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Alphabet Homophones

Pronouncing the English alphabet - with homophones and matching sounds, common uses, rhyming letters, rhyming words and common confusions

Many learners find it difficult to say and/or remember the English alphabet, either because the sounds used in English don't exist in their language or because the letters are pronounced differently in their language. This table is designed to give five different kinds of help to such people.

The pronunciations below are for British English. Note that in American English some of the homophones and rhyming words may be different, and Z is pronounced "zee" (not "zed").
A-ZWords which have that sound (in them) Common uses Rhyming letters Rhyming words Common confusions
Aable, acheABC, AD, A.M., A4, AGMJ, Kpay, heyE, R
Bbe, beeB&B, BC, b4, B-movie, B2B, BAC, D, E, G, P, T, Vfee, meV
Csea, seeCNN, BBC, CIF, ccB, D, E, G, P, T, Vwe, fleaS, K
Ddelighted, deepCD, ID, PhDB, C, E, G, P, T, Vknee, glee 
Efeet, geeke-mail, e.g., QEDB, C, D, G, P, T, Vhe, keyA
Feffort, leftF16, FBI, FA Cup, FOB deaf, chefV
GgeeG20, GMT, G-spotB, C, D, E, P, T, Vfree, weJ
H H-bomb, HTML, HQ  ash, itch, hatch
Iaye, eyeIBM, MI6, ISBNYbuy, flyE
JjayJFK, DJA, Ksay, daygee
Kcable, cane, cakeKGB, OK, UKA, Jpray, greyC
Lelegant, sellLP, BLT, L/C, LA hell, bellR
Mempty, empireMP, MC, ATM, MA them, hemN
NendUN, NATO, NB, n/a ten, whenM
Ooh, oweOTT, OHP, O-ring no, goon
Ppea, peeasap, PC, PLCB, C, D, E, G, T, Vshe, heB
Qcue, queueIQ, Q&A, QEDU, Wfew, mewcoup, K
Rah, ask, heartRSVP, RIP, RAF far, barA
Sestate, essaySOS, USA, PS dress, chessC
Ttea, teeTNT, TLC, PTOB, C, D, E, G, P, Vfree, treeD
Uyou, yewUFO, EU, U-boat, UAE, U-turnQ, Wdo, newW
VveganVIP, V-neck, V-sign, VATB, C, D, E, G, P, Tski, threeB, fee, we
W WHO, WWF, WWWQ, Uflew, bluedouble, we
Xex, ex-X Men, X-ray,
 sex, checksZ
Ifly, buyE, I
Z   bed, deadsaid

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