The Chapel Comprehension Quiz

This quiz tests your understanding of The Chapel, a short story by Josef Essberger. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

1. Where did Ginnie's ancestors originally come from?

Rio Cristalino
a) Trinidad b) Rio Cristalino c) India

2. What did Ravi get for his 21st birthday?

a gold watch
a car
a) sunglasses b) a gold watch c) a car

3. Where did Ravi take Ginnie against her will?

the sugar fields
the chapel
a garden
a) the sugar fields b) the chapel c) a garden

4. Which of the following was NOT true about the Moorpalani family?

they were rich
they were oil traders
they owned many houses
a) they were rich b) they were oil traders c) they owned many houses

5. Why did Ginnie hate Ravi so much?

he engaged her
he haunted her
he raped her
a) he engaged her b) he haunted her c) he raped her

6. What was it about her daughter that upset Mrs Narine?

she was fat
she was pregnant
she was blind
a) she was fat b) she was pregnant c) she was blind

7. What did the doctor say Ginnie must do?

have the baby
have an abortion
tell the police
a) have the baby b) have an abortion c) tell the police

8. Why did Sunita's brothers want to kill Ravi?

he'd raped Ginnie
he'd insulted Sunita
he'd upset Ginnie's mother
a) he'd raped Ginnie b) he'd insulted Sunita c) he'd upset Ginnie's mother

9. What did the coroner claim as the official cause of Ravi's death?

an accident
a) murder b) an accident c) suicide

10. Who was the real father of Ginnie's baby?

Father Olivier
Ravi Kirjani
Suraj Moorpalani
a) Father Olivier b) Ravi Kirjani c) Suraj Moorpalani

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