Trans Fats Comprehension Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests your understanding of the Trans Fats reading practice text, one of a series of EnglishClub reading exercises on environmental and health issues.

1. Potato chips and chocolate bars are examples of

healthy food
junk food
fast food
a) healthy food b) junk food c) fast food

2. According to the article, too much fatty food causes

trans fats
mouth watering
a) obesity b) trans fats c) mouth watering

3. Which of the following can have high levels of trans fats?

fresh produce
fried foods
saturated fats
a) fresh produce b) fried foods c) saturated fats

4. What do trans fats do to the body?

raise good cholesterol
lower good cholesterol
lower bad cholesterol
a) raise good cholesterol b) lower good cholesterol c) lower bad cholesterol

5. Food companies and restaurants started using trans fats in order to save

a) time b) lives c) money

6. Which would doctors now say is the healthiest?

peanut butter
a) margarine b) butter c) peanut butter

7. What tip does the article give for avoiding trans fats?

eat out in restaurants
avoid tasty foods
check the ingredients
a) eat out in restaurants b) avoid tasty foods c) check the ingredients

8. Processed foods are nearly always _______ fresh or unprocessed foods.

unhealthier than
healthier than
as healthy as
a) unhealthier than b) healthier than c) as healthy as

9. If the majority of people eat junk food, _______ eat it.

half of them
more than half
less than half
a) half of it b) more than half c) less than half

10. A good diet _______ your chances of living a long and healthy life.

has no effect on
a) decreases b) better c) increases

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