The Learning English Video Project film crew – back on the road!!


For those of you who do not know, my name is Daniel Emmerson and I am the producer of The Learning English Video Project, a seven-part documentary series sponsored by On Wednesday 19th August, I will be flying to China from England in order start work on a future film for the series. My dedicated cameraman Joel Carr will also be joining me on the trip when we will be spending two weeks in the dazzling Chinese city of Shanghai. As with the previous films that have been released on, the Shanghai production will have a running theme based on identifying different methods and reasons for learning English as a foreign language across the globe.

I am pleased to announce that we will be working with Spring Airlines, a budget airline company based in Shanghai who are expanding from domestic to international travel to and from China. Spring Airlines is one of the first privately owned airlines in China and operates on providing a low cost travel service. Senior Executives and staff at Spring Airlines have acknowledged they need English as their second language following the opening of China to a global scene. Joel and I will be speaking to people in Shanghai in order to document some of the methods that are being used to teach English within the company and find out how the need for English is changing in China.

For the last six weeks I have been managing an English Language course at Millfield Summer School in England. It has been an excellent experience that has given me some fresh ideas about The Learning English Video Project and I can not wait to get started next week. Keep checking for more blog updates and reports on our adventures in China – as always we plan to have a video blog and plenty of pictures online soon.

All the best!


Millfield Summer School – The Downside Campus.

That’s me on the first row in the middle!

12 Responses to “Shanghai”

  1. Tara Benwell says:

    Thanks for the update. Have a safe trip Daniel and Joel! How exciting that you’ll be interviewing the airline staff.

    Maybe some of them will be interested in’s English for work series. Especially English for Airline workers:

    Looking forward to your next blog!

  2. Julina says:

    Hi Daniel: I have been following your videos on I am impressed at your dedication in sharing with people around the world – all the interesting places and culture. Commendable effort. Since you’ll be in China, how about coming over to Malaysia?

  3. newcappaadocia says:


  4. alba diaz says:

    Hello Daniel.
    I like your job, I think is exciting, and thanks for share your experiences around the world.

  5. meiling_tina says:

    Welcome to china!
    i’m so glad you come to Shanghai,it’s really a beautiful city .As Shanghai is really near Hangzhou,will you come to my hometown ,the fantastic place?

  6. Daniel Emmerson says:

    Hi Tina,

    Thank you for your message. I know of Hangzhou and heard that it is a beautiful place. Unfortunately we have a very busy schedule and will not be able to make it to your home town this time. Will you be in Shanghai at all? We are also going to Xiamen on Friday.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Daniel and Joel

  7. rubina says:

    hello Deniel and others !
    i’m very happy to hear about your project,i think you are doing a good job and it is extremmly good for all english learners to learn more experience from others as well.good luck and enjoy your trip.

  8. Linda k hollywood says:

    Hi Daneil
    Thank for you message travel in shanghai China. Very interesting for you Corporate with
    spring Airline. Hope you are enjoyed you tripe
    in Shanghai China! See you sooner in the next
    Video project!

    Thank for sharing !
    Linda K

  9. michael says:

    hello Daneil
    Good job!Just do it.

  10. rosie kolp says:

    hi Daniel
    I’m so happy you are going to Brazil. I hope you can go to Salvador, Porto Seguro and Itabuna in Bahia. Also, Rio de Janeiro,Sao Paulo and Santa Catarina. Those are same places you and your staff will love it. I start learning English in Brasil, than I moved to Florida. Here I have been able to learn so much. Also, I have been following your videos on, and I sharing it with my english teacher and all my friends. Thanks for your effort and dedication on this project.
    Enjoy your trip to china

  11. blataria says:

    …hey,,i think you have to visit also Philippines, i came from china but i want to suggest you to come and witness the friendly and generous Filipinos..also the beautiful scenic spots here…hope to see yah..good luck to your project,,likewise to your trip…..

  12. blataria says:

    ..what a wonderful experience, how i wish i’ll be there any rate… what about coming here in the Philippines …I know you’ll be impressed with the beautiful scenic spots and friendly generous Filipinos,,,,good luck for the project likewise to your trip..i hope to see yah……….