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Homophones Lists - Plurals and Third Person S

Many books teach the pronunciation of third person S verb forms (gets /s/, needs /z/ and chooses /Iz/) and regular plurals (bats /s/, beds /z/ and choices /Iz/), but few point out that the rules for which of the three sounds you need are exactly the same in both cases. Another way of making them easy to remember and pronounce is even less well known – matching words with s ending to words that sound exactly the same. Below is a list of such words for plurals and third person Present Simple verbs split into /s/ sound endings and /z/ sound endings. (Unfortunately there don't seem to be any homophones for words like cheeses that have an /Iz/ ending.)

Homophones of words with /s/ sound for plural or third person S
apps / apse
cops / copse
flecks / flex
hurts / hertz
lacks / lax
laps / lapse
links / lynx
minks / minx
sacks / sax
tacks / tax
tucks / tux
whacks / wax

Homophones of words with /z/ sound for plural or third person S
bays / baize
boos / booze
brays / braise
brews / bruise
brows / browse
chews / choose
claws / clause
cores / cause
crews / cruise
C's seas sees / seize
days / daze
does (= female deers) / doze
E's / ease
frees / freeze
greys / graze
G's / jeez
gays / gaze
gores / gauze
hoes / hose
hows / house (verb)
knows / nose
lays / laze
paws pours / pause
pleas / please
pores pours / pause
prays preys / praise
pries / prise prize
pros / prose
rays / raise raze
roads / Rhodes
roes rows / rose
ryes / rise
seas sees / seize
sighs / size
T's teas tees / tease
U's / use (verb)
wees / wheeze
whys Ys / wise

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