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Minimal Pairs final /t/ and /d/

as in hat and had

Below is a list of words that vary only by one having the final sound /t/ and the other the final sound /d/.

You can use this list to practise the sounds, or as a list of words to be careful in pronouncing.

Partly because the pronunciation of final /t/ and initial /t/ are very different, even students who don’t have general problems with /d/ and /t/ can have problems recognising and pronouncing these two sounds at the end of words.


bat bad

got god

hat had

write ride


ant and

at add

bet bed

bought bored

cart card

eight aid

feet feed

heart hard

hit hid

hurt heard

mat mad

meant mend

neat need

not nod

plate played

sat sad

sent send

set said

sheet she’d

sight side

spent spend

state stayed

taught toured

wait weighed


beat bead

bent bend

bright bride

but bud

cat cad

cute queued

debt dead

fat fad

heat heed

height hide

hot hod

kit kid

meet mead

oat owed

pat pad

port poured

pot pod

quit quid

route rude

short shored

slight slide

sought sawed

tent tend

tight tied


bleat bleed

cot cod

fate fade

float flowed

font fond

gloat glowed

haunt horned

it id

moat mode

mount mound

plot plod

site sighed

slit slid

spite spied

stunt stunned

tint tinned


blurt blurred

clot clod

faint feigned

goat goad

grit grid

nought gnawed

pant panned

peat peed

pert purred

plaint planed

pleat plead

punt punned

scant scanned

shunt shunned

skint skinned

skit skid

spurt spurred

stoat stowed

tart tarred

teat teed

trot trod

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