break, I know little about foreign musical artists and authors. I would Like the British movies and books and I ask films about them
    G.R. Hatam

  165. SOLOR says:

    it’s me again, i’d like to add on my comment on how they had improved my knowledge in english. the words that have been used are comprehensible and it has motivated me to open a dictionary if i had just encountered a new word(s).

  166. NIKHIL SOMAIYA says:


  167. Agustinus Rambing says:

    hai Daniel,
    I like to watch the film that played by James Bond. Because the stories and acting its very good, so english laguage. Favourite actress is Celine Dion, her voice is very good and giving inspiration for me.
    By film and music i can learn english especially : listening and body gesture.
    Then , i want to say, thanks you very much, because you have sent e-mail to me, i can give comment and expresion my thought and idea.. thanks .best regards.

  168. Mohammad Ali says:

    Hi Danial
    I like the movie That Directed by David Leo Fincher such as Se7en , The game , Fight club ,etc so my Favorite singer is Beyonce Knowles . Unfortunately I have studied just specialty Books relevant my Business.
    Thanks & Best Regards
    Mohammad Ali From Iran

  169. sami says:

    Hello Daniel ,
    I would like to watch American movies for example one of my favorite movie is Shall we dance ? and my favorite singer who can affect on my English is Chris Deburg.
    Thank you very much

  170. NazarMuhammad Shinwari says:

    Dear Sir,

    first of all accept my greetings, According to your question I can just say that the english movie is beeter for me because in movie a lot of different issues can be explained and we can get much information from it.
    Best Regards

  171. mojtaba says:

    Hi Daniel ifavorite British English and would like to wacth 3films in English.

  172. Habibeh says:

    Hi, thanks for your kind mail. I really like only detectives movie like Poaro and about music my favorite is Yanni concert.
    I would like to read some story books in english but i am alittle weak in it.
    I am interesting in speaking english because i think it’s really vital to my life specially in the future.
    Sincerely yours,

  173. Marcos says:

    Hi there,

    Best american movies I’ve ever seen:

    1. The good, the bad, and the ugly
    2. It
    3. Ghost

    Terrific movies, please don’t miss them.

    My favorite american musical artists:

    1. Beatles
    2. Neil Diamond
    3. Barry White

    These guys sing very nice songs and their voice is clear and easy to listen so that I can practice my english listening. I widely recommend to that guys.

    Favorite american writters:

    1. Stephen King
    2. Edgar Allan Poe
    3. Agatha Christie (british)

    These guys keep you in the edge all the time.

    Noroc my dear Danniel and good luck in your project. Cheers from Mexico.

  174. Dorothy says:

    Hi Daniel!

    My favourite 3 films are You Got A Mail, The Shawshank Redemption and The Legend of 1900.

    3 musical artists are AmyLee(Evanescence), Kate St. John and Sarah Brightman.

    3 authors are Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway and Hans Christian Andersen.

    That’s all:)
    Thank you very much!

  175. Neeranat says:

    Hello Daniel,

    I would Like the British movies .

  176. Natvar says:

    Hay, Danniel, first I would like to answer of your question, My favourite three film is Pearl Harbour, Titanic & speed, I have little knowledge of abroad music & Author, so I am sorry to not give a answer about foreign music & author.

  177. a.r.vinod says:

    Hi Daniel,
    That i grew up watching the best of Hollywood in the 70’s & 80’s, when the language in movies were closer to the ‘Queen’s english’, i can list a hundred movies.. But my fav 3 are – Sound of Music, Benhur & 300 – Simply because the dialogues are simple and delivered effectively!
    Musical artists are Jethro Tull, Jim Morrison & Kenny Rogers – because these 3 guys wrote creatively and gave great importance for vocals!
    Authors – Thomas Hardy, Dan Brown & R.W.Emerson – Great language and interstingly story lines!

    Thank you for all the great work you are doing in helpimg people across the world learn and use the universal language!

    All the best!


  178. Quze says:

    Hj Daniel
    I favorite British English and would like to wacth 3 films in Engkish

  179. Muhammad Noor Ullah says:

    Dear Daniel,

    Here are my favourites:

    Films based on English Literature:
    i. A Passage To India
    ii. Animal Farm
    iii. Great Expectations

    Musical Artists:
    i. The Beatles
    ii. Cliff Richard
    iii. Elton John

    i. James Joyce
    ii. Robert Browning
    iii. Christopher Marlowe


    Muhammad Noor Ullah

  180. Nadia Mustafa says:

    Hi, Daniel
    Hope you are fine.
    First, I would like to answer your questions,
    What are your favorite 3 films?

    1. A walk to remember

    2. Gladiator

    3. Doomsday

    Favorite 3 musical artists

    1. Celine Dion

    2. Whitney Houston

    Favorite 3 authors

    • William Shakespeare

    • William Wordsworth

    • Paulo Coelho

    Thanks Daniel to email me.

    Take a good care of your self


  181. Christine says:


    My favourite three films are “Ghost”, “Pay it forward” and “Gothika”.
    My favourite three musical artists are “Queen”, “Daniel Powter” and “Scorpions”
    My favourite three authors are “Cecilia Ahern”, “Graham Greene” and “Elizabeh Noble”.
    They all helped me in English because the vocabulary is very easy to understand, and some of the phrases used are still on my mind.
    Have a nice day !

  182. Yasemin says:

    Hello Mr. Emmerson
    I would Like the British movies . My favorite British English.
    Thank you

  183. Serge says:

    Hi Daniel,

    What are your favourite THREE films, favourite THREE musical artists and favourite THREE authors that have helped you in learning English and why?

    My favorite 3 films are:
    50 First Dates
    Fast and Furious

    My favorite 3 musical artists are:
    Bee Gees
    Celine Dion
    Roch Voisine

    My favorite 3 authors are:
    I don t remember

    Why? I think that we can improve our comprehension, pronounciation, our knowledge with those things, music, film and book.

    I like Bee Gees, Celine Dion and Roch Voisine because first, I like their songs, and I can understand and follow.


  184. clover says:

    What are your favourite THREE films, favourite THREE musical artists and favourite THREE authors that have helped you in learning English and why?

    -My favorite three films: Mr. Bean, Dream Girls,and 007.
    -Favorite three musical artists: Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Hudson.
    – Three authors: Shakespeare, Tom Eyen, and Andrew clifford.

    – Why?
    because : book, film, music, is the entertainment tool that make us enjoy, interested, and can make us absorb many thing from these entertainment by surprising,so it’s the way to improve the knowledge, but, we have to decide which is useful, and suitable for us.

  185. Hid says:

    Hi Daniel.
    Actually my favourite 3 films are:
    1- Jane Eyre ( the novel)
    2- prison break
    3- cartoon films and there are other films but these are on top
    for the music , I like B.S.B , westlife, shayne ward and akon
    authers: Charlotte bronte, Jane Austen
    These resources helped me and still helping me and they are my favourite
    By the way thank you for the film……..

  186. Vishvajeet Chatterjee says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Thanks for sending me regular mails to improve my english language which I deeply appreciate. I really enjoy reading your each mail and try to increase my knowledge.

    As regards my favourites, in movies I like James Bond movies but don’t see much movies. So far I have liked “Titanic”, “The spy who loved me”, “Operation Daybreak”.

    In the field of music, I like “Madonna”, “Tina Charles” and the song “no women no cry”.

    I like the books written by Enid Blyton, “Mills and boon series” and “Alfred Hitchcock”. But, I would prefer reading books of British authors.

    Thanks and regards.

    Vishvajeet Chatterjee

  187. Hamed says:

    Dear sir :
    First of all I want to tell you which I am from Afghanistan’s the following films are my favorite.’
    1: Kabul Express from Afghanistan.
    2: Rambo 3 from USA.
    3: Baghban from India.
    My favorite musical artiest are the following.
    1: Amitabbahchan from India.
    2: Shakera from USA.
    3: Naghma from my own country.
    My favorite authors these following.
    1: from Afghanistan doctor Akram osman.
    2: from France country Vectorhogo .
    3: from Germany Shexpear .

  188. Ahmad Al-Tubaji says:

    Dear Mr. Daniel
    First of all I’d like to thank you for your coorporation.
    my favorite 3 films are: – scent of women – selling innocence -perfect crime
    Frankly; I like this kind of films because the first and second are dealing with society and the third is very exciting

    for the authors, I like the act (result) regardless of the author

    for the musical artists I like ABBA

  189. Abu Sadiq says:

    Firsr of all, i’d like to thank you and give you my answers. Secondly,in fact I don’t have favourite films but I watch one or two films every month, why? because the films give us opportunity to develop our listening skill as well as learn English from real situations. Thirdly, I don’t like listining to music so I don’t have any favourite musical artists.
    Finally, I like reading stories, dramas and poetries and my favourite author is Shakespear, English literature help the students who want to learn English to enahnce their reading skill and imoprove their writing skill as well.
    Best wishes

  190. Irina says:

    Hi Daniel!

    I have been learning English on and I am very grateful to the founder of this website Josef Essberger, he does great work.

    I am afraid that I won’t be able to answer all questions, because I watch films in Russian language only, I listen to English songs, yes, but so much that I can hardly call 3 names only, though, of course
    Elvis Presley
    Freddie Mercury and Queen
    Collective Soul
    Duran Duran
    About books I can say that I was reading all I could find in English. First big and that I liked novel was “The Awakening” By KATE CHOPIN, I like so much “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint Exupery translated from the French by Katherine Woods, and third I would like to name here is “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, also “1984” and much much more.
    I will be glad if I could be useful for you.

    Hi to all members of EnglishClub and Josef Essberger.

  191. SERDAR BARTINLI says:

    In fact, I haven’t learned English directly from a film, a musical artist or an author.They are extra activities I get involved in my free times.

  192. nana says:

    hi , thanks for your E-mail, i like the action films and romance film , my favorit actor Richard Ger , the best musical artist Rihanna, ferggi and Akon


  193. Omar Kh says:


    many movies I do like but some favourite morives are:
    1 Brave Heart (I like Mel Gibson’s movies)
    2 The Troy (Also I like Brad Pitt’s movies)
    3 Crush.

    Music…My favourite artists … I think I used to hear Jumes Blunt, Back street boys and Craig david as part of English study.

    That’s it..

  194. Alexander Ahmad says:

    Hello Daniel and all dear readers,
    I like both British and American English and here are my selections:
    The authors and singers that I think theire works have been usefull for my english are: Issac Asimov,J.K.Roling and Betty Scrampher Azar. Celion Dion,Shakira and Modern Talking(former band). And the movies are :Double Impact, Robin Hood and The Lord of The Rings.

    Best Regards,

  195. Omar Kh says:


    Many movies I do like but some favorite movies are:‎
    1 Brave Heart (I like Mel Gibson’s movies)‎
    2 The Troy (Also I like Brad Pitt’s movies)‎
    3 Crush.‎

    Music…My favorite artists … I think I used to hear James Blunt, Back street boys and Craig David ‎as part of English study.‎

    That’s it..‎

  196. Vaseeharan says:

    Hello Daniel,

    I would Like the British English movie and story books, becouse British English is best english in the world.

  197. Helen says:

    My English is not the very best.
    That is helping me in learning English:
    three films – Shrek1, Shrek2, Shrek3 :)
    one musical artist – Celine Dion
    one author – Agatha Christie

    Thanks for your question

  198. Hamidreza Sadeghi says:

    Hello Daniel

    Thank You About Your Training. It’s Very Good.

    I’d Like American English, Christ de Burge Musics.
    I Don’t Remember Films and Authors.
    I Reading Scientific Texts Almost. Mechanical Engineering Reference Books For Example.

    Thank You and
    Best Regard
    H. Sadeghi

  199. Nhut Nguyen Tan says:

    Dear Mr
    Thanks for your email & your document learning english. I would like to watch video by british english.
    Thanks & best regards

    Nhut Nguyen Tan

  200. Haileyesus says:

    First of all i would like to thank you for paying attention to me.the following are my favourite films,musical artists and authors respectively.
    *A beautiful mind
    *what happens in vegas
    *Prison break
    -Alicia keys
    .Dikko Berhart
    .Erving Wallas
    .Wole Soyinka
    Best wishes,

  201. Bessie He says:

    Three film of my most favorite are: Dream Girls, My Brave Heart and Transformer.
    As to music: Woman in love, I’ve never been to me and Seven days.
    No more reseason but these are my cup of tea.

  202. Aparajita says:

    Hi Mr. Deniel,
    My favourite films are:
    Bend it like Beckham(the story of a young Indian girl and how she copes with the differences between the culture of her family and the country she was born in.) ,
    Captain Corelli’s Mandolin (portraying the passion and emotion of their respective characters in terms of nationality,)and
    Notting Hill, (as a perfect British English, Language for comedy).
    My favourite music artists are Cats, The Queen and the Beatles,Oliver because their songs are often easy to understand and sing.
    My favourite author is Shakespeare ,Thomas Hardy and Chrarles Dickens because of rich vocabulary and discourse.
    Thank you.

  203. Thanh says:

    There are many English movies I like: Romantic holiday, Cleopatra queen, and Diary of Princess , the God father, Devil wear Prada…
    The musicanl artists: Whitney Houston, Riche, Celine Dion., Elvis Presley.
    Author: Shakespeare, Barbara Taylor, Pier Rey

  204. Khaqan Aziz says:

    Dear Sir,

    My three favorit movies are
    “Titanic” because its a love story,
    “Spiderman” because we can just imagin such things, “Rising of the sun” becase its a perfect bettle against criminals. it also reflect love for hummanity.

  205. Raj Rana says:

    Hello Daniel,

    I would Like to learn British English.
    My favourite THREE authors is William Shakespear, Naipal, Tasleema Nasreen.
    Best of Luck

  206. Daniel M.Berhane says:

    Hi My favorite films are :The cruel sea ,train spotting and warriors.(they speaks a perfect British english.
    My favorite musical artist are :Micael and celindion.
    Daniel M.Berhane

  207. Zorica says:

    Favorite three films are:
    -The Silence of the Lambs,
    -Sherloc holms (Jeremmy Brett) and
    -Hush (Jessica Lange and Gwyneth Paltrow)

    Faforite musical artists:
    -Peter Murphy
    -Freddie Mercury and
    -David Bowie

    I am very grateful to EnglishClub and happy to receive 7 secrets.

    Best regards,


  208. Mahesh says:

    Hello Dany… I am an English teacher. My most interesting films are GHOST,TITANIC,DIVINE favorite artists are Lionel Richie,Elton Jhone and Michael Jackson. my most loving authors are Sydny Sheldon,Waris Dirie and Robert Frost.I wish you all the best of luck.

  209. Somjit says:

    Hello Daniel,
    I love “all song in The Carpenters Albums” and “So much in love” of John Micheal Montgomery because those are easy to understand and use simple words. I like all fantasy films so much because it’s an imagination and dream but may become true in the future. I hope you like them too.

  210. Hang says:


    My 3 favorite films are: Jame Bond, The fire-wall, and Shall we dance.
    Besides, my 3 favorite music artists are: Carpenter, Micheal Jaskson, and Celine Dion.
    Why? be cause I do like action movies, sweet melody and excited things.
    And so sorry that do not read much so I can’t list you my 3 favorite authors.

    Thanks for the questions,



  211. mohamed amin says:

    I favorite British English and would like to wacth 3 films in Enghsh>
    Thanks very much

  212. heba says:

    Dear Mr.Daniel

    thank you for your interest & your hard effort
    about my favourite 3 films (1) departed (2) patman 2008 the latest movie (3) Crush.i like these movies because every thing in it made very very well acting , sound Track, directing …
    my favourite 3 musical artists BSB,westlife,blue i like those artists because i can understand most of their songs without Lyrics
    my favourite authors Charles Dickens & realistic authors

  213. Minette says:

    Well my favourite movies are: The English Patient, Dogma, American Pie and many others…Concerning artists, I like Nirvana, Cold Play, Renaud…At the end, I don’t have any favourite writer…hmm what makes a work of art recognised by the others as being a work of art???…may be I’ll put Arthure Miller.thanks & regards, Minette

  214. Ali says:

    Dear Mr. Daniel
    I’d like to thank you for your coorporation too.
    I am from afghanistan.
    my favorite 3 films are:LEON, Gone with the wind, Body of lies.
    my favorite 3 musical group are: ATC, Modern talking, Brithney Spears group.

  215. mariyam says:

    hi! Danial, my favourite movies are the mummy,titanic and final destination.I do not have any interest in British singers.Ilike hindi favourite authors are Charles dikenson,Robert louis stevenson and Eynid blyton

  216. Patricia says:

    Good morning Mr. Daniel!
    It’s so difficult to choose just 3 favorite movies… Let me think… They could be American History X, Walk the line and Memento.
    My favorite musical artists are Bon Jovi, Justin Timberalke and Green Day.
    I don’t have any special favorite author, but the last books I had read were Stephenie’s Meyer Twilight series.
    Everything it’s been so helpful because I like looking at the song’s lyrics, for example, or put down expressions that I didn’t know, as I watch a movie as I read a book. Another great way is watching Tv series. I love them and I’ve learnt a lot of expressions!

  217. sama says:

    Dear Daneil
    It’s a real pleasure to participate in this poll
    well as for my favourite 3 films: Monaliza smile, shall we dance , mamma mia
    as for the authors: I like Oliver Twist and Shakespear
    regarding the musical artists I like The Abba , Paul Anka and Cilin Dion

  218. Long says:

    Dear Mr.Daniel,
    First of all I’d like to thank for your help so far.
    I like all kind of sentiment films and songs in English.
    Thanks for support,
    Best Regards,

  219. erlin kurniati says:

    hi daniel,
    my favourite films are ghibli production in english version that are howl’s moving castle, tonari no totoro and spirited away
    then my authors are charles dicken, hans andersen, and tetsuko kuroyanagi in english version
    the last is my musical artist are michael frank, westlife and andy william

    tks alot

  220. janet says:

    Hi, I would like to tell you about my favourite films, music and authors.

    My favourite movies include Pretty Woman, The Lord of the Rings Triology and Mouse Hunt.

    Musically, I like most things, but my absolute favourites are Pink Floyd, Enya and Bach.

    I love reading. For literature my favourite has to be DH Lawrence, for on the beach Tracy Chevalier and for sheer escapism I adore Derek Longdon.

    How have they helped me learn English? Because they are so stimulating and enthralling they have motivated me to carry on watching, reading, or listening to them. How could I not want to know how “Sons and Lovers” ends? For me quality is much more important then quantity.

    Good look with the project.

  221. tevfik says:

    dear daniel ,I’d like to thank you for your kind coorporation.

    my favorite movies are matrixs ,because lawrence fishborne speaks very clear and understanable english ,
    my favorite musics are madonnas ,her words are very clear for me

    thank you again

  222. safa kh says:

    Dear Mr. Daniel
    thanks you
    My favorite 3 films are:
    All Disney films
    ok for music:
    3 musical artists are: the arabic one like: on the first place fayroz, elissa, 3amr diab, Tamer 7osni,…
    for helping to learn english: Tv, internet, center
    why? because this is the best way to learning english, when you are found someone stay with you helping you to talk and write verry well the english
    thanks to you again
    Safa Kh frome Lebanon/Tripoli

  223. Lyn says:

    The best movies for learning good English have been:
    Wit, starring Emma Thompson
    Sense and Sensibility
    Any Harry Potter movie

    Musical artists must be:
    Julie Andries
    Cliff Richard

    Definitely British English. There is none other!!

    Hugh Grant
    Richard Burton
    Emma Thompson
    Judy Dench

  224. Graciela says:

    3 favourite films:
    Lawrence of Arabia, Love Actually,Midnight Lace.

    3 musical artists:
    The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley

    3 authors:
    William Shakespeare, Virginia Wolf, O’Henri.

  225. Basher Ali says:

    Hello Mr. Daniel!

    I would like to say thanks mr daniel, Here are some of my fovorites:




    Best Regard,
    Basher Ali from Somaliland.

  226. rohina says:

    My favorite films are:

    James Bond, Remington Steel, Anger Management (easy to understand their conversation)

    May favorite musical artists are:
    Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Andy William

    My favorite Author is Sidney Sheldon.

  227. salah says:

    Hello Daniel,

    My favourite films are:About Schmidt, The American Pie and Scary Movie
    My favourite musical artists: Akon, 50cent and Celine Dion
    My favourite authors: Tom cruise, Jim Carrey and Meg Ryan

    Salah from Morocco

  228. Eman says:

    Dear sir,
    I would like comic movies.


  229. Mia says:

    its really nice to hear from you and the idea sounds awsome. i’m sure the project will help us a lot to improve our language.
    My favroite flim is Kingdom of Heaven. unfortunately, i don’t have much to tell you.
    Kind Regards,

  230. alaa says:

    id love to answer this question,i’ve had a big help with my english from these three films:300 hundred,step up 2 and mr. & mrs smith;from these three musical artists:linkin park,evanescence and justin timberlake.but for the authors i don’t know much about them but shakespeare is known.
    listening to music,wathcing movies and reading books are the skills to improve your english

  231. Elsa says:

    Hi: I am in Argentina, my home country and I teach English at IEMA Institute. My favourite singers are The Beatles, Barbra Straisand and Chayene, my favourite films are The lake house, Fama and Dr Chivago and about the authors I had read Edgar Allan Poe, a little of Shapeskeare and many others back in my student days.

  232. sefa soy says:

    Hello Mr. Emmerson
    I would Like the American movies .
    My favorite British English.
    thank you

  233. V Moorthy says:

    Hi Daniel
    Three Movies-Cheaper by dozen,ice prince and choclate factory
    Three Music directors-Elien,Rahuman and Yuvan Raj
    Three Directors-Louie,shakesphere and sankar

  234. V Moorthy says:

    Hi daniel

    I enjoy the ESL and I am trying to set up english club in my village.Hope for the best.

  235. dana says:

    Hi dear Daniel,
    I hope you have a good time.
    First I want to say I cannot speak ennglish well,excuse me.
    I like this movies:spiderman,007.

  236. Mirka says:

    What are your favourite THREE films, favourite THREE musical artists and favourite THREE authors that have helped you in learning English and why?

    Hi Daniel,
    my favourite films are definitely: HAIR, PRISON BREAK, LOST, musical artists: Lenny Krevitz, Skunk Anansie and many others, and authors: Shakespeare (especially films that were ispired by his plays), Dan Brown,… I also like My Fair Lady, Helo Dolly etc. I like studying English with using dvds, books, listening to BBC on the radio,…
    Bye for now


  237. Farida says:

    hello all
    my favorite 3 films are: – speed,live free or die hard.
    my favourite 3 musical artists are:- westlife group,
    my favourite 3 authors that have helped me in learning English are:-joseph ney, simon hertnon,amartiya seen because they have a great books in my study filed (international relations and human security)
    Farida from Algeria

  238. shatha sattar says:

    Hello mr. Daniel
    Thank you very much for E-mail
    I would like the British movies ,books and music and i enjoy them .I want to improve my English to do TOFEL test.

  239. Andres Rivera says:

    Dear Mr. Daniel,
    Your questions made me think from the past to reminisce what and who could be the best films, authors and artist that contributed more learning on my ESL.

    Well on movies, it could be all Harry Potter Movies becuase I am trying to catch and immitate their accent.

    On Authors, it would be Sidney Sheldon, Perry Mason and John Grisham. I love their stories and the style they wrote novels as well.

    On artist, it would be Backstreetboys!

  240. chewyen says:

    my favorite three films are all the episodes of SAW (horror), Little Man (comedy) and The Simpson.

    my three favorite musical artists are the pianist Maksim, Avril Lavigne and Daughtry(band).

    i don’t have any particular authors though i read a lot, especially fiction. i read Readest’s Digest every month.

    listening and reading in english language have improved my english dramatically. i now can catch up of the english native speaker whenever they speak and by reading and looking more of english words i seldom forget spelling of words and it’s easy for my writing as well.

  241. Abdallah Ijeal says:

    Hello Mr. Daniel
    Thank you very much for your email. I would Like to express that my favorite books are the British books but I enjoy the American movies as they use easy language and their voice is so clear for those non English native people.
    Thank you

  242. kushi says:

    Hi Daniel,
    My favorite three films are Prison break, cheaper by the Dozen & Harry Potter.

  243. rach says:

    favourite films : the shining, forrest gump, the piano, the pianist, the notebook, the terminal, the others

    musical artists : michael buble, james blunt, avril lavigne, mika

    favourite authors : roald dahl, ray bradbury, darren shan, alex garland

  244. Dosya says:

    Dear Mr. Daniel,
    I;d like to answer your Questions.
    My favourite films are: “Double Jeopardy”,
    The Star Wars, Taxi.
    My favourite musical artists are: Celine Dion, Madonna, Bonny M
    My favourite authors: Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, and Jane Austen

  245. Mohammad Sufyan says:

    Hello daer Daniel

    First of all I would say thank you very much.
    ay favorite movies are fanny movies specially 3ds charactores

  246. Rusudan says:

    Hi Daniel

    I am an English teacher from Tbilisi, Georgia. It’s difficult to choose only 3 musical artists, 3 favourite films and 3 authors but I’ll try.
    My favourite musical artists are: Luchano Pavarotti, the Beatles, Jennifer Hudson;
    My favourite films are: Notting Hill, Once in America, Gone with the wind;
    My favourite authors are: Mark Twain, Agatha Christie, Kathryn Mansfield;
    Music and films develop listening skills. We hear real pronunciation alive. Books develop reading and writing skills. All of them together are important.
    As for which English do I prefer? I prefer British English. I think English Club is a great help for everybody. Many thanks that you are exist.


    Rusudan Jincharadze

  247. Vanja Jovicevic says:

    Hello from Montenegro!

    I can say that three films made the strongest impressions on me: The Beautiful Mind, The Patriot and Requiem for Dream.

    The reasons why: all of those three films I mentioned above touched me deeply emotionally. I have learned a lot from a certain decease and this famous scientist, history,and finally about drug abuse.

    Three favorite music artists: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam and Alannis Morisette.

    Well, I’m not sure about the specific author that helped me with my English learning, but I am certain that reading without looking up for every word I don’t know but trying to understand it through the context is very helpful.

    P.S. Thanks for your inputs and short lessons


    Vanja (or Vanya in English)


  248. Vanja Jovicevic says:

    Correction : I have learned a lot ABOUT a certain…

  249. Anna says:

    Thank you for your email.
    I like British England!

  250. Nanga Samuel says:

    My favorite 3 films are: Prison Break, 24 heures Chrono and My Family an african film, while my favorite 3 musians are Celine Dion, Julio Eglesias, Don William.

  251. Yesenia Torres says:

    Well, thank you for all your excellent work!!!

    I’m sure we all have our own top three list. This is mine:
    The best three films for learning, and the ones I use to teach are: “As good as it gets”, “Bowling columbine” and “Shakespeare in love.” I think these movies can help to manage the different English accents.
    My favorite authors are Mark twain, Robert Stevenson and Edgard Allan Poe.
    The artists I listen the most are The Beatles(British accent), U2 and Elvis Presley. U use them because I teach phonetics, and I believe listening to different accents is crucial to learn a language and have a good understanding.


  252. ould cheikh says:

    Hello Madam Daniel ,
    thank you so much for sending me these questions
    -my favorite 3 films prison Break; 24seasons ; and an others films comedy i don’t remember the name but know the actors were Alex fletcher and Souphy fecher
    – my favourite 3 musicals artists are Akon , Chris Brown and Lil wane
    -my favourite other three things that have helped me to become what I’m now are British council in Senegal English club and BBC
    so i wanna ask u a question how do you find my level in English ? when that I’ve never studied it with a teacher and what are the three other things that you would give to help me to get better than that in English? i look favorable to see you answer her:

  253. Bassam A. Maree says:

    Dear Mr. Daniel

    First of all, I would like to thank stuff for the most helpful website in the internet, and I would like to inform you about my favorite three films which are ” The Fugitive, Air Force One, and Golden Eye ” the reason of why I like them It’s because of the actor Harrison Ford and Pierce Brosnan who I like all their films, about the musical artists I am sorry I don’t know anyone.

    The authors who have helped me in learning English are ” Elaine Walker, Steve Elsworth, and Jack C. Richards” and the reason that I start learning English with their books.

    Thank you for everything to help me.

  254. Vera Abreu says:

    Dear Daniel,
    Good Morning,

    Excuse me, but unfortunately I don’t have condition because I am beginner English student.

    I don’t have enough vocabulary for write my favorites films, musicals and authors.

    Best Regards,

    Vera Abreu –

    Praia de Botafogo, 190/610

    22250-900 – Botafogo – RJ – Brazil

    Tels.: 2559-5433/9966-7044

  255. ould cheikh says:

    i didn’t tell you why these three thing have helped me in learning English British council by borrowing me lot of bocks and cassettes CD ,dvc and BBC heard some lessons in English and listen the radio and English club by ending me a msg of the 7secrets in English

  256. vahid says:

    favorite movies: dead poet society, shrek, lion king 1
    singers: mariah carey, chris de bergh, phill collins
    authors: rob nolasco, barbara oxford

  257. 王小雨 says:

    Dear Mr. Daniel
    My favourite films are: Notting Hill,and my favourite song is: Don’t cry.
    It’s great!

  258. Anthony M Barreto says:

    3 Films
    Gone with the Wind
    Ben Hur
    Jurassic Park

    3 artists
    Ricky Martin
    Elton John

    3 books
    The Fountainhead
    City of Joy
    From Nothingness to Nothingness

  259. said says:

    hey i have been very pleased reading your seven secrets.i would like to answer your quetions this way:the tree films that helped me to improve my english are:prison break,kingdom of heaven, wiliam walass.
    the tree artists i mean singers who helped me to master my english are: silindio,james blant,and akon

  260. hana says:

    hi mr. daniel first of all i apriciate you . my favourite film are harry poter, hamlet ,perfect crime. my favourite outhors. thomas , henry howard, shakespeare

  261. Nazan says:

    Hi Daniel,
    I’m from Turkey but not Romania. My favourite films are; Cinderella Man, Wolk the line(Johnny Cash’s Life) and The green mile..musical artists are; Beathles, Elvis Presley and Queen…and authors are; Gabriel Garcia Marques(Love in the time of Cholera and One Hundred Years of Solitude) Tolstoy (Anna Karenina) and Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code) Because all have, sensueal, engrossing, didaktic, entertaining, afflictiv, successful and really feeling, and living..and learning Eng.Thanks..

  262. István Rab says:

    Hi Joseph,
    Here are the answers for your questionnaire:
    – The Lord of The Rings;
    – The Bidge of Remagen;
    – Black Hawk Down.
    – Kaiser Chiefs;
    – The Who;
    – Dire Straits.
    – Winston Churchill;
    – Dan Brown;
    – Fareed Zakaria (Newsweek).

    And there are other Authors, Musicians and Films. When I started study English, I had a lot of problems with it, I thought it’s a strange language (after Russian and German I’ve learnd). But nowadays I like this language, and in these is a large role of EnglishClub. Thank You for this realy hard job and I enjoy wery much visiting your sites.
    Best wishes: István Rab

  263. Sadie Miftari says:

    HI! Daniel ..
    My favorite three films are November rain in New York, Beautiful Mind and One tree hill.
    My favorite actor is Richard Gere.
    and musical artists are U2, Dave Mathews Band and Amy Winehouse.
    i learn english mostly watching TV , listen a music .. anyway i don’t know still to speak very well. :))))))

  264. Marta says:

    Well, I like reading a lot so I start with it first.
    My three favourite books have been: “Memoirs of a Geisha”, The pillars of the earth” and lately “the boy in the striped pyjama”.This last book which I promised I woulnd’t never read cost me 3 days of sorrow……………….
    About films…………………. I’m really bad with the titles of the movies I’ve seen, let me think…………, yes: Pride and Prejudice, The lord of the rings and ……………………… Why????, ‘cos they are really good and got my heart

    Well muy favourite artist………It’s really difficult for me to name just three of them ‘cos there’re alot. I’m Spanish so Manolo García , Alejandro Sanz, Camarón…………………………You know, with them I feel not only the music but the lyric.


  265. Jaimae says:

    Your idea is wonderful. I teach English and sometimes I run out of what to teach. My favorite movies are Mama Mia, Coyote Ugly, Honey, The Last of the Mohicans, The Legends of the Fall and Braveheart. English is an international language so I do not care wether the English is American or British. People learning English must be aware of other English like Australian English, Irish, Northern English and many others.

  266. Sarah Wang says:

    Dear Daniel,
    My favorite films are The Lion King, Bambi and The Chronicles of Narnia,and I really like Disney’s movies very much.I don’t often pay attention to the musician artists.But I like these two English songs very much:Dilema by Nelly & Kelly and No Promises by Shayne Ward. And I am sorry to tell u that I don’t like English literature very much. So…I don’t know which author I like.That’s all my answer. Thank you.

  267. Hang Nguyen says:

    Dear Daniel,

    Many thanks for your mail. Listening music, watching movies and reading books are always a good way of learning English together with all other themes itself (the tunes and the lyrics; the stories and scenes; the plots and writting…).
    Music: Celine Dion, Carpenters and Boney M
    Film: Home Alone, Charle Chopin, Gone with the wind
    Book: Andersen, John Francome,Thomas Friedman

  268. maria luisa flores says:

    My favorite films have been Lawrance of Arabia, Encounters of the Third Kind, The Marx Brothers, authors: Jane Austeen, Edgar Allan Poe, George Bernard Shaw.

  269. Jorge says:

    the Godfather I and II
    The club of dead poets
    Walking with Mss Daysi or Lean on me both with Milton Freeman
    Pink Floyd, Queen and The Beatles. List can continue with Led Zeppelin, Chicago, Genesis, Yes, etc
    Authors: Shakespeare, Hemingway,
    British English is better for me

  270. Angie says:

    Hi Daniel,

    My Favourite three films are:
    1)The Harry Potter Serious
    2)The Phantom of the Opera
    3)High School Musical

    My Favourite three musical artists are:
    1)Emmy Rossum
    2)Celine Dion
    3)Vanessa Hudgnes

    My Favourite three authors are:
    2)Jacqueline Wilson
    3)Meg Cabot

    Why: Because their english are all good and accarate, also I think I have an enjoyable time listening, watching and reading them.

    Thanks for all,

  271. nithu says:

    hi,my favourate films are TITANIC,HALLOW MAN,GLADIATOR

  272. Jayanthi says:

    Dear Daniel,
    I belong to the old school of thought.
    1. Three favorite films are , Fiddler on the roof, My fair Lady & The sound of music.
    2.Three musical artists are, ABBA, Clii Richards & Paul Unka.
    3. Three Authors are, Edgar Wallace, Arthur Conan Doyle & Ian Fleming.


  273. yahya says:

    my favorite films are: 1- the last samoray
    2- the great scandar, 3- the king arther
    my favorite artists are: 1- Celin Dion, 2- jennefer lopese, 3- the Beatles, and my favorite authors ars earnst hamengwey, and authrs i can’t remember their names.

  274. Sonicka says:

    I like many films but if I must choose three, so: Titanic, series Gossip Girl and Brokedown Palace.
    music: Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake.
    authors: Stephen King, John Grisham, Meg Cabot.

  275. yahya says:

    I find it’s the best way to learn any language is to hear often its music, to watch its films and to read its book.

  276. gray galaxy says:

    hi Mr Emmerson hope to be successful in the my answers are: films: Harry potter juliet ceaser Troy.artists:Evanescence chris de burg west life authors: cause i have read poems i prefer to introduce poets:John milton john keats jonathan swift.thats it best wishes

  277. zeynep says:

    -My favorite three films: Lethal Weapon, Terminator and When Harry met Sally
    -Favorite three musical artists: Metallica, Simply Red, and Sting.
    – Three authors: Shakespeare, Agatha Cristy, and Conan Doyle.

    because : books, films and music are useful for learning English; while you learning , you don’t feel like a student who has homework to do, it becomes fun to learn without realizing to learn

  278. Eduardo says:

    Dear all
    I’m learning english by myself, and a think that is some dificult, at firts it was hard to understand the dialogues in the movies, lately, a can understand more.
    My favorites movies for learning english are:
    Rome, all movies from Robert De Niro and four weddings and a funeral.
    autors: Thomas Harris, Alexandre Dumas and John Katzembach.

  279. Optimism :) says:

    Hi Daniel ,

    1) my favorite 3 films are :
    # eagle eye # Wicked science (TV serial) #Even Stevens (TV serial)

    Note: all films & serials i have watched were with sub translation

    2) my favorite 3 musical artists :
    # westlife #backstreet boys #outlandish
    Note: i love the meaningful of English words in their songs.

    3) my favorite 3 authors :
    i don’t read to particular authors, however i usually read medium novels & stories .
    Note: AJ Hoge (director of effortless English )helped me & many people in learning English using powerful methods based on researches


  280. youba says:

    Hi dear ,

  281. youba says:

    Hi deer ,

    thanks for the efforts you are doing ,

    my favorite film is prety woman

    may favorit misic is Abba

  282. Alexander says:

    1.Favorite films, of course there are many, but in English I watched only two of them (for several time): Amadeus and Notting hill; I think it helped me quite well;
    2. Mucical artists, The Beatles, ABBA, Pink Floyd. They helped me to improve English because I had lyrics of most of their songs and was trying to translate and even to sing for myself;
    3. Authors, as films of course there are many. Mostly I read in English novels of Somerset Maughem, Agatha Christy and Mario Puzo. Three authors of different style. Their novels helped me improve my English reading skill and increase my vocabulary, because I am very interested in it and like their style of writing.

  283. fouzia says:

    Hi Danial,
    I do not have a specific favourite films, but I love watching action films and commedians ones because they are my favourite films which make me learn English.
    Thank you

  284. zhou jin says:

    Hi, my favorite films are Ice Age (I & II) and Roman Holiday.

    I like Backstreet Boy, West Life and Celine Dion.

    Three authors are Charlotte Bronte(for Jane Eyre), Jan Austen(for Pride and Prejudice) and Colleen Mccullough (for The Thorn Birds)

  285. ibnu asqori pohan says:

    Dear Mr. Daniel

    First of all I’d like to thank you for your coorporation.

    my favorite 3 films are: – scent of women – selling innocence -perfect crime
    for the authors, I like the act (result) regardless of the author

    for the musical artists I like DANIEL SAHULEKA (DONT SLEEP AWAY THIS NIGHT MY BABY

  286. Estela Concha says:

    Hello Danniel,
    Thank you very much for your e-mail.
    As Nziha says, books, films and music are the best way to learn a foreign language.
    Music and films develop our listening skills and give us a chance to listen to real pronounciation.
    Books, on the other hand, develop our reading and also writing skills.
    More than that, all the three, books, films and music
    enrich our imagination.
    I prefer British movies, I love British English.
    The Madison’s Bridges
    Steel Magnolias
    Some historic film
    Musical Artists
    -Elvis Presley
    – Celine Dion
    – Joan Baez
    Walt Whitman
    William Shakespeare
    Grahan Green
    Thank you very much again.

  287. Maria Davison says:

    My favourite films are “Gone with the Wind”, “The Ten Commandments” and “Ben Hur.” I also enjoy romcom like My Best Friends Wedding, Music and Lyrics etc.

    I like Abba, U2 and Bee Gees. I watched Mama Mia in the Cinema. It was so much fun except I think they killed Abba’s songs.

    I like Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and The Bible.

    These help me improve my English because they are fun and enlightens me on some social issues happening around me.

    Last year, my husband, myself and our three children had a holiday in England and visited the Cambridge University.

  288. Siriachara says:

    Dear sir,

    I would like to be good at English and I like your blog too.

  289. t-fa says:

    hi daneil
    thank you for email
    i like anjelina and titanic hero,s movie
    sorry i fogeted his name
    i like every artisan and

  290. Iger says:

    I have learned watching family guy, Avatar and american movies.

    Aerosmith,Bob Dylan….and of course the beatles.

  291. Tanya Venkel says:

    Dear Daniel,
    First of all I’d like to point out that your blog would be a great contribution in teaching people English.
    As to my favourite authors, I’d mention O’Henry, Somerset Maughm and Oscar Wilde – these were the authors I used to read as a student of the English department. The films are: Gone with the Wind, My Fair Lady and The Rain-Man. The musical artists whose songs we used to listen to at our auding lessons were ABBA, Freddie Mercury (Queen) and Beatles.
    Why? The language of the above mentioned books is adorable as well as the stories… These films will remain classics of film making forever because of definitely genial actors starring in them… The songs of these three groups are still admired by millions of people throughout the world and I’m not an exception. There is something misterious and magic in the tunes and lyrics of the songs, in the voices of the singers that you can hardly forget having heard once. I still remember most of them by heart though more than 20 years had passed since I was a student…

    Good luck,

  292. alex says:

    1.My favourite films are:
    Harry potter,rush hour,taxi 2.

    2.My favourite musical artists are:
    Phil Collins,Drake Bell,Bryan Adams.

    3.My favourite authors are:
    Roald Dahl,J.K.Rouling,Alan Miln.

  293. Maxat says:

    My favourite 3 films which I’ve watched in English are Finding Neverlands, Casino and Goodfellas. All the actors speak clear English(pronounciation). In the latter two some slang is used but you can easily understand what they mean. Three favourite artists: Nas, Rakim and probably Eminem. Reading lyrics really improved my understanding of slang and I learnt some useful words too.
    Haven’t really read books in English.

  294. Pablo says:

    Hi Daniel, I think this is a good chance to get a great overview about english learners.
    3 films (I really enjoy SiFi)
    – Star Wars (all of them)
    – The Lake House
    – Gladiator
    3 Musical Artist
    – Alicia Keys
    – U2
    – Lionel Richie
    3 Authors
    – Stephanie Meyers
    – Eckhart Tolle
    – Isaac Asimov

    Why? in case of lyrics is essential to understand following beats so you must to listen better.
    Films. is very nice go into a story understanding instead of reading subtitles, you realize a better information directly from film instead to written translation.
    Books. Is quite important to read a good written english…many times native english speakers made a lot of mistakes!!

  295. sahanin oumarou says:

    i am sahanin oumarou student of the fourth year english degree at the university of saida (algerie) it’s my hope to be one of your student the next year

  296. Roxanna says:

    Hi Daniel!

    What are your favourite 3 films, favourite 3 musical artists and favourite 3 authors that have helped you in learning English, and why?

    I’ve got a lot of favourite films such as: Erin Brockovich, Little miss sunshine, Shakespeare in love, Interview with the vampire, etc.They have a lot of new worlds I learnt.

    My favourite 3 musical artist are: Bryan Adamas, Maroon 5, and Shania Twain. There voices are amazing and excelent pronunciation.

    My favourite authors are: Shakespeare and J.k Rowling. They’ve lots of imagination.

  297. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Daniel:
    I’ve learned a lot from the english club, and here is my contribution:
    1.- Sophie’s Choice, The Lord of the rings: Return of the king and The pianist.
    2.- Peter Cincotti, Ella Fitzgerald and Viktoria Tolstoy.
    3.- JRR Rowling and Yann Martel


  298. Safaf says:

    hey daniel.!
    well my three favorite films are :”if only”,city of angels ,lucky number slevin
    for the artists :maria carey,shayen ward,and justin timberlake and finally for the authors:i read to mark twain,chinua achebe and charles dickens I love the lutter one …

  299. Marie Vozza says:

    3 films: Far from the madding crowd,The go- between, Chorus line
    3 musical artists F.Sinatra, J.Denver, the Beatles,
    3 authors:Shakespeare, T.Hardy, Gaskell
    (and if possible to add my mom)

  300. anca says:

    The Mask of Zorro
    The City of angels
    Celine Dion
    Bonnie Tyler
    Jane Austen
    Thomas Hardy
    Daniel Defoe
    These authors helped me in learning English because I read some of their books.I think that reading books written in English is a good way for improving your knowledge.

  301. Marie Vozza says:

    thanks for your help in my teaching activities at school.I read books or listen to music or to CNN as well as speak to my friends who come to me from time to time. GO ON!

  302. francesco says:

    hi! for now I have a musican artist who helps me to improve my english. He’s David Gilmour, Pink Floyd’ guitar player. for me seeing movies, and reading nouvelles in english it’s too hard. in the future I am going to see in the original language all movies of Ben Stiller.

  303. michelle says:

    Good morning Daniel:

    Here is my favorite movie: serendipity .
    My favorite author is: W. Maugham.
    I like Hugh Grant :)

    Best regards!


  304. Barbara says:

    Hello Daniel!
    My favourite films are:Once in America, Beautiful mind, Prison Break.
    My favourite musical artists: Katie Melua, Barbra Streisand, Liza Minnelli.
    My favourite authors: Vaja Pshavela, Tomas man, Dostoevski.
    Thank you for email
    Good luck
    Barbara from Georgia

  305. hanane says:

    Hello Daniel and Joel,
    First,congratulations for publishing your novel “Ktordy” and by the way try to think about translating it into English language to give us a chance to read it. Second, my three favourite singers are Michael Jackson,Brian Adams and Michael Bolton because of the theme of their songs that are love, peace and brotherhood; what attracts me first was the music despite the fact I was unable to detect what they say and this pushes me to look for the lyrics and then follow as they sing and then understand the song in its globality this developed the listening level of my learning English; my prefered authors are Danielle Steel because of her two novels: The Lone Eagle and Thurston House and which I read three times as well as John Steinbach and his novel The winter of Our Discountent. What I liked most is their simple style and irony and this helped me daring to write and read. Concerning my prefered films, I do not have any in mind Because all the films I wached so far are translated into french language besides a film in Englich language most of its actors don’t pronounce well to make me undersand what they say.
    Best Regards

  306. Nafis says:


    The films that I watched everyday are: 1-Friends
    2-Everybody loves Raymond 3-How I met your mother

    Musics: 1-Celion Dion 2-John Denver 3-The Beatles

    Authors: 1- Hans Christian Anderson 2- A book written by contemporary spirtual writer called Ekhart Tolle 3-Different writers on BBC learning English website in the article section for example Mike Reynor, Chris Rose, John Kuti

  307. gerardo says:

    Dear Daniel:
    I’m not an advanced student but may I Love Dr. Zhivago and Sherlock Homes.
    My favorites song are Yesterday, May sweet Lord and Michelle, but love The Beatles.
    Best regards
    Gerardo Daniel Tessari

  308. Nelly says:

    Hi Daniel,
    First, I want to say thank you alooot for your emails, I really learn new things:)

    -I like both, British English and American English films..
    -I like James Dean, George Cloony and Brad Pitt..
    -I like Demis Roussos, Enrique Igliesis, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Massari and Sean Poul (ups, 3 extra singers LOOL)..
    -I dont have favourite films, I like all american and british films, especially love history and real history from old days (50’s, 60’s and 70’s)..

    Thank you and good luck..

  309. Helio Cardoso' says:

    Sweet November (the original with Sandy Dennis)
    All about Eve
    When Harry met Sally
    The reason: The dialogues are perfect and the natural speech patterns allowed me to practice understanding native speakers.
    John Denver
    Jimmy Croce
    Jimmy Buffet
    I could probably make a much longer list, but these three come readly to mind because I can listen to their songs over and over without ever getting tired.
    Tricky! Neil Simon for plays,
    Mark Twain for short stories
    and James Joyce for novels
    Again, the list could be very large, especially if I were to include poetry.

  310. Elke says:


    1. MUSIC:
    Ever since I was a kid, I loved the music by The Beatles. Especially their earlier work learned me English. Clear accent, simple language, … perfect to learn, I guess. When I was older I started to listen to Bob Dylan a lot… as I love literature, I looked for the lyrics online… Man, I understand now why his writing is acclaimed! More for advanced learners though. Less difficult but also beautiful are the poetical lyrics of Joni Mitchell. I know this is all very sixties-seventies, but I was born in 1978 and I just loved the music.
    2. FILMS:
    I think sitcoms are great to improve your English, because you get to know the characters, their accents, … I truly learned a lot from Desperate Housewives. I laughed and learned from Men Behaving Badly. And, last but not least: Blackadder.
    3. BOOKS:
    To read a book seems a huge assignment for a beginning learner. I preferred reading online. I read a lot of articles on the BBC websites (not only news!) There is 1 series of books that grab the reader so that (s)he forgets (s)he is reading a foreign language: Harry Potter!

    Hope you can use this,
    and hope to watch your movie soon,

    Elke, Belgium

  311. Larisa says:

    Hello! i will start with Gossip girl (i love it), Prison break and as a writer i like Thomas Hardy and Oscar Wilde.

  312. Patricia says:


    My favourite movie…mmmm….The Matrix, Nothing Hill(because of Hugh Grant accent) and well…Lost isn’t a movie…but I love it! jajajaja….
    I remember that while studing english I red “1984” and “Animal Farm” by Mr. George Orwell. I found those books incredibly good. Alan Poe!!!!

    Best wishes.


  313. LUIS PEÑA says:


  314. Alsayed says:

    How are you Mr.Daniel I have the great honour to write to thank you for your efforts with us. The three favourite movie is as follow : 1: Omar Almukhtar acted by Antonie Queen 2: Gladiatour 3:the lion and the bird. As for authors i like charles Dickens so much ,Alexandre Dumas ,Shakespear but as for music Iamn’t concerned my E mail is Alsaed_fauze@yaghoo

  315. Elmi Alas says:

    Hi Daniel and Joel, I am student learning english, and i am really appreciate with your coorpration.
    My three favorite episode are; Friends, Seinfeld and Criminal minds(l.A), because i can udersatad themwell.
    My favorite artists are; Jay C, B Diddy and Alisha kees, because i enjoy their lyrics
    Here i dont have any english writer, except my mother language, Somali.

    yours truely

  316. Gulsen says:

    Hello Daniel,

    I’d love ‘The Brave One’ movie which is really good. I am studying in the UK that’s why I always prefer to listen to the british music, read the british books and do everything in british english.

    Many thanks,

  317. Sara says:

    Dear Daniel,

    Before answering the questions, I should mention that I started learning English when I was in Iran and now it’s about 1 year I’ve moved to the US. The process of learning English is so different when you live in English speaking environment, faster and easier.
    1. 3 movies: A Beautiful Mind, Kramer vs Kramer, to Kill a Mocking Bird
    2. 3 musical artists: Leonard Cohen, Chris Rea, Demis Roussos
    3. 3 authors: I used to read summerized English books of different authors when I was in Iran.

  318. Daydreaming says:

    Dear Daniel
    i’d like to submit my answers for your question

    my favorite three films are
    the good son
    the others
    lord of rings

    my favorite authers are
    William Shakespear
    Walt Whitman
    Alma Florida

    best regardes

  319. mira says:

    i would like to thank ist this centre because u really helped me to provide my english .
    favourite singers:celin dion, micheal bolten,whitney huosten,but why i learned english from them i dont know , maybe there songs were really near to my spirit that they impressed me so i liked to know more about english language.
    three films: city of angels, killing me softly, hot cheeks.
    three authres :Daiel steel, Dan brown, shakspeare.

  320. joytang says:

    Hi,Daniel,first, I’d like to answer your questions,my favourite film is gone with the wind.
    I want to share with you something happy, I make friends with strangers through internet frome time to time and improve our oral English. Maybe you can contact me if you’re interesting .

  321. MaDe says:

    hi! my movies are the last samurai, pursuit of happyness n shawshank redemption + the august rush. my explaining is because the movies are so inspiring for me n tell me about others values in this world that often ignored by people.

    HI! my artists are (RIP) Chrisye (legendary singer), Siti Nurhaliza (Melayu singer), Ike Nurjanah (dangdut singer). i love them, because none can copy their voice, n their character when singing a song.

    hi! my authors are ryan, conly, hurwitz. they are children novel author n fiction. i love conly’s story ‘R-T, Margareth, n the rats of NIMH. Their using of language is simple n easy, no complex-compound setences like that, of course bec. it’s a children story, he2


  322. Elizier says:

    Hi! Thank you very much for your message. It makes me well and happy. Film for me is a very thing to learn english.

  323. Elizier says:

    My favorite is: “3 films”. Please I would like they are in American english.

  324. Nguyen Van Nam says:

    Hello Daniel,
    first, I would like to thank Mr. Josef Essberger, Founder of, for the seven secrets.
    The films and music do not play much role in my learning English, but the textbooks always stay side by side with me. The most recently authors that I preferred to read are Patricia Ackert (Cause and Effect), Carrie Dobbs (Reading for Reason) and Jack C. Richards (Interchange).
    Thank you for networking with me as a member of
    Bye for now,

  325. Galina says:

    Hello,Daniel! Thank you very much for your email. I would like the British movies. My favorite author is Sidney Sheldon, his books are easy to read.

  326. vienna says:

    My favourite films are ” the others”, ” the pianist” and ” Tiatanic”, the Musical Artists are ” west life” ,'”backstreet boys ” and ” MLTR”.

  327. azra says:

    dear daniel
    thanks for your email.
    my favourit three films are dom and domer, kazablanka, gone with the wind (i donot know the name is right or not )
    these films are good to learn english as easy as we think.
    Best Regards.

  328. Roshan says:

    I want to learn English speaking and written.

  329. susan says:

    A great movie is Ankalee and the Bee and The Girl Who Spelled Freedom.

    Easy to understand singers are Celine Dion, Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel

  330. omar says:

    My favourite films are:kingdom of heaven,prison break,harry porter

    My favourite artist are : akon ,eminem, shany ward

    I am still student in english so a dont know much authers but I realy like literary books .

  331. thekra alsabahi says:

    Hello Daniel and Joel,

    thank you so much for your emils

    my favourite 3 films are : presion break , lost , 24 .
    musical artists : celen dion, back street boys and blue . about authors I really do not know .

    thank you so much and good luck .

  332. Vy Nguyen says:


    I like Love Story, Sound of Music and Ben Hur films. Three artist are Celine Dion, MLTR (That’s why) and Carpenter. These are lovely films and songs which are easy to understand and unforgetable.

    Thank you and regards.

    Vy Nguyen

  333. helen says:

    Hi my dear.i am fan of celen dion.i leson to her music such as i’m alive albume.enterchange book and tactice develope was usefull for me.thanks goodnees for your massage.
    favorite = American English

  334. Eid Aljetlawy says:

    I would like to be a good at English,and I never forget that you are my teacher who must trust him please help me as much as you can .choose the right for me as a foreign student.
    finally I think it’s a nice chance to send my warm regards to you and thanks a lot for every thing you have doen.
    It’s me,Eid

  335. MAHESH CHANDRA says:

    dear sir
    i would like to British English movies

  336. harsha says:

    What are your favourite 3 films, favourite 3 musical artists and favourite 3 authors that have helped you in learning English, and why?

    My favouritie 3 films are:
    1. Cat People
    2. 007 Bond Moovies Series and
    3. Superman Series.

    My favourite mucial artists:
    1. Rehman
    2. OP Nayar
    3. Bappi Lahari

    My favourite authors:
    1. Yandamuri Veerendranath
    2. Yerramsetti Sai and
    3. Chandu Sombabu

  337. Selda says:

    that’s nice questions, because these are very important to learing english for me..
    Favourite films :Autumn in New York, Chicago, Righteous Kill
    Favourite musical artists :Madonna , Tina Turner ,Sting
    Favourite authors : William Shakespeare, Agatha Christie,Charles Dickens

    thanks .. :-))

  338. Manalebesh says:

    Dear Mr. Danile

    First of all I’d like to thank you for your corporation.I am also appreciate your bloog too.

    My favorite three films: 1. Titanic, 2.Acapulco
    3.24 hours
    -Favorite three musical artists: 1.Kylie Minogue 2.Jennifer Hudson. 3.Celine Dion
    – Three authors: Shakespeare,1.William Shakespeare 2.Sidney Sheldon and Andrew clifford.

    Because, Music and films develop our listening skills and give us a chance to listen to real pronunciation. Books on the other hand, develop our reading and also writing skills.

  339. Rita says:

    Thank you for your email doing the best for us to improve our english.
    Regarding your questions I can say

    My favorite movies are:

    Jejn Eir
    Cheque 1 million


    Cellin Dion


    Leon Tolstoy

    Best regards

  340. Cecilia says:

    Favourite films. It would have to be Titanic, so touching film, Emma (by Jane Austen), that was a really wonderful film and third film is this famous film with Tom Hanks Forrest Gump. That film I could watch over and over again! Simply because it gives me so much joy and you start thinking about different things about life and other things.

    Favourite musical artists are Backstreet Boys, their songs, espcially the old ones like “I´ll never break your heart” touches me really deep. The texts are easy to learn and well I fall easily for love songs. Jamie Cullum is also a great artist, whom I´ve seen live and he gives everything on stage and it´s so nice to see talented young jazz musicians. Love his songs, especially those which he has written himself. Kelly Clarkson is really a good artist and sings with emotion, seen her live in Helsinki (Finland) where I live. Her songs are sometimes full with happiness and other times sadness, but there is always a meaning in her songs.

    Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice), that is a wonderful book. Everyone who is interested should read it. Marian Keyes books are nice too when they tell about relationships. J.K. Rowling writes good stories about Harry Potter, I haven´t read all books yet. But maybe I will some day.



  341. mehn says:

    hi…. I would like oo7 movies

  342. Iurii says:

    Hi all. It seems there are many subscribers at And it is interesting to me – do anybody read our posts? Anyway, here is my answers:
    At this moment i saw only one film in English, it was “The revolution OS” – film about development Linux OS. But it was long time ago. Now i get film “death of the president” and i am going to watch it in the nearest future. I found a great possibility to see tv in English – open source internet tv program, Miro. You can choose a video podcast according your interests and improve your hearing skill.

    I can’t say, that i have favourite English artist. In music i prefer electro and house styles, and most tracks of this styles have no words at all. I can only say that some songs of Kylie Minigue, Dido and Robie Williams are not disgusting for my ears =)

  343. delia says:

    Hi, Daniel!

    Very interesting project and respondents’ opinions as well.
    Regarding me, I don’t have favorites which should have learnt me English, but I like watching TV, especially for documentaries and news in English (as I don’t have much time to wath TV). I use some websites for dictionaries and I took English classes with a teacher.

    Best wishes,

  344. Si thu says:

    My favourite 3 films are;
    The Last King of Scotland
    Into the Wild
    American beauty

  345. yassinahilale says:

    Dear daniel,

    My favourite films which i loved the best are lord of the rings I,2 and 3. This thrilogie was the best i’ve ever seen.

    For musical artists, i’m so keen on listening to Britney spears, Madona and Bob marley.

    The authors that helped me improve my english are George Orwell, Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway.

    Best wishes

    Bizi Morocco

  346. Tacettin says:

    My favourite films are :
    Harry Potter Series

    My favourite musicians are :
    Jean Michel Jarre

    My favourite authors are : (about my English improvement)
    My elder brother
    My teacher where she is at the school
    and Internet :)

  347. Gamini Jayasinghe says:


    My favourit authors are

    James Clevel ( not sure spelling)
    Wilbur Smith
    Fedric Forsyth

    I watch a lot of English movies mostly action

    Singers are
    Nana Mousqurei ( spelling)
    Caren Carpenters

  348. MERIEM says:

    hi. daniel
    thanks you for interested
    my favorit film is prison break
    may favorit singer is celine dion

    best regards

  349. serap kakan says:

    hello there..ı am in a rush so have to give quick anwers……..
    harry potter chronicles
    lord of the rings

    pink floyd
    john lennon

  350. Seifi Abbas says:

    Dear Daniel
    My fav. films are 10 Commandments
    Benhoor &
    Taras Bulba
    I prefer my country’s music
    Mahjoobi &
    Favourit authors in my view are
    A.Pushkin &

    I am an Iranian student doing
    Master(Media) in India.
    Hope it is useful to you.

    Best of luck

  351. Ngoc Chau says:

    Hi Daniel and Joel!
    How are you?
    I’m Ngoc..Glad to see yr email lesson!
    My answers yr questions,for me about Learning English are here:
    My favourite 3 films:
    1. Action film
    2. Cartoon film
    3. Hongkong film @_^
    My favourite 3 musical artists:
    1. Rock artists
    2. The Beatles
    3. Classic artists ^_^
    My favourite 3 authors:
    1. Dan Brown
    2. Sidney sheldon
    3. Vietnamese authors *_^
    I really want to be good at English, so i hope to be cared more and more from you and Englishclub. May i answer theme. I like rock music, action films and poems, novels..but i don’t often watch film, read book. I only listening music.. I don’t know if i could live without music. I usually listen to Metal ballad.. If you want to try, let you listen to Lake of Tears, James Blunt.. Here are some good musical artists. Listeing to ballad can help you relax, forget yr difficulties, busy life.. I think that I want to tell you more but.. ^_^
    Thank you for yr reading, for listening to what I said
    Look foward to hearing from you.
    Take care and goodluck!
    Thank you so much.
    Ngoc Chau.

  352. hadj zahir says:

    Hello Daniel.
    Thank you for the effort which you make to help persons worldwide to learn enghish.My favorite films are:
    – Rome
    – titanic
    – prison breack
    My favorite musical artiest are:
    – Dolly Perton
    – shania twain
    – whiteney houston
    Best regards

  353. hamid moslehi zadeh says:

    your programme is very interesting i dont watch much films but my favorite films are:
    1.the lord of the king
    2.harry potter
    3.the pianiste
    i would like to learn english by films.
    thank you

  354. Khushhal Khan says:

    I dont watch films because of tight schedule of job and other essentials activities please

  355. jorge zepeda says:

    well i can’t say that i have a favorite actor or favorite band because that would be a lie , i really like english , i think i improve my english by watching tv and listening to music , if i had to name a good actor he would be charlie sheen , he’s very funny actually i like watching “two and a half men” it’s hilarious , anyway i love punk rock music and i like like 30 bands approach. thanks for letting me express myself here

  356. Samir says:

    Hi,Thank you very much all of the things and i will improve every day.Thanks all of the emails.
    1.My favorite films are Titanic,Rambo,Gladiator
    2.My favorite musical artist are Mikle Jackson,Jennifer Lopes,Shakira
    3. My favorite authors hav not

  357. Vita says:

    for British English, i like to watch Harry Potter,Sense and Sensibility..
    and for American,i like teens movie like Just My Luck,and so on..

  358. Taya says:

    Good day, everybody!
    Well, let’s start:

    1. What are your favourite 3 films?
    – They are: Brigitte Jones’ Diary, How to lose a guy in ten days, King Aurthur (+ The bodyguard, Good Will Hunting)
    (I enjoy the acting of Rene Z., Hugh Grant, Kate Hudson, Clive Owen, Kevin Costner, Witney Huston, Matt Damon, I also like the scripts of all of these films, and I like to watch them in English)

    2. What are your favourite 3 musical artists?
    – So, they are: The Beatles (Mc Courtney), Elton John, Elvis Prestly (The Beatles – I just love their music and the pronunciation is clear, Elton J. – I like to listen to some of his songs, his spelling-pronunciation is also clear, Elvis P. – he is the best and so are most of his songs!)

    3. What are your favourite favourite 3 authors that have helped you in learning English, and why?
    – Well, they are: Oscar Wilde, Sidney Sheldon, Mark Twain (S. Sheldon – his language is modern, M. Twain – I love his humour, O. Wilde – he makes me think about life)

  359. Yahya Naser says:

    Hi Daniel ,
    I would like to thank for you interest .
    My favourite three films are war of the world , behind the enemy gates and harry porter .
    whereas my favourite artists are James Blunt , Will Young and Daniel Powter.
    My sincere greetings to Mr Joseph Essberger the person who I am so grateful to him.

  360. Abdisalam says:

    Thank you for your effort for teaching English.
    I don’t watch films and listen Music but I read story books .
    So, My favourite authors :
    1.Ronando Merino
    2.Lea McAndrews
    3.Carol Moore

  361. arzu says:

    hi all, We watched titanic while learning English. I also like Meg Ryan, Nicholas Cage films. My favorite musicians r Alison Kraus, Celine Dion, James Blunt. Hmm I like all Meave Binchy books and I m reading a book of Daniela Steel and I liked it.

  362. raluca says:

    hi there,
    my first contact with english was in the early 90’s, when i was in highschool and when i was a fan of the well know group Metallica. in that time, we didnt have the posibility to buy original stuffs such as video tapes, audio tapes and so on, so one of my colleague has a notebook with all the lirics of Metallica. So i borrowed it and copied it by hand, song by song.
    later, after i studied english by taking private lessons i started to read books written in english, and the last one i read was ‘Reading lolita in Tehran’ by Azar Nafisi.

    And now in the end allow me to answer the questions:
    favourite films: 1. The Notebook
    2. The Illusionist
    3. Schindler’s List

    favourite musical artists: 1. Norah Jones
    2.Buddha Bar – series
    3. Metallica (’83-’91)

    favourite authors: hmmm.. unfortunately i havent read so many books in english yet in order to answer to this question.

    Best wishes to all!
    Pup u!

  363. Galina says:

    Hi, Daniel!
    First of all, let me thank you for taking interest in my opinion)) I myself was quite intrigued to discover those THREE favourite films, musical artists and authuors of mine that helped me study English!!! Because, actually, I love SO many)) The FIRST on the list was always easy to choose, though)) Here we go!
    1. “MY FAIR LADY” (with Audrey Hepburn starrig). Why? It shows you HOW to LEARN English (in a very specific way)). It shows you WHAT a LANGUAGE IS in your life! There is a lot of humour and a lot of MUSIC!! Citation from Professor Higgins: “Why can’t the women be like men? Why can’t the women be like us? Why can’t the women be like ME?”))
    2. “MRS DOUBTFIRE” (with Robin Williams starring) Why? Live language, excellent humour, psychology of upbringing children (grown-ups, too)))!! Citation from Daniel (the main character):”How are you, Daniel?” “FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC!”)))
    3. “FIRST KNIGHT” (with Richard GERE starring) Why? Gives another interpretation of my favourite period of English HISTORY. History is a part of CULTURE. And learning a LANGUAGE without knowing the culture of the country is impossible! Suprisingly, King Arthur’s main enemy (Malagant) is a great orator! His speech is very distinct and follows good logics! Citation from Lancelot: “I dare not kiss so lovely a Lady! I’ve only one heart to lose!”
    1. THE BEATLES. Why? The music is easily remembered.The lyrics are quite simple to understand, even at lower levels.
    2. ABBA. Why? When I was a small girl, the group was at the peak of their popularity. They were everywhere. I didn’t understand a word, but was trying to sing (abracadabra))) to them all the time)) Surely, I couldn’t but get interested in the CONTENTS of the songs. Hence my overall interest towards ENGLISH)))
    3. DEPECHE MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No comment! This is the best group ever! I do adore them! It is Dave Gahan’s magic VOICE… that motivates you to try again and again to interprit what they mean in there songs. Full of paradoxes and yet, harmony…
    1. LEWIS CARROLL. Why? His “Alice in Wonderland” struck me by the idea of the dualism of the world. And this idea is wonderfully conveyed on the example of PLAY UPON WORDS)) Citation from the Duchess: “Take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves”))
    2. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. Why? The beauty of the verse makes you remember it! And in such a way you get to know some words from OLD ENGLISH (“Shall I compare THEE to a summer’s day?..”). And those words do occur in many works, we need to be familiar with them))
    3. WILLIAM SOMERSET MAUGHAM. Why? A fantastic story-teller! His books appeal to average man’s feelings… And seem to be basically optimistic)) Citation from “Of Human Bondage”: “Shadows are not black but COLOURED.”)))
    Well, that’s it. Thanks for being so patient as to read my verbose message up to the end))) Would be happy to get your response))
    Best wishes with your programme,

  364. lina says:

    My favourite films are Forest Gump, Angermanegement and Something’s gotta give.

    Musical artists are Elton Jon, Lionel Riche and Yousif Islam.

    Authers are William Shakespear, Charles Dickens ,


  365. ghadeer says:

    thanke you danial actully am suffering from listening course at my university i dont know how can i improve my ability to hear …. please help me am third year and am studing english literturre .

  366. Hassan says:

    November 19th, 2008

    hello Daniell
    1st I’d like to thanks you for this wonderfull site
    then i’m glad to share you how your website helped me to improuve the level of my english language’s.
    the answer of my three favourite films are :
    -in hell
    -high schoul

    the trhee favourite musical are :
    -Enrique Iglesias
    -celin dion
    -dan hill
    cause they sing by easilly simple languages
    and they are singing clearly.

    best regards .
    thank you .
    my emails is

  367. Iip Ichsanudin says:

    I would like to share and aswer your questions about any favourites. And here they are.
    My favourite films are: Brave Heart, Toy Story, Vertical Limits.
    My favourite musical artists are: Pearl Jam, Joe Satriani, Metallica.
    My favourite authors are: Michael Crichton, J.K. Rowling, Sayyid Quthub.
    that’s all buddies.

  368. Buki says:

    Hello to all.

    My favourite films are “Lord of the rings”; “007”; and “The Mask”. I hear a lot of English music but my favourite artists are : Whitney Huston, Celin Dion and Kelly Clarckson.

    Authors, William Shakespeare, James Joyce etc…

    I am planning to open an Elementary English Course in the future….

    All the best from Macedonia

  369. Erazmus says:

    pornographic films are the ones that taught me english among other things.

  370. Mr.Double says:

    films:Matrix Revolution, The Lord of Rings,
    Harry Port
    authors:Edgar Allen Poe,Hellen Kater

  371. Lana says:


    My favorite movies would be:

    1. 007
    2. Superman
    3. Harry Porter

    My favorite musical artists:

    1. Puscadol
    2. Beyonce
    3. Acon

    For Authors I don’t know well, wish to answer next time.

    I like your program so much. :-)

  372. Denyse says:

    My helpers are not from the categories offered but here they are:
    1- An amazing English as a second language teacher: Françoise Baker.
    2- T.V. show ‘Happy Days’.
    3- Music: Pink Floyd.

    Thanks to them, I am now an ESL teacher.

  373. Pan says:

    TV show two and a half men
    and so many songs in english

  374. djuniaidi says:


    my favourite film are The Lord of Rings;paisson of Christ;hulk

    musical artists are celine dion;don Moen;michael w smith
    i don’t know favourite authors

  375. Phoungeun says:

    My favorite movie are : 007, Harry Porter and Air fore once. for the authors, I don’t know, but I love Micheal Jackson, Micheal learn to rock and Mozart.


  376. Hassan says:

    well my 3 favorite mives are; Kingdom of Heaven, Kung Fu Panda, and Perfume.

    I have never watched an English Musical

    My three favorite authors are; Betty Azar Schrampfer, Mc Millan and Micheal Swan

  377. sal says:

    Hi Daniel,
    Firstly, thanks for all your mails. they’re so useful to me.
    Here are my 3 favorite films:
    1. Harry Potter
    2. Matrix Reloaded
    3. Lord of The Ring
    and my favorite author is JK Rowling
    Thanks and all the best

  378. Jane says:

    Owing to I’m aged my three favorite films are Gone with the wind, Madam X and The little women.
    As to musicians are John Sterlause, Celin Dion and the musical artist who is disable but with the voice from Heaven(sorry I forget his nameit just before mt tongue).

  379. Mint says:

    Hi there Daniel and everyone!
    My fave films are …
    1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    2. Forrest Gump
    3. What a Girl Wants

    I love these three films because I’ve never be bored watching them over and over again.

    My fave musical artists are …
    1. Freddie Mercury, Queen
    2. Jamie Scott
    3. John mayer

    I love their voice and the lyrics.

    I don’t really like reading but I can read Harry Potter and A Series of Unfortunate Events and that’s why my fave authors are J.K. Rowing and Lemony Snicket.

    Have a nice day you all :)

  380. Dr. Chok Tenzin Monlam says:

    My three favorite movies are:
    Sound of Music, Tiatanic and Kramer vs Kramer

    I like all kinds of musics.

    I am looking forward to learn English through your videos!

    Good luck,


  381. mohamed says:

    Hi daniel,

  382. Urjee says:

    Hi, dear DANIEL

    I am from Mongolia.
    I am very grateful to receive e-mail from you and it’s very helpful for my learning.
    Here let me answer your quistions.
    My favourite movies:
    1. Casablanca (1942)
    2. Red Cliff (Chinese movie)
    3. Amadeus (1984)
    I dunno how to express it by words. Because, generally I enjoy historic movies.
    Above movies are all very interesting and beautiful in my opinion.
    My favourite musical artists:
    1. Jenifer lopez
    2. Enrique eglasias
    3. Takeshi Kaneshiro (Japanise)
    These are very talented and hardworking artists in my eyes.
    I like this kind of artists.
    My favourite authors:
    2.Confucius (chinese thinker)
    3.Aleksandra Duma (french)
    Above authors are all really great in the world I think.
    And when I read their beautiful creations it gives me some special thinking and feeling.
    Waiting for your e-mail.

    Good luck.

  383. mohamed says:

    Hi daniel,

    well,my best three movies are :-

    1_ The Others (NICOL KIDMAN).it’s really a great film!

    2_ TROY (BRAD BIT).i like fighting with swords.

    3_ PANIC ROOM (JODY FOSTER).i like her acting.

    and the other three musical artists are :-






  384. Ghulam Muhammad says:

    i dont know what led u the idea of this questionarie, but plzd to be notified.
    here are the answers of questions.
    1. three favourite english movies that i would ever like to watch are:
    2. three music artists that appeal alot ot me are:
    3.three authors whose textical ideas have ever opened new vistas of learning and thinking for me are:

  385. eva says:

    I grew up watching “Sesame Street” and a lot of
    Now, I watch “CSI:Miami” and similar programs.
    I love watching “Pirates of the Carribean” and “Harry Potter” over and over.
    My favorite author: nobody in particular, but now
    I’m reading “Harry Potter”
    I grew up reading “Nancy Drew”
    and “Hardy Boys”. I love
    detective stories.
    Music artists: Queen, Aerosmith, and Greenday

  386. Samsan TITH says:

    Right now, I would like to answer your question to me. Here I start:
    – My favorite 3 films are Just My Luck, Eating Out(1&2) and Spider Man(1-3). They help me in learning English because the languages used in these films are really pratical and useful for everyday English usage.
    – My favorite 3 musical artists are Savage Garden, West life and Blue. To me, it is easier to listen and understand the lyric or the language when I listen to the songs sung by those artists. It helps me to enjoy English.
    – My favorite author is Charles Dicken. As I do not really like reading novels, I have only one favorite author. And the stories that I like most are The Tale of The Two Cities, The Citadel and Oliver twist. I like them because the languages used in these stories is simple enough for me to understand and enjoy.
    Thank for sending a lot of mails to me so far.
    Best regard,
    Samsan TITH.

  387. kefah says:

    hi daniel;
    I am not so intersting watching niether moveis nor listening to music.I used to listen to BBC world news,DW TV…etc.sometimes i watch documentary programms or read some articles on the internet.

  388. tamer says:

    Hi Daniel,
    My favourite 3 films are Brave Heart, The Good the bad and the ugly, and Matrix.
    and 3 musicians are Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Brian Adams.
    3 authors are Charles Dickens, Michael Crichton and lots of other authors who are in the English Library of my school.

    Best regards,

    Tamer from Istanbul
    P.C.: I am looking forward to seeing your videos.

  389. lovelyroseseven says:

    Dear all,
    I know that your question make us to practise English.It’s very easy to answer your questions,but how to write it exactly,it seem so difficult to me.
    My answer are:
    My favourite 3 films are Gone with the wind,High school musical,Mr & mrs Smiths,etc.
    My favourite 3 musical artists are Diana Ross,Modern talking,ABBA,Micheal Jackson…
    I’m sorry about 3 Authors.I knowmore than 3 authors but they are not my favourite authors.

  390. Gladys says:

    Dear Josef:
    thanks for your concern about the language. It is very helpfull for foreing learners.
    I will try to answer you:

    I- Films:
    There are a lot, but let me say these ones:
    Notting Hill
    You have an e-mail
    All the 007 movies
    Damages (sitcom)

    II- Artists:
    Frank Sinatra
    Michael Buble
    Elton John
    Celine Dion

    III- Authors:
    John Grisham
    Stephen King
    Frederik Forsith

    I use to watch on tv -when i can- a program called “Yes”, in Argentina, from Charlie Lopez, very nice, very helpfull too.

    Thank you, Josef.

  391. tatamo says:

    Hi Daniel,
    my favorite films are: The note book, Indiana Jones,Sabrina
    My favorite singer: i like the songs of , Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, classical music.
    I don’t know much about the author.
    Thanks a lot

  392. alaaayman says:

    Hi daniel,
    My favourite authors are Ernest Hemingway and Shakespeare. I like classic music in general. As for movies I like social movies in general.

  393. Ramla says:

    Hello Sir,
    I would like to thank u for ur Website.
    About your question,my favorite filim are Baby’s day out,Titanic,Prison break.I like Romance movies.
    thank u a lot

  394. Ma. Dolores Canseco B. says:

    Oh dear!

    I’m an old pretty woman from Mexico
    How could I answer your questions? Let me tell you that I like Bethoven, Chopin (etc.)
    (No, I don´t like Mozart too much)I like reading V. Hugo, Carlos Fuentes, etc.
    Does this help you?
    I appreciate a lot your mails… really! A LOT!
    D. Canseco B.
    Monterrey, N.L. MEXICO

  395. OGE Fanie says:

    My favorite 3 films are: True lies, Enough, Hard Target.
    3 musical artists: Rihanna, Micheal Bolton and Withney Houston.

    3 hautors: William shakespeare, Martin Gray and Barbara Katland.

    Why? They helped me speak a classical english, that’s all.

  396. Pierre Richard FRANCOIS says:

    I’ve learned to speak english in raeding, watching movies and hearing sons on the radio. I like american movies so much. I don’t no nathing about British movies.

    My favorite authors are Charles Dicken and Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet…). I really like to read novels. And the stories that I very like are The Tale of The Two Cities, The Citadel and Oliver twist. My favarite singers are Madona, Keny Rogers, Phill Colins, Mariah Carry
    Jenifer L. Ricky Martin. About the movies, I like Batman forever,Harry Potter, Pirates of Carribes, MIB, and the Others…
    Thanks for your mail,
    Keeping touch !!!

    Pierre Richard FRANCOIS,

  397. Elisa says:

    I can´t tell a favourite. I like films, but maybe I prefer thrillers. I try to watch the english version always, but first I enjoy with the spanish one.
    For music is mor difficult because I love all kind of music: jazz, blues, pop,… and of course clasical.
    And about reading I have to tell you that I´m very lazy with english. I read just few books in english. I read a lot, but in my language. I can´t read in english cause is a slowly reading, so I read in spanish. But this year I read ” the boy with stripped pyjamas” and I really enjoy it.
    Best regards.

  398. özge says:

    Hi Daniel,
    Actually, I try to listen and read what I find about English.since I’m a student this year I’m going to read;
    sense and sensiblity(Jane Austen),The Merchant of Venice (Shakespeare),our day out(Wily Russel)and Frankenstein.
    I prefer listening classic and jazz music as they are more clear to understand.
    I’m watching desperate hosewives and lost and also I watch programs like martha stewart show an d more & more…
    Thanks for sending messages; I’m very gratefull for this.:)

  399. Melody says:

    My favourite films are:The Lord of The Ring,Harry Potter,The sisterhood of The Taveling Pants.
    I always like films that have something to so with magic,which stimulate my imagine,and also help me with my oral English.The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is a film telling us the significance of sisterhood,and the view in the film is beautiful, I like it.
    I have several favourite Chinese musical artists and authors,but I am not quite familiar with the musical artists and authors from foreign countries.

  400. TRANG says:

    I’d like to answer your questions:
    My 3 favorite films are: The beauty and the beast; Alice in the wonderfarm land; nightmare before Xmas.Because they are interesting and easy for me to understand the contents.
    My 3 favorite musical artists are: LOBO, Celidion,Mariah Carey . I can recorgnize what they are saying easily, some singers don’t pronouce clearly.
    I can’t read novels so I don’t have any favorite authors.
    Sorry. My English is so terrible.I’m very sad.

  401. john says:

    Hi there,
    I’d like to tell you my fave movie. I like too much the “School of Rock”. It inspires me to teach more nicely and well. you know, I do like action movies and adventure or thrilled movies.

    I also like classical music, especially when it shows the guitar playing skill.

    that’s it I can tell you here. See you around and bye for now.



  402. Nguyen, Lam says:

    Hi Daniel.
    My favourite films are The sound of music – Chicago – The phantom of opera
    My favourite authors are shakespeare – Hemminway – mark twain
    My favourite actists are Julie Andrews – The beatles – Abba
    I am crazy about musical & art theatre.
    thank you
    take care

  403. sakal says:

    Resently,I watched “Konfu Fanda” and ” Shrek”
    It is very interesting, it is very funny,

    for songs, i like the Westernlife team.

    I read some books, but i do not remember the author name, now i am reading “Shawdow of the Wind”, i read only one page per day.

    I got mail from 7 secret enlish every day, i feel so happy, because it is very useful for my study.

    Thank you.

  404. Sojiwajn says:

    Hi! Daniel
    I would like to answer your question but to me I don’t know what is my favourite about films,musical artists and authors. Sorry I don’t know how to talk about these.

  405. zahra says:

    i am really intrested in celin dion and chris de burgh and moderntalking.they help me to improve listening.about movie Detrained,THE BOYS ON THE RUN helped me in english by the way i am fall in love with lord of the rings.about book,i should say now i read sense and sensibility.

  406. Rasoul says:

    The TV series LOST helped me to learn a lot of American English and a little bit British English as well. I watched the episodes on DVDs so I was able to have the subtitle that helped me a lot.

  407. katia says:

    Hi Josef,
    My favorite musical artists: Sting, Joe Cocker, Chris Rea. Thear music is beautifully, but I don’t understand lyric ( from ignorance :-)))).
    I like comedy films.

    Thanks all and success!

  408. Luis Farias says:

    Hello Daniel:
    I think you are doing a very interesting project about the process of learnig English as a second language. Congratulations!
    These are my answers:
    About films, the most I like are: Giant, Top Gun and The Silence of the Lambs, because I love the way the actors speak English with different accents.
    In relation to musical artists, I enjoy listening to Frank Sinatra, The Beatles and Queen, because their music is great and very clear to be understood by a foreigner like me.
    And talking about authors, my favourite ones are William Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck, because they employ a very wide vocabulary in different steps of the English Language development and in different situations so they are a very good way of widening my lexis and enjoying the stories.
    Finally about me: I have been teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language for many years in my country CHILE in the southernmost tip of South America. I really enjoy my job because I began studying English in order to understand this complex phenomenon called human communication and to look for peace all over the world. I am a declared pacifist and the only word i hate is WAR. Problems must be solved peacefully.
    Have a good time doing your project. Good bye

  409. Narendran Menon says:

    Hi all

    I got on to English frankly because of my parent’s urging, but to answer this question, the authors who influenced my language were Enid Blyton (all series) who triggered my interest in English; P.G. Wodehouse saw through my teens and a host of authors including Colleen McCullough (Thorn Birds) nurtured it. There wasn’t a particular singer that influence my English language learning as I was more interested in the conventional Indian musical forms, but I found the country music and pop music a welcome diversion. As for the visual media, Disney cartoons played a pivotal role in the young impressionable years. My Fair Lady was perhaps the single most impressionable movie which led me to George Bernard Shaw and his works. Gone With the Wind by Mrs.Mitchell was another truly influential movie.

    Learning English never really stops. So have fun and learn more.


  410. Azade Masihzade says:

    1- My Fair Lady
    2- the Others
    3- Friends (tv series)

    these are not my favorie movies, these are the ones that learned the language from.
    “the Others” the british english is so unferstandable in this movie.
    “friends” full of phrasal verbs, idioms.
    “my fair lady” if you haven’t watched it yed, please do.

    as for singers:
    Celine dion (even with her slight french accent)
    Katie Melua
    Nancy sinatra

  411. Polomi Siddique says:

    Movie: Little woman, Flightplan, Harry Potter
    Artist: Westlife, Richard Marx, Simple plan
    Author: Jane Austen, Sidney Sheldon, William Sheakespear

  412. lazarela says:

    Hello Mr.Daniel!
    Really i don’t see films very often,but i’ll tell you three of those that i’ve seen:1)Mr and Miss Smith2)Titanic3)High school musical
    Almost all the songs i listen are English and my favourite artists are:
    1)Christina Aguilera
    3)Lil Wayne

    About my favourite authors:
    1)Ernest Heminguei
    3)G.Garsia Markes

    I’m sorry for any mistake in writing.
    Best Wishes

  413. newsha says:

    Hi Daniel
    the friends sitcom is help me to learn English…but If you want to know my favorite film…they are uncountbel …I like all David linchs movie…all scorsisys and…
    in music ,I listen to tredishenal iranian musics… and my favorite actor is All pachino, meril strip and…

  414. samira says:

    Hi Daniel;
    Thanks so much for your interest.
    My favourite movies are; Gone with the Wind, The Virgin Queen and Titanic.
    In fact ,I ‘m not interested in music , and also I know a little about English authers.

  415. spam says:

    Movies: hamlet(laurence olivier), the picture of dorian gray, excalibur(1981)

    musical artists: led zeppelin, deep purple, james taylor

    authors: Oscar Wild, w. shakespeare,w.b.yeats

    The main reason I have chosen like this is that I love English Literature,myths, history and rock music.

    Thank you for giving the chance to express my opinion

  416. Luz says:

    I want to say thanks for the suppor in the process of lerning a new lenguage different that mine native, I do not have any answer in mind, but once again for helping us.

  417. huyliem says:

    My favorite 3 films : transportation,high school musical
    My favorite artist : celina Dion , Micheal jacson
    the reason : i admire how they make special effort to get success in there career
    Author : collin murphy ( author of grammar in use )
    thanks for your website , I have been made many progress with your website

  418. hadi says:

    I’d like the adventure and historical films.Thanks alote

  419. ROBY MATHEW says:

    i am fond of adventerous film and at the same time fictitious films too

  420. Alena says:

    Hi, Daniel,
    my favorite films are: Schindler`s list,
    The matrix and Finding Nemo.
    My favortite music artists are :Apocaliptica Evanescence, Metalica.
    I like reading historical books , autobiography, but I do not have any special authors
    Tkank you, Alena

  421. Hugo says:

    Dear Daniel,
    The three films that helped me in learning English have been Braveheart, The Shawshank Redemption and The Full Monty. As you know, the last one is not the kind of English that is well spoken, but it taught me to tell the different ways of speaking there can be in only one country. Braveheart showed a more formal English in some parts of it and I saw the Shawshank Redemption so many times, that I repeated the dialogues in order to practise my fluency.

    Regarding music, I started reading the Alan Parsons Project lyricis along with their music even before starting studying English. That helped me to boost my memory somehow. Then I followed with Elton John and REO Speedwagon.

    As for reading, I can only mention Dick Francis and his novel Longshot, because most of the material I have read have been compilations of different stories. I only have to add that I like English.

  422. Chrisostome EPONGO says:

    1. My three favourite films are ”Coming to America” by Eddy Murphy, ”who am I” by Jackie Chain, and ”Missing in Action II” by Chuck Norris, because the first two ones have a lot of humours, which I love and three of three of them are among the first films I have watched in English since I started learning it, and their stories are fantastic for me.I also from them many English expression.

    2. My three favourite musical artists who helped me improve my english are: Michael jackson, Bob Marley and R.kelly , because from their songs I have discover a lot of expressions and i have become used to the english accent and rythm in the Music.

    3. My three favourite writers who have also helped me know more about the English language are: Dale Carnegie, Ken blanchard and William Ury, because, not only did I took a lot of lessons of life from their books, but also i found very important and useful expressions.

  423. rukhania says:

    my favourite 3 films are:Harry potter,princess diary and a walk to remember.and music that i like is from westlife,i can learning english from their song.

  424. Thuy Nga says:

    The films I like are ‘Gone with the wind’, ‘Titanic’ and ‘Home alone’
    My favourite artists are ABBA, The Beatles and Celine Dion but I don’t know much about the authors. I am sorry about that.
    I think your profect is good so I support you.

  425. oyut says:

    hi Dear,

    i havent checked my email for a while. o i m sorry that i could not send my contribution however i would do so.

    as i worked as an Englih teacher for 1 year and had 200 students finihed intermediate level with me, i really like to receive very interesting information from all of you. so when i started learning englih from my childhood a lots of ingers helped me, especially, Celine Dion, Whithney Houston, Ricky Martin and Enrique Eglasius. the first literature i got from USA Embassy and read is Jack London’s short stories. Celine Dion’s strong songs and Jack London’s fighting stories are really like fire and gives me a lot of energy.

    thank you.

    looking forward to your documentary and new info as usual as before.



  426. sami says:

    I think most of the english movies are good to learn from them the language in easy way the songs if it is salow u will understand it and if it is rocking i get confused.

  427. Romaissa says:

    Hello Daniel
    It’s the first that I write to you. I want to tell you that English club is the best website of English. My friends and I really improved our level in english when we started using it. My response to the answers is:
    1-My 3 favorite films are:
    *The Lord of The rings
    *Harry Potter
    2-My 3 favorite artists are:
    *Shayne ward
    *Chris Daughtry
    *Enrique Eglesias
    3-My favorite 2 authors:
    *Jozef Essberger
    *Jane Austen
    The author Jozef Essberger gave as a beautiful web which teach English in many different easy and sometimes funny ways Especially that I am an English student in the university. I always talk about this website to my coleagues because I’m so impressed by it.
    The author Jane Austen has an easy style in writing. In addition, she talks a lot about humour the society of family.
    thank you for this chance
    I hope more success for you
    good bye

  428. Iqbal says:

    My favorite 3 films are:

    Kingdom of Heaven
    Lord of The Ring
    Walk in the clouds

    Many useful expression i could get from those films.

    Viva Iwan Fals
    Viva Indonesia

  429. nguyen says:

    hi, thank you for helping me in english. My 3 favorite film are : Kungfu panda ( it’s really easy to understand), Camp rock and Shrek ( it’s really funny ). My 3 favorite musical are: Taylor Swift, Jordan Spark, Celine Dion. About author , i only have 1. Her name is Judy Blume. Her story is really good. I also thing it ‘s also good for new learner.

  430. al says:

    films: harry potter , lord of the rings , 1000bc
    music: dj aligator collection
    one of the best books that help me was LOOk listen and learn (puplished 1979).

  431. NESTOR says:

    Hi there,
    I am new at this site. My name is NESTOR. I am from Bolivia, South America. I would like to share my language skills now and on. I am learning english language at a college in my country. I think you can help me with my grammar and some idiomatic expressions in american and as well as in british english. The fact is that when I want to translate some words in spanish to english I am not very sure about how to find out some terms equivalent between these two languages. For example, in spanish “departamento” this term is used to name a region or an area in my country. When I want to translate into english this word “department” has other meaning it is related to a house or flat with rooms. In these cases what should I do?

  432. haleem says:

    1-my favourite musical artists are for bobmarly, usher, whitney houstin
    2-my favourite movies are :
    1-the lord of the ring
    2- 007 movies
    3-Coming to America
    3-My three favourite writers
    1)Ernest Heminguei
    3)Alex Haley

  433. Joel C. Faccio says:

    Hi daniel, My favorite films are: A.I (artificial inteligence), “The pianist” , I don’t remember this movie in English in portuguese is “Efeito borboleta (butterfly efect) “, so that I love are To of Us , the Cure (Friday I’m in love), Cramberries (Zombie), pet shop boys(We never being boring, and you’re always on my mind, this kind of song help me so much to learn English…About writers I can remember none of them that I read…I like the book ( The Cult )… bye… and Thanks..
    Joel – Brazil – São Paulo.

  434. precious says:

    fave films- Gone with the Wind, Annie, Troy
    fave authors – Mitch Albom, Belva Plain,Grace
    fave Music Artists – David Pomeranz, Karen

  435. Amir says:

    my 3 favourite movies are :1- a beautiful mind , it learnt me many things not only english. 2- taxi driver. 3- High noon , a great Mark Twain

  436. Heri says:

    Hi Daniel,
    It is absolutely a cool thing that you send me a question; I become really happy to get it. Well, my favorite movies are Harry Potter, Lords of the ring, and Too fast too furious. Why I like those films is because I like fantasy; I adore learning British English; I am interested in learning idioms and American English.
    Celine Dion, Ricky Martin, and Robbie Williams are my lovely artists. They sing cool and romantic songs.
    It is a habit for me to read Khalil Gibran with his poetical and comprehensive words; William Shakspeare with his romantic and touching minds; and, Ian Maddison with his cool stuff in phonology.
    I learn lots of English stuff from their creative work.

  437. Sumith says:

    My Favorite Films: Harry Potter,Catch Me If You Can,Reservation Roard

    My Favorite Artist: Elton John,Micheal Jacson,Bob Marley

    My Favorite Authors: W.shakespeare,Thomas Friedman,Robin Charma

  438. Grace says:

    Hi! Thanks for asking.
    My favourite three films are: Star Wars, Life is beautiful and the saga of X-men. I’ve lernt many different everyday expressions from them.
    My fav. singers: Elton Jhon, Bruce Springting and Madonna because of the different accents.
    My fav. authors are Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare for their wide range of vocabulary and the author of Harry Potter whose name don’t remember because of the simplicity of language

  439. Jean-Pierre says:

    Movies which helped to learn english:
    – finding Neverland with Johny deep, because easy to understand, scenario easy to follow
    – Narnia, again the vocabular is easier

    Song writer:
    I always try to catch as much as I can, whoever the artist is. But particularly songs where you can clearly understand the spoken words and where they are not using to much slang are my favourite.

    Tolkien The lord of the ring, it is not quite an easy book, but the fantasy world is a clear + for the motivation, even if I am not understanding everything.
    I have other books but no time to read them, but I think easy language and enthusiastic about a topic is the best way to learn.

  440. NARGES says:

    Hi’ Danial: I would like to answer your question
    1-The Lord of the ring
    3-a lot like love

  441. KAMOL says:

    My favourite 3 films are Braveheart,The pianist and
    The 13rd knight
    MY FAVOURITE 3 ARTISTS:Michael Jackson,modern talking,C.Dion

  442. menar says:

    hi, dear….
    my favourite fils are
    Alfred Hitchcock ‘s films,
    west suide story,
    the good,the bad and the ugly….
    my favourite music
    Paul Simon
    Ella Fitzgerald
    Beatles, Bee Gees; Abba and many others…
    thank you very much.

  443. isacob says:

    Hi Daniel
    I make this short
    Films: Scifi and Action (All)
    Artists: Madonna, Freddie Mercury, Paz Martinez
    Authors: John Grisham, Tom Clancy,Frederik Forsith
    I use to watch on tv series like Prison Break, Stargate Atlantis, Dexter, Smallville, Supernatural … I hope you include Series.

  444. Lan Ha says:

    Hello, everybody
    I like various kinds of films and could spend all my free time watching films or listen to music.
    I would like to have friends all over the world who can help me improve my general knowledge, especially the English language.

  445. LEONOR LUBATON says:


  446. Dogi says:

    Hi! Daniel!
    My favourite films are Martix, Harry potter,Schindler’s list, Pretty women etc. A lot of movies … And my favourite singer is Withney Houston.
    See you. /Dogi/

  447. selma says:

    Dear Daniel,
    The three films that helped me learn English are: a walk to remember, brave heart and titanic
    My favourite musical artists are: phil collins, ciline dion and elton john
    My favourite authors are Jane austin, Shakespeare andcharles dickens

  448. selma says:

    thank you Daniel for all your efforts

  449. Amel says:

    My favourite movies are Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, the others
    I dont listen to English music a lot but I like Celiene Diot,
    The authors are Charls Dickens, Kate Chopin


  450. marius says:

    Your ideea is very good ,I prefere 3 films,for learning enghlish languages

  451. RUTH says:

    Dear Daniel,

    Thanks for your e-mail. My favorite movies are: Escape, Pretty Woman, and Shall we Dance this movie was my inspiration to learn ballroom dance.
    Good luck with your proyect !

  452. Saw Hline says:

    Hi Daniel!!
    Thnx 4 asking me…….
    My three favorite films are:
    1. Titanic
    2. Harry Potter and
    3. Mummy

    Three Artists: Bryan adams, Bon jovi & Guns N Roses.

    Authors: Only one who i like most is “William Shakespear”..

  453. Hector says:

    1)There are a lot of fantastic films. I think “Predator” is one of them. Its argument is simple and easy to follow.
    What I like about this film is that it is a two well-mixed genres: drama and action. I’m not an expert at cinema but that’s my perception.

    2)I think pop and rock ballads are perfect choices to start. “Imagine” from John Lennon is easy to understand.

    3)Fairy tales and fables are good options to start learning a language.

  454. lina says:

    Hi, My favourite movies r: Cast away, The edge and When a man loves a woman. The authors r: Earnest Himingway, Shakespeare and Charls Dickens. The musical artists r: Elton John, Ronan Keaten and Brian Adams.
    Dont u think I need a lot 2 b better in English?
    I wish I would b able to speak English fluently by the efforts u exert 2 help.
    Thank u.

  455. BRAVEEN says:

    My favourite movies are :
    The Lord of the rings,
    300 spartans,
    Men in Black,
    Alien vs Predator,etc
    My favourite musical artists are :
    Snoop dogg,
    Michael Jackson,etc
    My favourite authors are :
    Conan Doyle,
    Nicole Kidmann,
    Agatha Christie,etc
    They were very interesting and

  456. BRAVEEN says:

    of course I improved a lot in english.Though I can speak english I would like to still improve to speak fluently.

    Thanks for the support.

  457. Krishna says:

    Dear Daniel,
    I have only seen one English Picture: Titanic
    I don’t know any musical artist in English
    Authors : William Shakespeare
    Charls Dickin
    William Wordsworth
    I like Mac beth and Julius Ceaser the creation of William Shakespeare.

    I read Charles Dickins many stories and William wordsworth poems.

    Now I try to speak english fluently. I hope you will help me.


  458. Zahida Gul says:

    I like various kinds of films and could spend all my free time watching films or listen to music.
    I would like to have friends all over the world who can help me improve my general knowledge, especially the English language.

    Authors: Only one who i like most is “William Shakespear

  459. Arrie says:


    I really know less about World authors nor about musical artists.

    I’m a movie girl, so I watch movies alot..but since you just need 3 of the answer, I’ve decided to pick this movies, first is The Devil Wears Prada, The Ruin and Poseidon.

    I really like watch movies cos it lots of fun and can helps me to improve my english, beside that I really likes ti listen to the music too.


  460. freedom waiter says:

    some of my favourite films that helped me to enhance my english language are apart from: “21” of Kevin spacy “professional” of Jean reno and I adore “papillion” of Stive mcqueen.
    thanks for your enjoying writing

  461. Reem says:

    Hi Daniel
    My favourite three films are: Lowrance of Arabia, the First Knight, Rush Hour.

    artists: Sami Yusuf ( British Singer) and I like to litsen to blue and westlife songs

    Authors: Jane Austin, Charles Dickns, Mark Twain

    Thanks always Daniel

  462. tasneem says:

    hi! my favorite three films are wedding planer , dairy princess and high school musical .my artists are blue, sami yousif backstreet boy.Authors Agatha Cristy ,earnest Hemingway and shake speer.

  463. ar-ra says:

    Dear All:
    first of all I want to thanks you because of your guids to learn English.
    I should inform you that at the moment I’m English learning student so I try so much to create a time to watching film or listening music but unfortunetly my work is so busy & it dosen’t let me to watch film or listen to musics which I like.


  464. Amany says:

    Hello Daniel:
    It’s interesting as a language instructor to share in your questionarre .
    1- As for the films I prefer ( The Lord of the Flies / Oliver Twist / Kidnapped / Around the world in 80 Days / Jane Eyre / David Copperfield / Tom Sawyer / Harry Potter / A Tale of two Cities / The Wizard of Oz/ Treasure Island/ The Count of Mont Cristo—–etc) in addition to all Willam Shakespear’s plays.

    2- Authors ( Charles Dickens / Charlotte Bronte / Thomas Hardy / Jonathan Swift / Emily Bronty / William Shakespear/ Alexandar Dumas / R.L. Stevenson / L. Frank Baum / Jules Verne).

    I wish this would be of great help in your project. Thanks

  465. cgallo says:

    Hi, there.
    I like to listen to slow songs which you can understand better such as Cat Stevens, Jim Croce, John Denver. Related to films I like the Hugh Grant’s pronunciation because It is easy to understand. some films that I use to help me in my practice are Nottinghill, some of the Disney’s films.
    I hope that this would be helpful for you.
    good bye

  466. jose merida says:

    Thank you for English Club.
    My favorite films: Pinguin march, Pretty women,
    Music. Barbra Streisand, Beatles, Abba
    Author Mark Twin, Shakespeare, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

  467. noor says:

    hello Daniel
    my favourite films are (Matrix,Pretty woman,English patient ,Jane Eyre) and my favourite Authores are CharlesDickens, William Shakespear,Charlotte Bronte
    my favourite song (my heart will go on)

  468. mehrdokht says:

    thanks alot for every things.
    my favorite movies are : pearl harbor-bitter moon-original sine-grudge
    my favorite singers are :celin dion-chris de berg-Micheal Jacson-Enrique Eglesias
    my favorite Authors are:charlotte bronte-Gabriel Garcia Marquez(but his books is very difficult in original language or english language for me)-jane austen
    with best Regards

  469. entela says:

    my favorite movies are:

    Be movie, Casablanca, Shall we dance

    Singers: Pink, Gwen Stefani, Amy Winehouse,Robbie Williams

    my favorite authors are: Mark Twin, Tolstoy, Jane Austin, Paulo Colhe,

  470. raluca says:


    cam tarziu dar merge si asa ;)

  471. Happyface says:

    Dear Daniel:
    Thank you very much for everything you did.
    My favorite movies are: Shrek,Titanic and The holiday.
    I love movies, especially the cartoon films. They are simple and full of meaning.

  472. vinci says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I would like to thank you for the emails you sent to me. I really appreciate it!!!!

    Well, i can say that i love to watch movies but the top 3 movies i like most are: someone like you, the family man and brave heart. My favorite 3 musical artists are: Michael Lears to Rock, Nina and Westlife. And the 3 book authors i really admired are: Rick Warren, Ramileo Sorillo and Reymund Murphy.


  473. jose xolo says:

    Hi, first of all, let me thank you for letting me know about this web site. i’m an English learner and still finding difficulties to learn it lol. ok here we come, my three favorite films are; MAN OF FIRE, ONE MILLION DOLLAR BABY, AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. I guess i like those movies because they are about things we face in our daily lives. also, i have learned many vocabularies because every time i listen to music, i look for the lyrics. i don’t have a favorite artist because i like many types of music…i hope you understand what i have just written

  474. Phuong_le says:

    hi daniel

    first, thanks for your emails they have helped me so much in my learning English progress.

    second, to answer your question, there are many film, artist who i like but may be they are domestic people that you have never heard about. these are my three favourite films:

    1/ high shool musical : the fun, the confuse of young genneral in front of complicate life. Their thoughs have something in common to me. I found down the way that they used to solve their trouble

    2/ Idiana jones : a wonderful adventure film that i have seen.

    3/ kungfu panda : funny, but it contains lesson about life. perfect is nothing.

    once again, thank you for your lessons, tips, ….. all you sent , all i need

    best regards


  475. Anjali says:

    Hello Mr.Daniel
    I don’t know anything about English movie and artist.But My three favourite author are Robert Browning(dramatic monolouge),Donne(love poetry)and Willam Shakespeare.

  476. edward says:

    Ella Fitzgerald
    Norah Jones Billie Holiday
    My Blueberry Nights

  477. yagan says:

    Hi! as for the films, i love all of the films of JULIA ROBERTS and MILL GIBSON
    another film is the TITANIC


  478. undra says:

    my favorite films are harry potter,my girl(korean film),and i am sam
    favorite t.o.p, tae yang, celine don

  479. MinaYuling83 says:

    Hello Mr. Emmerson

    Well, for me I like all the American and the Britsh movies and series but actually I do not remember the titles. and for music I don’t really have a special favourite singer but I like slow music cause I can get the lyrics so easily. Listening to English songs and watching English movies helped me a lot with learning English especially the accent and the pronunciation!! One thing I’d like to share here is that I learned a lot from chatting via internet with native English speakers and nonnative ones who are serious and interested in the English. languange.
    Cheers from Morocco
    Yu Ling Mina

  480. MinaYuling83 says:

    Hello Mr.Emmerson

    I’m sorry I forgot to thank you for your email. wish you the best of luck in your new and vinery teresting project.

    Best wishes

    Yu Ling Mina from Morocco

  481. ARTEMIZA says:

    Hello Mr.J.Essberger,
    I’m grateful to you for helping me in learning English language.”7 secrets” is an excellent and incredible website.
    Congratulations for new “ English Video Project”.Thank you to give me opportunity to answer Daniel’s question.
    I vas impressed about video clips on Daniel’s blog.
    I think this documentary will be very interesting, useful for all and learning English will be an enjoyment.
    Excuse me, but I can’t to answer Daniel’s question because I do not understand well musical and films
    artists and some speaker presentations. I am very busy with my professions and when have a little time prefer individual study or reading English M. literature.I am M.D.
    I hope to improve my English day by day.for conversation, for understanding very well another books, films and musical artists.I’m sorry for wrongs.I wait to correct me.Thank you.
    Best regards and success!

  482. hossein says:

    hi , thanks for your mails
    my favorite films are:
    1-emam ali
    2-sherk 1
    3-the eyes

    my favorite music are:

    1-Celin Dion

  483. dodi says:

    hi every body
    my favorite movie is harry potter, high school musical,twilight & romance action movie or romance movie
    about music i like back street boys,blue & a lot of singer.acutly i like also country music

  484. Maria Celina Atuati says:

    My favourite movie films are: Music and Lyrics, Death at the funeral, My best friend’s wedding.
    I like comedies very much.
    My favourite singers are Celine Dion, Andrea Bocceli and George Michael.
    I am Brazilian, so my favourite authors are: Fernando Pessoa, Machado de Assis and, just for relax, Danielle Steel, but I don’t have much time for reading. Best regards!

  485. romania says:

    v for vendetta


    wu tang clan
    Jedi Mind Tricks


  486. Christopher says:

    my favourite films are:
    (I think TV series is better)
    prison break
    the lost
    gossip girl

    musical artists are:
    Michael Jackson
    Lene Marlin

    authors are:
    Ernest Miller Hemingway
    Charlotte Brontë
    Charles John Huffam Dickens

  487. JUANMA says:

    My favorite films are:
    First of all, my favorite film is Godfather because I’d like films about mafia besides in this film appears excellent actors, for instance Al Pacino. The second maybe Intrepids Captains because the plot shows how we can teach about the value of little things.
    The last one is Seven. This thriller take care a lot of details and achieve to pay attention.

    About singers I’d like Jonh Lennon, Pavaroti and Frank Sinatra. All of them have incredible songs.

    Finally authors I’d like Victor Hugo, Alexander Dumas.

  488. Hery says:

    my favourite is a harry potter, spiderman and all about anime movie, and for my music favourite bon jovi

  489. yasamen minsk says:

    films :
    Harry Potter
    musical artists :
    Avril Lavigne
    Jennifer Lopez
    authors :
    William Shakespeare
    Vasily Aksyonov

  490. Toumany DIAKITE says:

    That a very good initiative ; it will allow us to improve efficiently our english. My three favourite films are:Prison break, the german police serie Inspector Derick and Pretty woman. My favourite artists are Celin Dione,AKON and UB40. My favourite authors are: David Thaureau,Emmerson ,John Lock.
    Thank you very much.

  491. Ali says:

    thank you very much for publishing such a productive Website for ESL learners.

    i keep my finger crossed for you in your future activities.

    thank you

  492. Pammalal Tran says:

    My favourite films are:
    – The Ghost.
    – Wild o the wind.
    – Beauty and the beast.

    And my favourite musical artists are:
    – Celine Dion.
    – Elton John.
    – Joni Braxton.

    At last, I am Vietnamese, I has never read English novel. But my favourite authour is Nguyen Du who is “Kieu” novel.

  493. Son Minh Ngoc Dang says:

    Nice to meet you, Daniel.
    My favorite films are Friends, The Lord of the rings and Pirates of the Caribbean.
    My favorite musical artists are Avril Lavigne, BSB and Westlife.
    And my favorite authors are JK Rowling, Conan Doyle and Bill Watterson (the author of Calvin and Hobbes)

  494. Shouyi Lu says:

    I appreciate your web, can you send me the sutitle of “Divine Lovers “, many thanks!

  495. briggi says:

    hello everybody :
    my favourite films are spiderman;armagedon and the lord of the ring.
    my favourite artist is shakira
    my favourite authors is conan doyle.
    bye bye

  496. Ramnath says:

    Well my favourite films are pearl harbor,the condemned,pirates of caribbean and so on…
    My favourite artists were Shakira,Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin.

  497. alejandro says:

    hi averybody
    these are my helper films
    -king David
    -brother bear
    -forrest gump
    here are my musical artist
    -brayam adams
    -nathalie umbruglia
    -michael bolton
    i like mark twain as my favorite author

  498. M.Maharaj says:

    films: Who Iam I, Rambo & walk to remmember.
    Musical artist: Rickymartin, enrique Iglesias &Back street Boys.
    Poets: William shakespeare, Jhon Keats & Sarojini naidu…

    These personlities & entertain stuffs are really impresed me to learn this wonderful language.
    I got that motivation to learn more.

  499. Ahnan Alex, S.S says:

    My favourite films are Dead Poet Society, Patch Adam, and Green Mills. My favourite musical artists are Rob Thomas, John Lennon, and Freddy Mercury. My favourite authors are William Shakespeare, David Thoreau, and Mira W. What they have done really inspires me so far.

  500. Greta says:

    Mr. Josef Essberger:
    My answers are:
    3 films:
    c)My enemy.
    3 musical artists:
    a)Olivia Newton John
    b)Luciano Pavarotti.
    c)Placido Domingo.
    a)Sandra N. Elbaum.
    b)Raymond Murphy.
    c)James Taylor
    All are good books for ESL students, simples with a lot of examples and exercises.

  501. Elias2 says:

    Hi to all, these are some that helped me as I learned english.

    The 3 films are:
    A Clockwork Orange
    Interview With The Vampire
    Dangerous Liaisons

    The 3 musical artists are:
    Marilyn Manson
    Alice in Chains

    The 3 autors are:
    Isaac Asimov
    Arthur C. Clarke
    Anne Rice

  502. deemah says:

    first ,,my favourite three films are i am legend , dump and dumper and hide and seek .
    my favourite three musical artists are celine dion , josh groban and mark >> westlife ..
    finally ,, my favourite three authors are ??? actually i dont have a favourite one .. thats it
    thank u ..

  503. elif says:

    my answers are;1-lost, 2-others ,3-lord of the ring musical artists are Elton john,michael bolton and Abba byeee

  504. Shemy says:

    Hello Daniel,
    Nice day!
    I’d like to show my favourite films are《The Shawshank Redemption》,《Scent of a Woman》,《Roman Holiday》. Because of these films,I became to like English.
    And three favourite musical artists are Robbie Williams,Mary Carey,Vanessa Carlton. In my opinion,they are excellent musical artists. And I learnt the abbreviation from songs.
    Regarding favourite authors, I don’t know, because I read novel very little.
    Best regards,

  505. Jamal says:

    Hi…Thanks for asking me about :

    My favorites last films I’v seen are :

    1-” Burn after reading “,2- ” 21 with Kevin Spacey & Jim Sturgess ” and ” Braquage à l’Anglaise- with Jason STATHAM”.

    -Favourits music artists :
    1-Cat STEVENS
    2- Fairouz ( Libanon artist )
    3-Breece Spreringsteen.

    -Favourites Authors :

    – On the computer and Internet :
    1- CDs English + (plus) and the site of
    English Club
    2-Raymond Murphy-
    3-Jhon and Liz Sors

    There are so practicales ( for ESL learner )

    That’s it thanks .

  506. Sam says:

    1) Emma
    2) Pride and Prejudice
    3) The Talented Mr Ripley

    Musical artists:
    1) The Beatles
    2) Belle and Sebastian
    3) The Spinto Band

    1) J K Rowling
    2) Helen Fielding
    3) James Frey

  507. lee luong says:

    My favourist films are: 1. Brave Heart and the Patriot with Mel Gibson and the last Hitch with Will Smith

    in music, my favourist artis and band are: 1. Queen 2. Elton John and 3. Whitney Houston

    My answer for your last question are: 1.Alexandre Duma 2.John Grisham and 3.Conan Doyle

    Best regards,

  508. JOWARIA says:

    1) Final Destination
    2) Mission Impossible
    3) Pursuit of Happyness

    1) Enrique Eglesias
    2) Avril Lavigne
    3) James Blunt

    1) Nora Roberts
    2) Judith McNaught
    3) Sandra Brown

  509. Ho Thanh says:

    Dear sir!

    First of all, I would like to thank you about you have question for me. I answer the follwing question:
    My point of view,
    * three favourite films:Gone vieth the wind, The Casablanca, The God must be crazy.
    * three favorite artists: The Beatles, The Capenters, Back street boy…
    * three favorite authors: Robern Burn, William Shakespeare, Lord Byron.

    I learned a lot of lesson, It is very useful for me, throught films, story,…in foreign country I know a lot of information about people, culture, traditional… and their style of life. And special,It support for me to improve my English better.
    Thanks send email for me.
    Best wished.

  510. Ms Hanh says:

    Hi Daniel
    I like films as: Classical of Korean, Spirits, ju_on 1&2, Deep blue sea,…
    Best wished

  511. Alejandro says:

    Hi there! My favourite three films to learn English are: Just like heaven, The Dark Knight (The joker sometimes speaks very clearly) and Have you met Joe Black?
    I like the music of The Beatles, Billy Joel and Shaina Twain!
    I don`t have favourite authors!!
    See you!!

  512. Thanh Tra says:

    Hi Daniel, my three favorite films are Matrix, Gone with the wind and Casablanca. In music, I love Celine Dion, Micheal Jackson and Phuong Thanh (the artist in Vietnam). I read a lots books, but I don’t have any favorite author.
    Best wish

  513. Malgorzata says:

    Three films: “Bridget Jones”, “Snowcake”, and “Possession” with Gwyneth Paltrow – ideal pronunciation, I envy the native speakers ;)
    Music: Leonard Cohen, Joe Cocker, Chris De Burgh – beautiful lyrics, “songs with a text” – you want to understand them, so you learn new vocabulary
    Authors: Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Chrisite, Muriel Spark – intriguing plot encourages you to check the words you don’t know

  514. Monang says:

    Dear Daniel

    My favorite movies :

    1. Speed
    2. Simbad
    3. Sword fish
    4. The Lord of the ring
    5. Final Destination

    Music :
    Paris Hilton , Yellow.

    Best wish

  515. Mahdis says:

    hi there
    my favorite films are alot and it’s a little hard for me to choose 3 among them but randomly i tell you;
    2. 21grams
    3.the Reader(the most recent i have seen)
    my favorite singers are;
    1.celen dion
    2.chrise de burge
    3.Tina crouse
    the auther’s who helped me to learn english are
    1.Jack C. Richards(because they tought us in institues)
    2.shekespear(because i love his poems i learned lot’s of words and he helped me to became an english poet!)
    3.Endar allen poe(his poem named The Raven drived me crazy! he is awesome,fantastic and perfect!)

  516. sami says:

    thank you for your work