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Listen to News 2006 Quiz

Read and/or listen to Listen to News 2006 and then answer the questions below.

1 What event caused people to wear protective eyewear when looking up into the sky in 2006?
2 Who was mysteriously poisoned in 2006?
3 What major error occured in 2006 that could have claimed thousands of lives?
4 Where did a building collapse causing many deaths and injuries at the beginning of 2006?
5 In 2006, who announced a decision to leave one of the world's largest fortunes to charity?
6 What caused the Chinese government to become extremely upset in 2006?
7 How did a young woman surprise the world in 2006?
8 Which of the following occurred during a major bank robbery in England in 2006?
9 What caused police to break up a major conflict in Germany in 2006?
10 Whose death was captured on video and broadcast over the Internet in 2006?