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The Winepress vocabulary quiz

Choose the best word to fill the blank in each sentence.

(You can also print this quiz on paper.)

1. The a) aroma b) harvest c) vintage in the kitchen was of garlic and onion.
2. My Dad lies about his taxes because he has a) fumes b) contempt c) cask for the government.
3. The host of the party a) gazed b) entertained c) flung the guests by playing the piano.
4. All of the men stared at the a) ravishing b) decent c) gazed woman who walked into the room.
5. My mother a) loathed b) poised c) dabbed my father's sisters because they made her feel like a child.
6. We didn't have any brown sugar, so I a) resorted b) shuddered c) gazed to using cinnamon.
7. My aunt a) rooted b) dabbed c) loathed her cheeks with a tissue during the sad movie.
8. The nation was grief- a) poised b) stricken c) rooted when the President died.
9. The a) harvest b) peasant c) root of the problem is that we only have one car.
10. Few people seek a) vintage b) game c) immigration in this country.