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Reading exercises for English learners passionate about the environment

The Earth seen from space over the sub-continent of India
Our Earth seen from space over the Indian sub-continent (image courtesy NASA)

These lessons include readings, vocab, quizzes and comprehension questions, as well as topics for discussion and essays. If you care about our Earth, but find it hard to express your opinions and concerns in English, these pages will help you.

Environment vocabulary | quiz

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Do you consider yourself an earth activist? Talking about environmental issues is difficult to do in a foreign language. Learning the following words will help you express your thoughts and concerns in English.

From Whitewash to Greenwash
GREENWASHING is a fairly recent idea - deliberately making a company's products and activities look "greener" than they really are. Classic public relations BS!

Environment Gapfill Quizzes

A series of multiple-choice gapfill quizzes to test your understanding of terms and expressions used when talking about the environment and green issues.

level: intermediate
  • Mother Earth Gapfill Quiz
  • Save our Planet Gapfill Quiz
  • level: upper-intermediate
  • Consumer Activism Gapfill Quiz
  • Green Diplomacy Gapfill Quiz
  • Greenpeace Mission Gapfill Quiz
  • Protecting Biodiversity Gapfill Quiz
  • Threatened Species Gapfill Quiz
  • Natural Habitats

    level: intermediate
    Every living thing has a particular place in which it lives, and we call this place its habitat. A good habitat provides everything an organism needs to survive. It provides food and shelter, places for breeding or laying eggs, the right kind of climate, and so on. With vocab and quiz.

    Natural Habitats Loss

    level: intermediate
    Habitat loss is a serious environmental issue that has led to thousands of species of animals, birds, plants and fish becoming endangered or extinct. In this reading you'll learn about the ways in which habitats of many kinds are being damaged or lost forever. With vocab and quiz.

    Saving Natural Habitats

    level: intermediate
    Saving natural habitats is an urgent task, and it's something we can all help with. Find out what you can do to stop environmental destruction and save the world's endangered habitats and the animals, plants, birds and fish that live in them. With vocab and quiz.


    The Disappearing Honeybee

    level: intermediate
    Did you know that the honey bee is disappearing? Find out how this could change the world in this lesson.


    Greenpeace rainbow/dove motif
    level: intermediate
    Read about Greenpeace, one of the world's biggest environmental organizations, best known for its direct-action campaigns against nuclear testing, seal and whale hunting, as well as against destructive fishing and forestry practices. With vocab and quiz. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) logo

    World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

    level: intermediate
    The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a non-governmental organization (or "NGO") founded in 1961 to protect endangered species of wildlife and preserve natural habitats. With vocab and quiz.

    Environmental Activist David Attenborough

    Naturalist David Attenborough level: intermediate
    Do you like watching shows about nature and wildlife? If you do, you've probably seen documentaries by British naturalist Sir David Attenborough such as his famous Life on Earth series. With vocab and quiz.

    Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

    Environmental activist Greta Thunberg level: intermediate
    How did a 15-year-old high school student from Sweden become the world's most famous climate change activist? With vocab and quiz

    Greta Thunberg on Climate Change

    level: intermediate
    Did you know that environmental activist Greta Thunberg features in a music video by British rock band The 1975? She speaks about climate change while stock footage and graphics play, implying that in the future images like these could be the only way people can see what our planet looked like before it suffered the effects of global warming. With vocab and quiz.

    Environmental Activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

    Xiuhtezcatl Martinez level: intermediate
    Read about environmental activist and rapper Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. Watch his music videos and do a gapfill exercise based on the lyrics of one. With vocab list, links to related materials and quiz.

    Endangered Species

    level: intermediate
    Did you know that the Arctic is warming faster than any other place in the world? Find out what this means for our polar bears in this lesson.


    level: upper-intermediate
    Did you know that pollution causes premature death all over the world? Learn about the main types of pollution and their associated health risks in this lesson.


    level: advanced
    Did you know that building planners and construction companies are "going green" on a global scale? Learn more about a Canadian eco-community in this lesson.

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