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Reading Terms Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests words listed in our Reading Terms glossary.

1. A reading comprehension quiz tests your ability to _______ a written text.

a) write b) pronounce c) understand

2. Which is a work of fiction?

a novel
a brochure
a memoir
a) a novel b) a brochure c) a memoir

3. If you're reading aloud in class, who can hear you?

no-one else
everyone else
only the teacher
a) no-one else b) everyone else c) only the teacher

4. If you're looking for specific names or details in a text, _______ it instead of reading every word.

a) skip b) scan c) skim

5. To get a basic overview of what a text is about, quickly _______ it from beginning to end.

a) skip b) scan c) skim

6. If your teacher tells you not to read a book's introduction, you can _______ it.

a) skip b) scan c) skim

7. If you get the central idea or main point of a text, you get the _______ of it.

a) inference b) heading c) gist

8. Which is a brief account of the main points of a text?

a transcript
a summary
a keyword
a) a transcript b) a summary c) a keyword

9. In which non-fiction work does the writer tell us about their whole life?

a memoir
a biography
an autobiography
a) a memoir b) a biography c) an autobiography

10. Which would normally be the shortest?

a proverb
a paragraph
a dialogue
a) a proverb b) a paragraph c) a dialogue

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Contributor: Matt Errey creator of Word Up

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