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The Chapel comprehension quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Where did Ginnie's ancestors originally come from?
a) Trinidad b) Rio Cristalino c) India
2. What did Ravi get for his 21st birthday?
a) sunglasses b) a watch c) a car
3. Where did Ravi take Ginnie against her will?
a) the sugar fields b) a calypson concert c) a garden
4. Which of the following was NOT true about the Moorpalani family?
a) They were rich b) They were diplomats c) They had houses
5. For which reason did Ginnie hate Ravi so much?
a) He got engaged b) He raped her c) She humiliated him
6. What made Mrs Narine furious with her daughter?
a) She was fat b) She was pregnant c) She liked white men
7. What did the doctor suggest Ginnie should do?
a) get married b) keep the baby c) tell the father
8. The brothers laughed sardonically when Suraj said "It's time to hit the road". Why?
a) They couldn't drive b) They planned to kill Ravi c) They'd drunk too much rum
9. What did the coroner claim as the official cause of Ravi's death?
a) murder b) accident c) fate
10. Why was Ginnie six weeks late delivering her baby?
a) Ravi wasn't the father b) She was mourning c) The baby was ill