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Disappearing Honeybee Quizzes

Vocabulary Quiz

Based on disappearing honeybee vocab

1. When something collapses it .

2. The place where a honeybee lives is called a .

3. Another word for "rely on" is .

4. We need bees to the plants that we eat.

5. There is a of honeybees in North America.

Reading Comprehension Quiz

Based on disappearing honeybee text

1. According to the article, the disappearance of honeybees is called .

2. Humans rely on honeybees to .

3. According to the article, which famous company is very worried about CCD?

4. What is the most important thing people can do to help honeybees?

5. Moving honeybees from place to place is called .

Grammar Quiz

When you learn a new language it is important to learn word forms. Nouns, verbs, and adjectives are the easiest to spot. Adverbs can be more difficult to find. Do you remember the role of an adverb? Here is an adverb lesson to help you remember. After you take the lesson, come back and try to spot the adverbs in these sentences. Finally, try to add adverbs to a few sentences from the reading.

Spot the adverbs

  1. But did you know that bees are very important to humans?
  2. Bees are mysteriously disappearing in many parts of the world.
  3. The poorest people always suffer the worst when there is a lack of food.
  4. Not everyone has money to donate regularly.


  1. very
  2. mysteriously
  3. always
  4. regularly

Add an adverb

Now try adding an adverb to these sentences. You may need to add an adjective and an adverb.

  1. Do you run away when you hear a bee buzzing?
  2. Bees in Italy and Australia are disappearing too.
  3. What about almonds and cherries?

Sample Answers:

  1. Do you run away quickly when you hear a bee buzzing noisily?
  2. Bees in Italy and Australia are rapidly disappearing too.
  3. What about nutritiously delicious almonds and cherries?