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The Winepress comprehension quiz

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. Where were Count de Gruse's dinner guests from?
a) Bordeaux b) Paris c) Europe
2. How did Count de Gruse think of his guests?
a) unlikeable b) loathesome c) ill-mannered
3. Which of the following describes Count de Gruse's appearance?
a) a blood-red face b) an unhappy look c) a round, red nose
4. According to the Count's story, what did Pierre and Faniry own?
a) a funeral home b) an electric company c) a vineyard
5. What did Faniry think about Pierre that made her jealous?
a) He was rich b) He had many lovers c) He liked peasants
6. What did Faniry tell Pierre that she might do?
a) kill him b) abuse him c) leave him
7. Why did Faniry stumble towards the winepress?
a) Pierre forced her b) Charles pushed her c) She was drunk
8. According to Charles' story, what did Pierre do with his wife's body?
a) He buried it b) He cut it up c) He made a '65 vintage
9. What was distinctive about the wine Pierre made?
a) It had a strange colour b) It had an interesting smell c) It didn't taste like wine
10. Which wine are the guests drinking while the Count is telling his story?
a) one with Faniry's blood b) a mild red wine c) a strong claret