Mobile Phones Comprehension Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests your understanding of the Mobile Phones reading practice text, one of a series of EnglishClub reading exercises on environmental and health issues.

1. According to the text, do mobile phones lead to brain tumours?

Yes, definitively
Definitively not
Too early to say
a) Yes, definitively b) Definitively not c) Too early to say

2. The text mentions the 1990s because this was when mobile phones

were invented
caused cancer
became popular
a) were invented b) caused cancer c) became popular

3. Why does the article mention microwave ovens?

They also use EMR
They cause tumours
They can be wireless
a) They also use EMR b) They cause tumours c) They can be wireless

4. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the article?

video game consoles
digital televisions
laptop computers
a) video game consoles b) digital televisions c) laptop computers

5. If mobile phones are shown to be hazardous, the mobile phone industry's profits will

stay the same
a) increase b) decrease c) stay the same

6. Which are NOT a form of electromagnetic radiation?

sound waves
radio waves
a) sound waves b) radio waves c) microwaves

7. Many experts say electronic devices should be at least six feet from our heads when we're

keeping them
using them
a) keeping them b) using them c) sleeping

8. Many health professionals say we should be careful until _______ studies on safety are done.

a) definitive b) logical c) scientific

9. How is mobile phone use compared to tobacco use in this article?

Both cause brain tumours
Both need long-term studies
They are equally hazardous
a) Both cause brain tumours b) Both need long-term studies c) They are equally hazardous

10. Which is recommended when using a mobile phone?

Holding it to your ear
Doing a handstand
Using a headset
a) Holding it to your ear b) Doing a handstand c) Using a headset

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