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Homophones by Vowel Sound

/eɪ/ as in day

aid, aide

ate, eight

bail, bale

baize, bays

base, bass (= guitar)

based, baste

brake, break

chased, chaste

days, daze

faint, feint

gays, gaze

grate, great

hay, hey

lain, lane

lays, laze

made, maid

mail, male

main, Maine, mane

maize, maze

pail, pale

pain, pane

place, plaice

plaid, played

plain, plane

pray, prey

rain, reign, rein

raise, rays, raze

shake, sheik

staid, stayed

stake, steak

staid, stayed

straight, strait

tail, tale

vain, vane, vein

wade, weighed

wail, whale

waist, waste

wait, weight

waive, wave

way, weigh, whey