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Reading exercises for English learners interested in health

If you care about health issues but find it difficult to express your opinions and concerns in English, these pages will help you. These lessons include vocabulary, readings, quizzes, comprehension questions and discussion topics. Teachers can also use these lessons in the classroom.

Organic vs Non-Organic
Do you think organic food is more nutritious than non-organic? Learn more about this debate in this lesson.

The Fitness Pill
Did you know that scientists are developing an exercise pill? Find out how this could change the meaning of "working out".

upper- intermediate
Do you know the dangers of transfats? Find out why health professionals want people to eliminate this type of fat from their diet in this lesson.

Mobile Phones
Do you think mobile phones are bad for your health? Find out why some health professionals are worried about mobile phone use in this lesson.

Stress Quiz
all levels
Test your knowledge of stress with this True/False quiz.