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Homophones List ~ Contractions

The following is a list of very common contractions with words that have a different spelling and meaning but exactly the same sound (homophones).

you're / your
it's / its
we're / weir
they're / their, there
aren't / aunt
we've / weave
I'd / eyed
he'd / heed
we'd / weed
I'll / isle
you'll / yule
he'll / heel, heal
we'll / wheel
here's / hears
there's / theirs
what's / watts
who's / whose

You should be particularly careful with the spelling of the words in bold. They are often misspelled - even by native English speakers!

See Contractions (pronunciation tips) for fuller list and more details about pronunciation.

See Contractions (vocabulary) for more about positive, negative and informal contractions.

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