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The Winepress Comprehension Quiz

This quiz tests your understanding of The Winepress, a short story by Josef Essberger. You can do this quiz online or print it on paper.

1. Where were all of Count de Gruse's dinner guests from?

a) Bordeaux b) Paris c) Europe

2. What did Count de Gruse think of his guests' ideas about immigration?

he agreed
he disagreed
he didn't care
a) he agreed b) he disagreed c) he didn't care

3. What is a "red Bordeaux"?

a type of wine
a kind of glass
a region of France
a) a type of wine b) a kind of glass c) a region of France

4. According to the Count's story, what did Pierre inherit from his father?

a funeral home
a vineyard in France
a wife from Madagascar
a) a funeral home b) a vineyard in France c) a wife from Madagascar

5. What did Faniry think about Pierre that made her jealous?

he was rich
he had many lovers
he was happily married
a) he was rich b) he had many lovers c) he was happily married

6. What did Faniry often tell Pierre she was going to do?

kill him
abuse him
leave him
a) kill him b) abuse him c) leave him

7. How did Faniry die?

stabbed by Pierre
crushed by a winepress
sickened by fumes
a) stabbed by Pierre b) crushed by a winepress c) sickened by fumes

8. According to Charles' story, what did Pierre do with Faniry's body?

buried it
cut it up
made a red Bordeaux
a) buried it b) cut it up c) made a red Bordeaux

9. What was distinctive about the wine Pierre made in 1965?

its aroma
its colour
its taste
a) its aroma b) its colour c) its taste

10. De Gruse implied the wine containing Faniry's body had been served when?

before the meal
with the veal
with the game
a) before the meal b) with the veal c) with the game

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