Shanghai day 4

We woke up early on Sunday morning and interviewed some of our newly acquainted friends.  Both Wei Wei from China and Dennis from Brazil had some fascinating things to say about learning English in different parts of the world. Neither of our interviewees were from Shanghai and they had only spent a few days here, so it was particularly interesting to find out their first impressions of the city and the different ways that they were able to communicate with people here. Joel and I then took a taxi to Spring Airlines where we interviewed some of the senior executives and managers. We will continue our interviews with the Spring team over the next few days in order to assemble an accurate portrayal of the entire staff body and their English language progress.

I have decided to keep this entry brief as I am recovering from a bout of food poisoning. I have been far too cavalier in what I have allowed to pass my lips since arrival and need to be a little more careful in the future! I also plan to piece together each of these blogs at the end of our documentary adventure and give a full and detailed report on the Shanghai experience (including all the bits I have either missed out or skimmed over so far!)

It’s gotta be fun!


8 Responses to “Shanghai day 4”

  1. @Hassan says:

    nice work….keep on!

  2. rahmat says:

    I am very interested in Learning English Video Project, I try to teach my students using this video and they are very interested too. This video makes me more challenged in increasing my ENglish teaching, very very good, and helpful to my students’ speaking and listening skills. thanks for the video, ,,,,but when will you take a video project in Indonesia ?

  3. Linda k hollywood says:

    Hi Deniel
    I’m reading in you substance in Shanghai . I am very fascination with you trip and enjoyed our you
    new acquainted friend. I guess you and your corporate spring travel will be happy and enjoyable
    in order to assemble and accurate portrayal.
    I can say with complete assurance for you trip
    in Shanghai China is wonderful !

    Good Luck!!!!!!
    Linda k (Hollywood USA)

  4. celia says:

    Hi Daniel, I was wondering how difficult would be speaking English with people in shangai. It is owesome and I would like to be there, good luck .

  5. rose Tran says:

    It would be really wonderful if you arrived Viet nam. we will show you our country history and will be a part of your project! Thanks for everything that you are performing and yours enthusiasm!

  6. dish says:

    how is your stomach now???????????????
    and keep going the good work!!!!!!!!!

  7. tyas agustin says:

    Hi daniel It”s nice trip isn’t it ? and I suggest you to visit Indonesia interviewing people there especially in my school but remember Don’t taste anything you don’t know ! I’m afraid you get a stamachache ……….

  8. Mr.Jungle says:

    delight to read your place and get new idea on how to write English , Thanks for that