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For the last few days I have been working hard in editing several rough drafts of the Cambridge and New York sections of the film. I would once again like to extend my thanks to  Antony and Marcus for their help in Cambridge and Joel for his patience and dedication to the project.

The initial sequence to the Spanish Video Blog was shot in a cave in Granada – hence Joel walking into a strange entrance. The rest of the footage was shot in and around Madrid and Granada, which are both equally wonderful places!

I have the remainder of the day at my editing station in Katowice, Poland before heading back to England, ready to meet Joel again for the rest of our ESL adventure. Please keep your comments coming! This is turning out to be a fantastic collaboration of culture and learning – lets keep it going!

One of the questions that we are asking the students we meet is:

What do you think is the most difficult aspect of learning English?

As it would be impossible to meet everybody reading this on, perhaps you could answer that question here!? I would love to see your responses!

98 Responses to “Spanish Video Blog”

  1. zaynab says:

    i think the most diffucult thing of learning english is
    the grammer of english which is the key of the language

  2. Daniel Emmerson says:

    Hi Zaynab, why do you think grammar is the most difficult for you? Daniel.

  3. gema says:

    well, a lot of things but principally to practice, for me it is ifficult because i don´t know people that speaks the language, i would also say gramar, you know sometimes it´s kind of hard for some people…

  4. nandakumar says:

    Learning grammer partwise is not difficult. But to apply grammer while writing and speaking is really difficult .Only a few people who has got a flair for the language get a good command over english.

  5. Rajesh Chaudhary says:

    For me the most difficult part of english is to use the proper word, I mean the vocabulary at he right place in right format.

    Because when we are writing, we generally use long sentence where only a single word could have worked well to give the full meaning of entire sentence we have written to convey a single message.

    So, vocabulary is the most crucial aspect of English language in writing as well as in speaking.

    Rajesh Chaudhary

  6. oulmi says:

    hi i think that he most difficult aspect in learning english is grammar and phonitics hese are the most important bases for english learner

  7. bagus ramdan says:

    I think the most difficult part is grammar, but not all, some part of it, such as adverb. For us, Indonesian people, building vocabulary is also difficult, because we don’t use english as a second language. Speaking would be easier than writing.

  8. Fion says:

    I think the most difficult of learning english is listening and speaking. It is because I am a Chinese and living environment which is all Chinese so I seldom speak and listen english in my real life. I just can learn it from the internet and some reading materials. That’s why I’m afraid to speak to forenigers. I really want to improve it.

  9. Rose says:

    I think it is the most important thing in an English environment for learning English. Especially in spoken-English learning.

  10. Alexander Ruiz says:

    Well, as a Spanish language native speaker, I would say the hardest items in learning English for me have been these: pronunciation- no apparent rules and so we must learn word by word- ,phrasal verbs – many don’t keep any logic between the two components and some have several meanings-, and some grammar structures- like the position of adverbs between the subject and the verb, e.g. I often speak, and other cases like this. However, Spanish and English have more similarities than differences and that helps quite a lot.

  11. cris says:

    What do you think is the most difficult aspect of learning English?

    The most difficul aspect of learning english is about grammar because sometimes its difficult to remember the grammar. also in terms of writing in english is very difficult to be perfect. the one thing difficult aspect of learning English is accent because Im a filipino that’s why my accent is not good because our language is tagalog and only sometimes I spoke English. I’m hoping that my accent in english will be perfect soon, Im trying hard to study more in Englisng. I would like to thanks to because almost two months I study in that website and most especially thanks to Mr.Josef Essberger the founder of this site.
    Godbless and more power to all the staff of…

  12. nivedita says:

    The most difficult part of learning english is speaking the language as second language users of english hesitate speaking in fear of committing mistakes.

  13. azhar says:

    i think the most diffecult aspect is learning spilling & the prounonstion on words. because through my experience in learning english .

  14. Quang Hien says:

    I think English Grammar is difficult but it’s more difficult to hear spoken English. There’s no linking between the words in many languages, but English.
    I’m always afraid of taking the listening exams.

  15. Vaclav Perich says:


    what about phrasal verbs and English idioms generally?

    The most difficult thing in every learning is to keep up practicing. I apreciate the a lot because it makes learning funnier.

  16. Jason says:

    For me, I know twenty thousand words, or even more, but when I speak or write in English, words in my mind would always be those simple words. The main reason for this situation, from my prospective, is the lack of practice. I have known this reason for long, but I cannot get some real effective way to practice. I really wish to have more communication with native speakers, I think this may work for me.

  17. sol says:

    The Grammar, punctuations, vocabularies these are all important in learning English because it is hard to form a sentence if you don’t know your grammar. If you want to be a english writer and you don’t know your punctuation, how will your readers know what you really want to tell them if you don’t know where to put the commas, period etc. Lastly, you must have a wide range of vocabulary so that your sentence will not be redundant. So learning English is very challenging especially for those non-english speaking country like mine. Speaking is much easier on my opinion, you only need to do is to practice speaking in english but again before you open your mouth to speak you have to be sure that your grammar is correct and that what you’re saying is understandable to your recipient.

  18. CELIA VELEZ says:


  19. banay says:

    My problem about learning English is nobody talk to me in English in common day.The only chance to talk & write is on the test.No matter how I craze in English at the beginning,I think my passion about the English will fall away day by day,
    so I think that’s my problem.Thanks for giving me the chance to tell my feeling.

  20. Softgirl says:

    I think that grammar is the most difficult thing in learning English, especially tenses. I feel sorry that I have no chance to speak English with native speakers. “Theory is dead knowledge without practice”.

  21. Mary says:

    I would say my students find it difficult in the early stages to pronounce the words and to apply ‘the melody of the senctences’.

  22. willys says:

    I fell that spelling and its pronunciation is most difficult. An alphabet pronounces different sounds. So to use learn a word, have to remember the exact spelling.

    Second important thing is that finding the suitable word for a context.

  23. zafar says:

    hi every one the most difficult part of english is to use the corret word and its grammar. people tanslate sentences according to their own native language. because they think in their language and then translate and this make it very difficult.

  24. Kishor G. Bhide says:

    I have been teaching English as a second language for the last 30 years. My students come from vernacular background. Hence, teaching them phonetics, word-stress,sentence-stress, and the intonation patterns becomes a serious problem. They just cannot overcome the mothertongue pull. most of my students write acceptable English, but their spoken English is horrible!

  25. Vincent says:

    I just know a few words in my mind so that I can’t write or speak what I think completely. Besides, lazy is the big enemy for me to learn English. How can I beat it?

  26. Alejandra Moliné says:

    In my opinion, the most difficult aspect of learning English is related with Phonetic – pronunciation-.
    This directly affects to the Speaking hability (or how we “sound” in English), as well as to the Listening comprehension hability. Both are related to the way we produce “sounds” in English.

  27. hilla says:

    In my opinion the most difficult thing in English is text with a long words that I dond understand:)

  28. Balluga Maria Assunta says:

    i have understood but the music in the back covered the speaking

  29. Doctor Jay says:

    Actually, the most difficult aspect in learning any language (English included, of course) is lack of exposure. I read all the responses above and most of them complain about a lack of resources to practice speaking/listening or the obstacles of grammar. These self-imposed barriers can be overcome in many cases. Watch English TV programs, listen to English radio channels and get a hang of how the characters speak, interact and respond with body language. Initially, you don’t have to understand what they are saying. Remember, when you were a baby, how did you learn to speak and comprehend your mother tongue? Your parents and everybody around spoke to you in your tongue EVERYDAY and you learnt to speak and listen instinctively. They didn’t have to explain to you about grammar, punctuation and all that. Of course, learning to read and write is a totally different ball game altogether. But it was the same with your mother tongue, right? You first learn to talk and listen. Most people have poor writing and reading skills even in their mother tongue. So, turn on the TV and radio (English) and start watching and listening. You have to sacrifice your favorite soapies for the benefit of learning another language (no pain, no gain, haha). My mother tongue is Cantonese, but I can speak and write English better than many native English users because in any language you have to learn with heart even if it’s your own language. Indonesians,
    Filipinos, Chinese or anybody, you can learn English a lot more better if you do what I tell you.

  30. sucharitha says:


    i Agree the views of Mr.Rajesh
    The most difficult thing while writing is i am not able to use proper words in proper situations , vocabulary plays a vital role in English writing and next comes the grammar.

    While Speaking i am not able to express my views or feeling , so that i can put into words and convey them, how should i develop this and overcome from all these aspects.


  31. kiwi says:

    i think the most difficult aspect of learning enlish is speaking , as far as as know , most of the Chinese students share my feeling , athough many of us are good at grammer , there is nothing comes into our minds when speaking english with others .we can’t express ourselves freely even on some common topics. in my opinion ,the key problem is we don’t have an englisn environment and lack of confidence . we Chinese education system pay more attention to the grammer , so most of us are skillful when doing reading practice , but feel painful when comes to listening and speaking .

  32. sripad sharma says:

    Good evening &thank you for this oppprtunity.I think pronunciation is the difficult aspect of english language.Inspite of many best efforts there remains something tobe learnt. It is sometimes baffling and confusing.

  33. Anell says:

    I think the most difficult is to develop the listening comprehernsion skill specially if you´re learning english as foreign language because native speakers use a lot relax pronunciation and expresion and as you´re not in contact very frequently with the language you can not understand very well when they speak.

  34. fati says:

    I thinks one of the most difficult ascept of learning english is using the verbs in their right place.the next that I am not good at is prounanciation.i think lisening is difficult but it would becom easier by practicing.i am not good at writing too.i wish i didn’t give up learning english in the past.i will to take classes in language again.

  35. Marielos says:

    Greetings from Costa Rica!! I think the most difficult thing when you`re learning a new language is to ¨unplug¨your mind from your native language. When you translate in your mind by the time you speak you can`t get into English properly.
    Instead, it is better to visualize images about what you try to say and not words. That is Think in English!

  36. Yaz says:

    In my personal opinion grammar is the toughest part about learning english & I perhaps would add listening skill as a second one.

  37. DINH says:

    For me I think learning English is so difficult in all aspect. Now I wish I can improve my English skill as soon as possible. I hope that one day I can use it as my native language. Please tell me ” How to improve E skills” I am trying it now

  38. asri says:

    in my opinion there is no the difficult things in learning English but it will appear when techniques applied in the classroom are not appropriate with students’ need. furthermore, the lack of practice will make students suffer because its hard for them to express their ideas by using English. For instance some students say grammar is the most difficult thing in learning English,but when the teachers response it by giving extra time to teach grammar, occasionally we forget about practicing it. because of that, grammar just a kind of formulation in our mind at that case and we cannot express it in the real life situation.

  39. leenasaed says:


  40. yasamin says:

    Hi! Learning English is lovely.The most difficult part of learning English is listening,because we have different kinds of accent.I try to connect my friends from different nations[Americans/English/Europians…] to listen thier accent.

  41. Moiche, Nemesio says:

    Although gramar is the clue for any language, English gramar has some special futures and breakdowns that at times confuses a non speaker in terms of speaking, writing or reading. For example in Spanish, we know what in English we say colloquial but we do not really understand the term phrasal verbs. It’s quite confusing.

  42. Chiara says:

    I am Italian and I love English.
    The most difficult aspect of learning English is forgetting my native language. You can’t speak a good English if you think in Italian and translate it. You have to think in English!

  43. Lucile says:

    In my opinion the most difficult thing to learn english is the pronunciation I mean that even if we know words to explain ourself in english there is the phonetic that play a good part in the way of learning this language. Moreover there is the fact that in my case that i think in france to speak english so a problem of cultur too in fact we have to think in english. Then a problem of words too a word in english or les “particules séparables”: on, over, in, …etc can have several significations so we have to guess sometimes to understand a word because it had several meanings.

  44. Alex says:

    Speaking and understanding, I think, is the most difficult part. Reading long texts, as for example novels. But, now, I’m reading Yeats and … he’s great, but difficult.

  45. Binnu says:

    I beleive once one has determined for learning perfect english no hurdle can stop him or her to do so,of course hard work & dedication is required for learning this complicated language.I also want to improve my english & speak like a native speaker but some where lack of my dedication & hard work i am still failed to achieve my goal.

  46. Savita says:

    In my opinion speaking English is most difficult in learning English because for spoken English we require everything starting fro grammar to pronunciation including vocubulary . But speaking also requires your convesation skills , cofidence and your ability to express your vocabulary in a proper manner. This is what I feel is most difficult.

  47. ouyan says:

    i am a Chinese ,i think the most difficult part of learning English is to how to express it in a native way .

  48. assia says:

    the most part difficult thing for me to learning english is that i can’t speak it fluently because i don’t know someone speak with me in english.sometimes i have idea but i can’t explain it.

  49. Lina says:

    I love English, but one of the most difficult things about learning it is the pronunciation. Grammar is not hard, if you like reading and enjoy it, it will become easy, of course, it implies a lot of patiente and practice.

    Learning English is not hard, but it requires a lot of concentration and love. People whom love languages learn it faster than others (like me).

    When I started to learn English, I told myself that I knew this language. Without studying I knew how to express my ideas and I understand a 70% of what people said to me. That was amazing; On the other hand, my sister and relatives were always thinking that they couldn’t do it. So their English is not well.

    Everything is in your mind, remember, you can do and get whatever you want, but you have to work for it. :D

  50. neca says:

    …is how to find someone to practice with. I can handle the rest.

  51. Juma says:

    The pronounciation and writing is very
    difficult for me. When I say something
    to someone ,they can hardly understand me and Ive got nervous about… Another thing is hearing them.I don”t get them ,for me better
    if I will read what their said to me.

  52. Carmen says:

    I find light differences, for example, between do and make, as well as phrasal verbs, are among the most difficult aspects of learning English…

  53. achie says:

    i think the most difficult things to learn english is about grammar..must we speak english base on grammar?but i’m very intersted in english i hope i can learn english well ang finally a can speak in englis fluently,,now i have a big problem about how the way to increase vocabulary for deaf children,because in my country english is not national language and i think they also have a chance same like us…any solution for this problem?

  54. NISSREEN says:


  55. NISSREEN says:


  56. Ian says:

    Carmen Says: I find light differences, for example, between do and make, as well as phrasal verbs, are among the most difficult aspects of learning English…

    I know you are talking in general, but these pages may help you with the particular points you mention:

    Do or Make?

    Phrasal Verbs (with Quizzes)

  57. SRIDEVI says:

    I agree with doctor Jai words.why means without the interest of a person we cannot get any thing or one easily,and also with the lay of hurdles and confidence the thing which we get is not thrilling,,in learning english also we face many problems.To overcome those problems and getting english is a hero.

    Thank you very much for giving this valuable oppertunity,bye.

  58. Sara Beatriz says:

    I love English and this site Englishclub, but the most difficult in learning English is listening because there are a lot of accents and we have to listen a lot in order to improve it. Bye.

  59. fanny says:

    I am a new comer to Canana. I learned English before in my contry. But I did not have chance to listen and speak English.So now I feel most difficult aspects are listening and speaking.I learn from this club,I have got confidence now.So thanks a lot for giving this oppertunity.

  60. chi says:

    I have spent a lot of time to learn English in American. The difficult to learn English is to understanding and flexible with the rule. English has many rules but sometime, it doesn’t apply the rule . So you should flexible when you use the English rule.

  61. carla says:

    During the time i’ve been studying English, i realize that i’ve a lot of troubles with listening and speaking. These are the results of not having a chance to practice it everyday. Another thing is that i don’t know how to use words i learn effciently.
    This is my opinion

  62. Dasha says:

    On my opinion the most difficult thing is listening.If I had more practise I would speak really better.On lessons I always have problems with it!I will try to improve them!!!

  63. June says:

    the most difficult thing is we could not think in an English way due to cultural difference.

  64. Hamid Ali says:

    Greetings from Egypt. I think listening and speaking is the most difficult ones. My students suffer much trying to listen to fast speakers and reading difficult words like yacht and ewe. Many words have silent letters like “gh”, “kn” and “mb”. I’ve told them about your site and they got benefited much. Thanks for your great efforts.

  65. Hamid Ali says:

    Greetings from Egypt. I think listening and speaking are the most difficult ones. My students suffer much trying to listen to fast speakers and reading difficult words such as yacht and ewe. Many words have silent letters like “gh”, “kn” and “mb”. I’ve told them about your site and they got benefited much. Thanks for your great efforts.

  66. N.Ganesh says:

    I think the most difficult part is grammar and pronunciation . The native speakers in India are generally concerned with grammar when they are speaking English language. They do not understand the pronunciation also

  67. N.Ganesh says:

    the most difficult part is grammar and pronunciation. when I learn i find it difficult to understand the grammar and pronunciation in speaking

  68. dawoud says:

    for me the difficult aspect of learning is phonetics mainly intonation and words and sentences…
    I give courses on this to foreign learners but they show no real understanding…i hope I ll have some peactical documents to make these two items more clear.
    thank you for helping us…

  69. rasha says:

    I believe the most difficult aspect of english are phonetics and understanding the native speakers

  70. faisal says:

    well..I am doing my BA in english alnguage and literatre at the uviversity of Bahrain..

    One of the difficult aspects of learning english is the use of english itself. In other words, moving from theory to practice. we cannot learn English by just memorizing some chapters in grammar books. We need to use them in conversations and that’s the point of learning grammar for instance.

    all in all, the question of the debate ” ….do you ((think))..” seeks learners’ experiences and opinions and thats why we have many thoughts. What i think is that people have different level of the ability to aquire a language. Some people find it easy while others find it greek!

  71. Minh Ha says:

    I think learning English is very difficult as we don’t have right method like laziness, impatience,…creativeness. Each person has the own way for learning English,but the most important purpose is listening and speaking and using it influence. So, in my opinion if we want to achieve suceess we must devote our time, hard,and plusing creativeness. We must look for and learn and creative through our friend’s learning way, native English people’s accent for speaking and listening. and always access hot news in the world by international channels. I hope that we are looking for the right way of learning English the most effective.
    Good lucks to everybody

  72. bhavishya says:

    i think application of grammer while speaking …and use of appropriate word…..
    thought process is also a imp aspect while speaking…

  73. iwan bachrum says:

    The most difficult thing in English is if we want to speak in english with the correct grammar, so when we want to speak or communicate in english just talk…dont 100% deppend on the garmmar…/iwan

  74. metha says:

    i think, the most difficult aspect of learning english are listening and tenses. we often don’t understand what natives says,it because of their accent. i just KNOW the meaning of tenses but i don’t UNDRSTAND them. i’m always confused with the time of usage them…i even have 3 tenses books but i don’t know it’s useful or not….T_T….

  75. bui thuy says:

    Yeah! I totally agree with everyone. Thre’re many problem when studying E but can u help me give some solution or some good advices for them?
    Thanks a lot!

  76. NESRIN says:

    I think the most difficult thing in learning English is pronunciation and underestanding the native speakers’ fast speech

  77. Afson says:

    The most difficult acsept of learning English is pronuncition also sometimes I don’t know what tense I shoud use.

  78. RongXiongDai says:

    To find or bulid the situation of learning English is very difficult, especialy for me sicnce English language is only a foreign language.

  79. ximena says:

    The most difficult aspect of the English language for me is the spelling of words, and the use of Phrasal Verbs. I’m quite please with my pronunciation, but I’m not with my spelling… I’ve been told that the best thing to do in my case is to write in English. I’m trying…
    All the best.

  80. Tanya Venkel says:

    I’d rather consider speaking skills listening comprehension to be the most difficult aspect in ESL learning and teaching. To my mind, English grammar is rather easy (if compared with the Russian or Ukrainian grammars) and can be learned under the guidance of a skilled instructor. Of course, a lot of exercises would very helpful. Skill in eading can also be obtained with the help of good dictionaries and literature. As to listening, it is sometimes pretty hard to cope with the tasks being away from the language “environment” and relying just on records… Besides, records for learners are usually in Standard English, thus, if one meets a native speaker, it appears to be a problem to understand him/her. English TV and radio is not always available everywhere. Using idiomatic English is also a difficult problem for ESL students, as language is changing, and new idioms appear. Well, anyway, English is great!

  81. Eric.Wang says:


  82. Dilber Uysaler says:

    As for me,listening com.prehension is hard to understand because if you have a good vocabulary store and a remarkable grammar kowledge you can speak and make others understand what you speak easily.But when you hear someone speaking its ok if s/he is a native speaker but language used by local people in any country is hard to understand also some foreigners use english perfectly well but some others especally indians iranians,pakistanians are hard to understand.

  83. Dieu Hien says:

    I like to study english.i feel English isn’t dificult.But there are many grammar which isn’t easy to remember.and pronounciation is different in every country.i ‘m difficult to listen and understand.

  84. shalva says:

    If around you are people that know and speak the English, it’s easy to learn the language perfectly, but if you are alone, of course, you learn the grammar rules, practice to write,
    read stories and newspapers, you get the knowledge about the language but you can’t understand what people speak, and it will be also difficult to begin speaking

  85. thuyhung says:

    The most difficult thing in learning English is speaking. I have no environment to practice or communicate in English. so, i often feel unconfident to talk with other.

  86. roberto says:

    I think the most difficult thing when learning English is the right use of verb tenses. People have a hard time when trying to use different tenses in a conversation. At the beginning they only make themselves understood in the simple present. and have a lot of trouble in pronouncing regular verbs in the past. and don’t know exactly when to use the present perfect tense because of its several functions.

  87. Abdisalam says:

    To me, the most difficult aspect in english is Pronunciation which is related both Listening and understanding.
    If you don’t understand two words which are same pronuncition but different spelling, it may be not understand that person whom you are talking to you what he or she is talking about.
    In addition to that, other aspects of english such as Grammer, Vocabularry and writting have easier formular than pronunciation.

  88. jvpedroso says:

    The only difficult in english language is listenning a native speaker,specially when they speaker fast. The english grAMMAR IS VERY EASY,more easy than portuguese grammar my mothertongue. I love learning english . I have an experience when I travel to Israel,Egypt,Greece,USA and other countries, I could communicate without problems;that!s very important to know English today,it is lhe language of International communication, it is marvellous. Have a nice study.

  89. gusti randa says:

    The most difficult aspect in learning english is practice. In my country (indonesia), most people study english starting from elementary school up to senior high school and takes for about 9 years. Even after nine years study english they still not be able to speak english, that’s a shame…,,!!!!.Usually, the reason are afraid of making mistake, nerveos, etc. This would be the lack of our method in teaching english in indonesia. I hope this kind of method will change to the better method in the future…,,,

  90. sandy says:

    I want to tallk about my self I thinkthe difficult things which I face at my study English is Grammar and speaking I mean how Ican tallk and at the same time i know my senteances are right also if i look to the senteances how can i know if theres any grammar mistakes
    please help me
    I need for your help

  91. juliansyah says:

    the most problem when I learn English is understanding grammar very well cause that is basic to understand any literature that we reading….

  92. Ted Siuta says:

    All it takes to learn English is a burning desire and committment to practice. Set goals that allow you to measure your progress. Get involved in the language. Don’t be afraid to speak. Be aware of your audience. Does that person your speaking to understand you? Never give up!

  93. Maestro says:

    I teach English as a second language to people in the Washington, DC, area. One of the biggest problems I encounter is that while students often use the right word, it’s not always the best word in that circumstance.

  94. sandy says:

    please I want from you to help me
    about the grammar

  95. voxuan says:

    i think the most difficuty in learning english is listening. B/c i have to understand they speak and translate exactly. I think grammar you can study easily.

  96. MANINDER says:

    I think so listening is very very important to learn english

  97. amparo says:

    I think the most difficult to learn English is to memorize vocabulary, especially when we do not have any practice in conversation. I think the only way to learn well English is by living in a country in which the English is spoken navitely.

  98. shamsa says:

    I think listining is difficult in learning english because its different from the language we spoke by,, and the most problem in learning is less practice because i dont find people that i can get practice with them