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call a meeting

to order or invite people to hold a meeting

call a name

to say somebody's name loudly

call a strike

to decide that workers will protest by not going to work

call an election

to decide that an election will be held

call attention to

to make someone notice or consider someone or something

call in sick

to telephone your place of work and say you're not coming because you're sick

call sb names

to tease or bully somebody by calling them nasty or offensive names

call the police

to telephone the police, esp. in an emergency

can't afford

unable to buy or do something because it's too expensive or problematic

can't help

unable to stop yourself doing something you shouldn't do

can't stand

dislike someone or something very much

carry weight

to have authority or influence

cast a spell

to use magic to make something happen

cast a vote

to vote in an election or a poll

cast doubt

to make something seem less believable or less reliable

casual clothes

comfortable clothes you wear in your free time

casual relationship

a relationship that isn't serious or long-term

catch a cold

to become sick after being infected with a cold virus

catch a glimpse

to see something or someone for a moment only

catch a whiff

to smell something for a moment only

catch sight of

to suddenly see something or someone

cause trouble (1)

to create problems or difficulties for somebody or something

cause trouble (2)

to start fights or incite violence

centre of attention

the main focus of interest or attention

certain amount

some, or not very much but more than very little

change course

to go in a different direction

change the subject

to start talking about a different topic

change your mind

to change your opinion or decision

claim responsibility

to say that you're responsible for something

clean energy

energy or power supply that doesn't pollute or damage environments in its production or use

clear message

a message that's easy to understand

clear understanding

an understanding that's free of confusion or doubt

close the gap

to reduce the difference between people or things

close together

very near to each other, or separated by a short distance or time

come alive

become lively, active or exciting

come close (to)

almost do something, achieve something, complete something, etc.

come to a conclusion

to conclude, decide or believe something after thinking about it

come to a realization

to become aware of something

come to a stop

to stop moving or happening

come to an end

to finish, of an event, a performance, a meeting, etc.

come to expect

learn to expect that something is likely to happen

come to sb's rescue

to save someone or something from danger or failure

come true

to become real, or what you'd hoped for

comfort food

food you eat to make yourself feel better, esp. food you liked as a child

commit suicide

to deliberately kill oneself

common knowledge

something that nearly everyone knows

common language

a language that both you and the person you're talking to can speak

completely different

totally different

conduct research

to organize and carry out research into something

consider a possibility

to think about a possible choice, solution, outcome, etc.

contact details

details you need to contact someone, like a telephone number, email address, etc.

cost a fortune

cost a lot of money

cover costs

to make enough money to pay for costs like production, materials, labour, etc.

cross sb's mind

to briefly think of something

crystal clear (1)

completely clear or transparent

crystal clear (2)

easy to understand or very obvious

cut and paste

to select and copy text or a graphic from one part of a file or computer to another

cut costs

to reduce costs

Contributor: Matt Errey