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Magic E Homophones

"Magic E" is an incredibly useful spelling rule that all native speakers learn when young but other learners of English are often unaware of. The basic version is that an E after a short vowel sound and a single consonant makes the vowel "say its name", i.e. take the pronunciation of that letter when you say the alphabet. This is how it works for the five letters that are vowels:

Learning the homophones of words with a magic E in them can help you learn this pronunciation and spelling rule. If you already know this rule, you can then use it to learn the words that are homophones, e.g. using your knowledge of how to say "base" as a way of remembering the difference between bass guitar (which has the same pronunciation) and bass the fish (which is different).

Words with magic E making A say its name

ate / eight

bale / bail

base / bass (guitar)

based / baste

brake / break

chased / chaste

daze / days

gaze / gays

grate / great

lane / lain

laze / lays

made / maid

male / mail

mane / main

maze / maize

pale / pail

pane / pain

place / plaice

plane / plain

raze / rays

sale / sail

shake / sheik

stake / steak

tale / tail

vane / vein

wade / weighed

wave / waive

whale / wail

Words with magic E making E say its name

genes / jeans

mete / meet

Words with magic E making I say its name

bite / byte

cite / sight

clime / climb

fined / find

mined / mind

miner / minor

mite / might

pride / pried

prize / pries

rise / ryes

rite / right

side / sighed

sine / sign

site / sight

size / sighs

tide / tied

time / thyme

wise / whys

write / right

Words with magic E making O say its name

hose / hoes

lode / load

lone / loan

mode / mowed

nose / knows

ode / owed

pole / poll

rode / road

role / roll

rose / rows

sole / soul

throne / thrown

yoke / yolk

Words with magic E making U say its name

use / yews

muse / mews