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Pronunciation tips (including homophones)

This table covers "be", "have" and "will" only (not verbs like "should" and "can") because these are the verbs where homophones can help you understand and remember some of the contractions.

Only one pronunciation is given for each contraction, but there may be other pronunciations when unstressed or in other varieties of English.
verb long form contraction pronunciation (number of
homophones common confusions rhymes with
same pronunciation different pronunciation
be I am I'm |ime| (1) - aim dime
you are you're |yor| (1) your/yore jaw jaw/more/four
he is he's |heez| (1) - his/fees/heath fees/bees
she is she's |sheez| (1) - seas/sees seas/he's
it is it's |its| (1) its eats/ids bits/fits
we are we're |wier| (1) weir were/where pier/beer
they are they're |thear| (1) their/there dare pair/fair
are not aren't |arnt| (1) aunt ant/aunty shan't
is not isn't |izunt| (2) - - -
was not wasn't |wozunt| (2) - - -
were not weren't |wurnt| (1) - want/won't burnt/learnt
have I have I've |ive| (1) - ivy/if dive/five
you have you've |yoov| (1) - - move/prove
he has he's |heez| (1) - his/fees/heath fees/bees
she has she's |sheez| (1) - seas/sees seas/he's
it has it's |its| (1) its eats/ids bits/fits
we have we've |weev| (1) weave with peeve/believe
they have they've |theiv| (1) - dave dave/brave
I had I'd |ide| (1) eyed id cried/died
you had you'd |yood| (1) - jude (name) food/renewed
he had he'd |heed| (1) heed hid/head/feed feed/need
she had she'd |sheed| (1) - shed/seed seed/he'd
it had it'd |itud| (2) - - -
we had we'd |weed| (1) weed wed he'd/she'd
they had they'd |theid| (1) - - spade/paid
will I will I'll |ail| (1) aisle/isle ill while/pile
you will you'll |yuul| (1) yule you all/jewel tool
he will he'll |heel| (1) heel/heal feel/hell feel/peel
she will she'll |sheel| (1) - shell he'll/feel
it will it'll |itul| (2) - - -
we will we'll |weel| (1) wheel/weal well he'll/she'll
they will they'll |theil| (1) - dale dale/male
will not won't |woant| (1) - want don't
I would I'd |ide| (1) eyed id cried/died
you would you'd |yood| (1) - jude (name) food/renewed
he would he'd |heed| (1) heed hid/head/feed feed/need
she would she'd |sheed| (1) - shed/seed seed/he'd
it would it'd |itud| (2) - - -
we would we'd |weed| (1) weed wed he'd/she'd
they would they'd |theid| (1) - - spade/paid

See also Homophones (contractions) for a simple list of homophones only.

See Contractions (vocabulary) for more about positive, negative and informal contractions.

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