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The Metro vocabulary quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. We have everything we need to make dinner tonight a) deferred b) save for c) fetch the onions.
2. Frank was a) brusquely b) decapitated c) unfaithful to both of his wives before they divorced him.
3. We finished our dinner a) amicably b) hastily c) vaguely because the movie was about to start.
4. It was a) a corpse b) amorous c) an atrocity when they tore the forest down to build a garbage dump.
5. The sun will a) coax b) emerge c) astute when the rain washes the clouds away.
6. I got a a) plaque b) hue c) cynic for being the most improved student in my graduating class.
7. The manager and coach of the hockey team had a good a) irritation b) rapport c) placid before.
8. The fact that the doctor's handwriting wasn't a) legible b) glowered c) captivated made the pharmacist angry.
9. I am a) irritable b) festooned c) claustrophobic so I always take stairs instead of lifts.
10. I heard my father a) starting b) severing c) cursing when he cut his finger with a knife.