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daily life

life as experienced from day to day

dead ahead

straight ahead

dead body

corpse, or the body of someone who's died

dead end (1)

a point at which no further progress seems possible

dead end (2)

a street or road that traffic enters and leaves at one end only

dead tired

very tired

dead-end job

a job with no prospects for advancement

deadly weapon

any object that's used for killing

deafening silence

a silence that everyone notices

declare war

to officially announce that a country is going to war against another country

deep sleep

If you're in a deep sleep, you can't be easily woken.

deeply divided

seriously split by disputes or different opinions

deeply held

strongly held, esp. of beliefs, views, convictions, etc.

deeply rooted (in)

strongly connected to the past, esp. of beliefs, culture, prejudice, conflict, etc.

deliver a baby

to manage or assist in the birth of a baby

departure time

the exact time at which a plane, train, etc. is scheduled to leave

desk job

a job at a desk or in an office

detailed description

a description that includes many details

diametrically opposed

completely different

direct flight

a flight that doesn't stop on its way to a destination

direct quote

the exact words that a quoted person said or wrote

directly opposite

straight across from

dirty joke

a joke that's related to sex

dirty laundry

unwashed clothes, sheets, towels, etc.

dirty player

a player who breaks the rules or tries to hurt other players

distant relative

a relative you share distant family ties with

do a deal

to make an arrangement, esp. in business

do a favour

do something to help somebody

do better

to improve in performance or condition

do business (with)

to engage in business activity

do damage

to cause harm or damage

do good

to have a good effect on somebody or something

do harm

to have a bad effect on somebody or something

do likewise

do the same thing

do the dishes

to wash plates, cups, pots, pans, knives, forks, etc. used to cook and eat a meal

do the ironing

to iron clothes, sheets, etc.

do the shopping

to buy food and groceries

do the washing

to wash clothes, sheets, towels, etc.

do well

to perform well in a job, a game, an exam, etc.

do work

to put effort into a task or a job

do your best

do all you can to succeed

do your duty

do what you should do at work, at home, or for your community

doesn't matter

doesn't have any effect

don't care

to not be upset or concerned about something

don't mind (1)

don't care, or not be upset about something

don't mind (2)

to not dislike, or to not have an aversion to something

drive (sb) crazy

to make somebody feel very annoyed or upset

drop the subject

to stop talking about something

dual nationality

having citizenship in two different countries

Contributor: Matt Errey