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Pollution Vocabulary

Pre-reading vocab for pollution text

Word Meaning
acid rain noun rain that contains harmful chemicals that collect in the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned
carcinogen noun a substance that has been linked to causing one or more types of cancer
contaminated adj. has come in contact with organisms or substances that cause disease
developing country noun a nation that is working towards becoming more economically and socially advanced
domestic waste noun garbage that is produced by people in a household
dumping verb placing waste in an area that is not appropriate ( ex. dumping chemicals in oceans)
hazardous waste noun a form of garbage that is harmful to health of plants, animals, or humans and requires careful disposal (ex. batteries or paint)
industrial adj. related to the advancement of the economy
pesticides noun chemicals that are sprayed on crops to prevent insects from destroying them
pollutant noun something that causes damage to the environment
pollution noun the contamination of the environment
priority noun of top concern
sewage noun waste that humans put down drains
smog noun air pollution caused by a reaction between chemicals in the atmosphere and sunlight
sustain verb support
toxic chemicals (toxins) noun poisonous materials that can cause disease
ventilation noun the replacement of unclean air with fresh air