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Pronunciation tips (including homophones)

This table covers "be", "have" and "will" only (not verbs like "should" and "can") because these are the verbs where homophones can help you understand and remember some of the contractions.

Only one pronunciation is given for each contraction, but there may be other pronunciations when unstressed or in other varieties of English.
verblong formcontractionpronunciation (number of
homophonescommon confusionsrhymes with
same pronunciationdifferent pronunciation
beI amI'm|ime| (1)-aimdime
you areyou're|yor| (1)your/yorejawjaw/more/four
he ishe's|heez| (1)-his/fees/heathfees/bees
she isshe's|sheez| (1)-seas/seesseas/he's
it isit's|its| (1)itseats/idsbits/fits
we arewe're|wier| (1)weirwere/wherepier/beer
they arethey're|thear| (1)their/theredarepair/fair
are notaren't|arnt| (1)auntant/auntyshan't
is notisn't|izunt| (2)---
was notwasn't|wozunt| (2)---
were notweren't|wurnt| (1)-want/won'tburnt/learnt
haveI haveI've|ive| (1)-ivy/ifdive/five
you haveyou've|yoov| (1)--move/prove
he hashe's|heez| (1)-his/fees/heathfees/bees
she hasshe's|sheez| (1)-seas/seesseas/he's
it hasit's|its| (1)itseats/idsbits/fits
we havewe've|weev| (1)weavewithpeeve/believe
they havethey've|theiv| (1)-davedave/brave
I hadI'd|ide| (1)eyedidcried/died
you hadyou'd|yood| (1)-jude (name)food/renewed
he hadhe'd|heed| (1)heedhid/head/feedfeed/need
she hadshe'd|sheed| (1)-shed/seedseed/he'd
it hadit'd|itud| (2)---
we hadwe'd|weed| (1)weedwedhe'd/she'd
they hadthey'd|theid| (1)--spade/paid
willI willI'll|ail| (1)aisle/isleillwhile/pile
you willyou'll|yuul| (1)yuleyou all/jeweltool
he willhe'll|heel| (1)heel/healfeel/hellfeel/peel
she willshe'll|sheel| (1)-shellhe'll/feel
it willit'll|itul| (2)---
we willwe'll|weel| (1) wheel/wealwellhe'll/she'll
they willthey'll|theil| (1)-daledale/male
will notwon't|woant| (1)-wantdon't
I wouldI'd|ide| (1)eyedidcried/died
you wouldyou'd|yood| (1)-jude (name)food/renewed
he wouldhe'd|heed| (1)heedhid/head/feedfeed/need
she wouldshe'd|sheed| (1)-shed/seedseed/he'd
it wouldit'd|itud| (2)---
we wouldwe'd|weed| (1)weedwedhe'd/she'd
they wouldthey'd|theid| (1)--spade/paid

See also Homophones (contractions) for a simple list of homophones only.

See Contractions (vocabulary) for more about positive, negative and informal contractions.

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