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The Learning English Video Project

Learning English Video Project FAQ

Will you come to film in my country?
This project covers 5 continents and involves 7 countries: Morocco, Romania, Spain, the USA, China, Brazil and the UK. We have no plans to extend this particular project, but perhaps one day we will have additional projects that may include other countries.

Do the people in the films speak perfect English?
The level of English in these films is very high, but naturally we cannot expect perfect English from such a wide variety of English learners. Nevertheless, we feel that it is an excellent learning tool and may even present students with the opportunity to spot the occasional error.

Can I put these films on my website?
Yes. We encourage you to use the embed code from each film. You can then display these films wherever you wish.

What about subtitles?
The default version of these films includes English subtitles. Generally, the subtitles are verbatim (word for word). Occasionally, however, we had to change the words slightly to clarify what was being said. If you don't want subtitles, you can download the Learning English Video Project without subtitles.

If English isn't the official language of the USA, what is? (Tales from America)
The USA as a country has no official language. Several states have English as their official language, but not all the states.

Why didn't you show more of the countryside in Lessons from Romania? And why didn't you explain more about Romanian culture?
Naturally, with only 15 minutes in each of the seven countries, these films cannot pretend to be representative of everything. As with most documentaries, hard choices had to be made about what to include and what to leave out.

I'm a teacher. Can I download these films and show them in class?
Yes. Certainly. You are free to download any film. This will mean the film is always available direct in your computer, and you will be able to show it at a higher quality and also pause, replay and fast-forward more easily. There are no restrictions on showing these films in class, or anywhere else.

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