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The Metro comprehension quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. What is strange about the corpses found at the Metro stations?
a) All are female b) All are headless c) All have the same age
2. What does the inspector's wife want to do in the future?
a) find a lover b) be a policewoman c) move back home
3. Who does Inspector Dutruelle confide in about his affair?
a) Volalona b) a friend c) his wife
4. According to Pierre, why is the young Malagasy interested in Dutruelle?
a) He is rich b) She wants to stay in France c) She is pregnant
5. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as something Inspector Dutruelle has given to Vololona?
a) money b) his hand in marriage c) gifts
6. What does the inspector often do secretly at night?
a) watch sex shows b) spy on his wife c) follow his lover
7. What does Professor Dhiakobli promise the inspector that he will do?
a) keep his secret b) kill his wife c) find Vololona's lover
8. What is different about the inspector compared to Professor Dhiakobli's regular clients?
a) He is lovelorn b) He is French c) He is a man
9. What is the inspector worried about when the phone rings?
a) the neighbours b) being late c) the cost
10. Who are the Metro killer's last two victims?
a) Vololona + Agnes b) Madam Dubur + girl c) inspector + partner