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Organic Foods Quizzes

Vocabulary quiz

Based on organic foods vocab

1. Another word for an argument is a .

2. Some people think paying extra for organic food is a .

3. When something is "nutritious" it is .

4. A product that costs a lot of money is .

5. The person who buys something is the .

Reading comprehension quiz

Based on organic foods text

1. What is the main difference between organic and non-organic food?

2. Organic food is always locally grown and sold.

3. Why is it difficult to be an organic business?

4. What causes E.coli?

5. What do most people believe?

Grammar quiz

When you learn a new language it is important to learn word forms. Adjectives are describing words. The term "organic" is an adjective. In this article it describes nouns such as "food" or "line" or "consumers". Here is an adjective lesson to help you remember how to use adjectives. After you take the lesson, come back and try to find all of the adjectives in these sentences.

Spot the adjectives

  1. Organic food is very popular. It is also very expensive.
  2. In many countries organic foods have special labels. These guarantee that the products are natural.
  3. Over time organic farming became more difficult.
  4. Is organic food more nutritious? This is part of the debate


  1. organic; popular; expensive
  2. organic; special; natural
  3. organic; difficult
  4. organic; nutritious