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Fitness Pill Text

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The fitness pill builds strength and endurance.

These days there are pills for just about everything. If you can't sleep, take a pill. If you're unhappy, take a pill. What about if you're overweight and you don't have time to exercise? A new fitness pill may soon be available. Scientists are developing a pill that provides the same benefits as exercise. According to a BBC report, the fitness pill will "build muscle, increase stamina, and even burn fat."

Test mice became strong runners after taking the fitness pill.

Would you take a pill if it meant you no longer needed the treadmill? Researchers found that mice who took these pills could run long-distances without previous training. The test mice also ran almost twice as far. There is evidence that humans on these pills will also be able to build muscles without exercising. Furthermore, the research suggests that those who exercise and take the fitness pill will be even stronger.

The fitness pill may benefit bed rest patients.

Some researchers think the fitness pill will be useful in certain situations. People who cannot get out of bed due to ill health may benefit from the drug. Those with diabetes may also benefit. Many diseases cause muscle wasting, which prevents patients from recovering. Other researchers feel that the average adult might benefit from such a drug. Most adults do not get the 40 minutes of daily exercise that doctors recommend. The fitness pill requires no need for spare time.

Professional athletes are tested for performance enhancing drugs such as the fitness pill.

The greatest concern about the fitness pill is in the sports world. Some fear that athletes will be tempted to use this drug to enhance performance. The pill has not been approved for human use yet, however, some athletes may already be taking it. Top athletes already go through extensive drug testing before national and international events. The world renowned gold medalist swimmer, Michael Phelps, voluntarily went through extra drug testing before the 2008 Olympics. He wanted to prove to the public that his strength comes from hard work and training before the world became skeptical.