Pollution Comprehension Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests your understanding of Pollution, one of a series of EnglishClub reading practice texts on environmental and health issues.

1. A university study suggests that up to 40% of the world's premature deaths are caused by

developing countries
disease outbreaks
a) developing countries b) disease outbreaks c) pollutants

2. In many developing countries people use _______ contaminated by hazardous waste and sewage.

a) water b) air c) facilities

3. _______ regions are often contaminated with air pollution.

a) Chemical b) Carcinogenic c) Industrial

4. What do open windows and fans that extract smoke provide?

indoor pollution
a) contamination b) ventilation c) indoor pollution

5. The article implies that most of China's air pollution is caused by

Japan and Korea
burning coal
acid rain
a) Japan and Korea b) burning coal c) acid rain

6. According to the article, where is cancer the leading cause of death?

Los Angeles
the European Union
a) Beijing b) Toronto c) the European Union

7. Which is NOT mentioned as a source of soil pollution?

hazardous wastes
use of pesticides
smoke from factories
a) hazardous wastes b) use of pesticides c) smoke from factories

8. Soil pollution is a major concern in _______ countries.

industrial and developing
a) industrial b) developing c) industrial and developing

9. Industrial metals and pesticides seep into the earth's soil and contaminate our

food supply
food shortages
disease outbreaks
a) food supply b) food shortages c) disease outbreaks

10. Premature deaths caused by pollution are expected to increase as more people move to

developed nations
urban centres
country towns
a) developed nations b) urban centres c) country towns

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