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Pollution Quizzes

Vocabulary Quiz

Based on pollution vocabulary

1. Garbage that requires careful disposal is called waste.

2. This is a form of precipitation that contains pollution.

3. Something that is one of the most important issues or concerns is a .

4. Windows and fans provide important .

5. regions are often contaminated with air pollution.

Reading Comprehension Quiz

Based on pollution text

1. According to the article, what causes 40% of the world's premature deaths?

2. What is the main reason people die of waterborne illnesses?

3. Which is the main cause of lung cancer in third world countries?

4. According to the article, where is cancer the leading cause of death?

5. Which is NOT mentioned as a source of soil pollution?

Grammar Quiz

Change the following sentences from the passive to the active voice. Before you complete this exercise, review the grammar notes for the active and passive voices.

Hint: Locate the sentence in the passage. You may need to read the sentence in context to rewrite it in the active voice.
  1. Water in many third world countries is contaminated by toxic chemicals, also known as toxins.
  2. Approximately 80% of infectious diseases in the world are caused by contaminated water.
  3. The public is generally warned before major health outbreaks occur.


Note: your new sentence may be slightly different than ours.

  1. Toxic chemicals, also known as toxins, contaminate the water in many third world countries.
  2. Contaminated water causes approximately 80% of infectious diseases in the world.
  3. Governments generally warn the public before major health outbreaks occur.