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Transfats Vocabulary

Pre-reading vocab for transfats text

Word Meaning
avoid verb try to stay away from
banned verb not allowed
cholesterol noun a substance present in animal fat and tissues; too much can lead to heart disease
detail verb describe in full
diet noun what a person chooses to eat
hydrogen noun a colourless gas that burns easily
ingredients noun all of the foods that go into a meal or product
junk food noun snacks that do not provide any nutrition
majority noun the largest amount
make mouth water idiom just thinking of this food makes you want to eat it
obesity noun a condition of having too much body fat
processed adj when the natural form of the food is changed greatly (usually with a machine)
restrictions noun limits; rules
saturated fat noun usually from animals, solid at room temperature
texture noun the feeling of a type of food (ex.chewy,tough)
voluntarily adverb without being required or forced; at one's own will