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Collocations beginning with A. Select a collocation for more details.

above average

more than average, esp. in amount, age, height, weight etc.

absolutely necessary

totally or completely necessary

abuse drugs

to use drugs in a way that's harmful to yourself or others

abuse of power

the harmful or unethical use of power

accept (a) defeat

to accept the fact that you didn't win a game, match, contest, election, etc.

accept a challenge

to agree to do something difficult or dangerous

accept an apology

to forgive someone who says they're sorry

accept an invitation

to say "yes" after getting an invitation

accept responsibility

to take the blame when something goes wrong

aches and pains

mild pains that come and go, esp. from physical work or old age

achieve a goal

to do what you'd planned or hoped to do

act suspiciously

to behave in a way that makes people suspicious

action movie

a movie with lots of action and violence

active ingredient

the chemical in a drug, medicine or pesticide that makes it work

active volcano

a volcano that could erupt at any time

actively involved

playing an active role

admit defeat

to accept that you can't win a competition or achieve a goal

all alone

completely alone, or without friends or people you know

all along

continuously from when something begins

all over

completely finished

almost certainly

almost definitely

alphabetical order

an order based on the letters of an alphabet, with "a" being the first and "z" being the last in English

alternative energy

power or electricity produced by using energy from the sun, wind, water, etc.

alternative medicine

medical treatments using natural substances and traditional knowledge instead of pharmaceutical drugs and modern surgery

answer a letter

to write back to someone who sent you a letter

answer a prayer

to respond to a prayer

answer a question

to reply with information or an opinion after being asked a question

answer an advertisement

to contact a person or company after seeing their advertisement

answer the door

to go to the door and open it after someone knocks or rings the doorbell

answer the phone

to pick up a phone that's ringing and talk to whoever's calling

any more (1)

more of something you've already had or got

any more (2)

any longer, or as in the past or previously

apply for a job

to ask to be considered for a job you'd like to get

arrive on time

to arrive exactly when expected or scheduled to

artificial limb

a prosthetic arm or leg that replaces one that's been lost

ask a favour

to ask someone to do something for you because you need their help

ask a question

to ask somebody to tell you something

ask for advice

to ask someone what they think you should do

ask for directions

to ask someone to tell you the way to a place

ask permission

to ask your boss, teacher, parent, etc. if you can do something

attract attention

to create interest

attract sb's attention

to do something to make someone notice you

awful lot

more than expected, usual, normal, etc.

Contributor: Matt Errey