Endangered Species Comprehension Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests your understanding of Endangered Species, one of a series of EnglishClub reading practice texts on environmental and health issues.

1. The place where a species lives and reproduces is its natural

a) habitat b) wildlife c) extinction

2. According to the article, an endangered species is one that is

already extinct
already dangerous
in danger of extinction
a) already extinct b) already dangerous c) in danger of extinction

3. Which poses the greatest threat to polar bears today?

wildlife hunting
climate change
water pollution
a) wildlife hunting b) climate change c) water pollution

4. What major change has occurred in the polar bear's natural habitat?

colder air temperatures
less hunger and exhaustion
disappearing sea ice
a) colder air temperatures b) less hunger and exhaustion c) disappearing sea ice

5. Which type of energy contributes to global warming?

coal-generated electricity
wind-generated electricity
a) hydro-electricity b) coal-generated electricity c) wind-generated electricity

6. Certain companies use money and political influence to attack climate science and renewables in order to protect

endangered species
natural habitats
their future profits
a) endangered species b) natural habitats c) their future profits

7. The World Wildlife Fund estimates that _______ of Arctic sea ice has disappeared in the past 30 years.

over 25%
over 20%
about 10%
a) over 25% b) over 20% c) about 10%

8. What type of conservation efforts are people generally interested in?

saving insects and spiders
protecting large animals
reforestation projects
a) saving insects and spiders b) protecting large animals c) reforestation projects

9. Many threatened or endangered species can be saved by a large

reforestation project
food chain
coal mine
a) reforestation project b) food chain c) coal mine

10. Thanks to laws that protect them, species that make it onto the endangered species list _______ become extinct.

a) always b) often c) rarely

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