Sao Paulo day 11

Today was our final ‘full day’ in Brazil! Tomorrow we shall head to the airport at 15:00 and say farewell to South America for the time being. It has been a phenomenal experience to say the least and I am so excited about working on both the Shanghai and Sao Paulo films in order to share what I have learned about the English language while travelling across these two drastically diverse continents.

Due to last night being our final Saturday in Sao Paulo, Joel and I joined a group of people from Rio De Janeiro at a Samba nightclub. I shall divulge more information as to what occured in my Sao Paulo write-up later this month… However, evening soon turned into morning and we did not  start filming until mid-day on this, our final afternoon in Sao Paulo!

After a quick breakfast at one of the local cafes in Pinheiro, we took a taxi to Ibirapuera Park with a German architect we had met at our hostel. She proved to be a great help in that she knew the park well and was able to show Joel and I the best places for filming the various activities that were taking place. We stayed in the park until the sun went down, filming everything from kite flying to skate boarding as the Brazilian’s made the most of their free time by relaxing in the summer warmth.


Drummers outside Ibirapuera Park


Filming at the Ibirapuera Auditorium

We managed to get some more great footage from the park that I feel well and truly reflects the (surprisingly) relaxing ambiance of Sao Paulo on a Sunday. To contrast today’s shoot, Joel and I will head to Avenue Paulista tomorrow in order to capture some of the frantic Monday morning rush at one of the busiest business districts in the city!

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  1. Stacy Yang says:

    Hello Daniel,
    I’m Stacy Yang ,a Chinese girl.I’m working hard to improve my English now.And I’ve got some help from your essay.Thank you!
    Looking forward to your new articles

  2. janet says:

    Hi Daniel
    my nick name in janet smith from Iran i really thanks you for helping us to improve our english ive seen in many countries but Brazil .
    After watching your videos and essays my fammily and i are planing to go to brazil in our next holiday im looking to your next plan

  3. Linda k hollywood says:

    Hi Daniel
    ” Sao Paulo day 11″ You are a lot of activity
    and play attention with the people. I will be
    happy and enjoyed reading with you traveling and
    very nice story ! I am looking forward with you
    the divulge (secretive) in formation Sao Paulo
    in the new Substance with you sooner.

    Have a nice day !
    Linda K

  4. mae regala says:

    I read your article and its fun to enjoy different people and culture. Probably you enjoyed most of the time mingling with other people and at the same time working with them. Its fun and keep up the good work and God blesses you and keep you always.

  5. vyshanav says:

    The Brazil vedio was fantastic!why not visit our Gods own country Kerala in India?Here we have English as the first language in schools and collegesHope you will visit