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Listening Terms Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests words listed in our Listening Terms glossary.

1. If we listen to English speakers from different countries, regions or social classes, we'll hear different

a) languages b) lyrics c) accents

2. Which can you download for practising your listening skills?

an ebook
a podcast
an article
a) an ebook b) a podcast c) an article

3. Which kind of computer file can you listen to?

an image file
an audio file
a text file
a) an image file b) an audio file c) a text file

4. What do we call the written version of something we listen to?

a transcript
a recording
a writing
a) a transcript b) a recording c) a writing

5. Which can help you understand what's being said in a foreign-language movie?

a) subtitles b) lyrics c) emoticons

6. If you can comprehend what you're listening to, you can

hear it
understand it
misunderstand it
a) hear it b) understand it c) misunderstand it

7. If you understand the gist of what someone is saying, you understand

the main point
a) everything b) nothing c) the main point

8. When listening to someone speak, we can understand them better by _______ their body language.

listening to
a) watching b) speaking c) listening to

9. If you're taking in sounds and attaching meaning to them, you're engaged in _______ listening.

a) action b) active c) activated

10. To understand what a song is about, you have to listen to

the melody
the instruments
the lyrics
a) the melody b) the instruments c) the lyrics

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Contributor: Matt Errey creator of Word Up

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