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back pay

money a worker earned in the past but hasn't been paid yet

back road

a small country road

back street

a street in a town or city that's away from major roads or central areas

back taxes

taxes that weren't paid when they were due

bad breath

breath that doesn't smell nice

bad diet

an unhealthy diet

bad habit

a habit that badly affects you or other people, or that others think is wrong or bad

bad loser

someone who gets upset or angry when they lose

bad mood

a mood in which you're easily annoyed or angered

bad temper

a tendency to become angry quickly and easily

badly damage

to do a lot of damage to something

badly hurt

seriously injured

balance a budget

to make income and expenditure equal in a budget

balanced diet

a diet with the proper amounts of all necessary nutrients

bare essentials

things that are needed the most

barely able (to do sth)

only just able to do something

basic right

a fundamental right that we all share, or that all animals share

bear a resemblance (to sb/sth)

to look like, or be similar to, somebody or something

beat a record

to do something better, faster, longer, etc. than somebody else

beat to death

to beat a person or animal so badly that it causes death

become increasingly

become more and more

best ever

best until now

best friends

closest friends

best possible

the best that can be found or achieved

big brother | big sister

older brother, older sister

big deal

something that's very important or very special

big decision

very important decision

big money

a lot of money

bitterly cold

extremely cold, of weather, wind, rain, etc.

bitterly disappointed

extremely disappointed

blind faith

unquestioning belief in something, even when it's unreasonable or wrong

blind loyalty

unquestioning support under any circumstances

blind obedience

unquestioning obedience, even when you're told to do something you know is wrong

blissfully ignorant

unaware of something that might sadden or disturb you if you knew about it

block of flats

a building with flats or apartments on several levels or floors

blow your nose

to clear your nose of mucus by forcing air through it

book a flight

to buy a ticket for a flight on a plane

boost morale

to increase morale or enthusiasm within a group of people

break a law

to do something illegal

break a promise

to fail to do what you promised to do

break a record

to beat a previous record in sport, speed, sales, etc.

break news

to tell someone bad news

breaking news

current news that a media organization gives special or live coverage to

bright future

successful or happy future

bright idea

a brilliant, clever or original idea

bring about change

to cause or create change in something or someone

bring attention to

to make people aware of something

bring to an end

to conclude an event, a process, a sequence, etc.

bring to justice

to make somebody face trial or punishment for their crime

broken home

a family in which the parents have separated or divorced

budget deficit

a negative balance between revenues and spending

Contributor: Matt Errey