Minimal Pair final /tʃ/ and /tʃi/*

as in catch and catchy

Below is a list of words that vary only by one ending with the sound /tʃ/ and the other having the additional sound /i/ and so ending with the syllable /tʃi/.

You can use this to practise the sounds or as a list of words to be careful to pronounce properly.


catch catchy
crunch crunchy
French Frenchie
peach peachy


Dutch duchy
itch itchy
sketch sketchy
stretch stretchy
touch touchy


kitsch kitschy
patch patchy
punch punchy
preach preachy
scratch scratchy


bitch bitchy
blotch blotchy
glitch glitchy
grouch grouchy
hooch hoochie
paunch paunchy
raunch raunchy

*Note that this pair may not be considered a true minimal pair by the strictest definition.

Written for EnglishClub by Alex Case