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early days

soon after something begins

early night

earlier bedtime than usual

early riser

someone who usually gets up early in the morning

early start

a beginning or departure early in the morning

earn a living

to work and earn money for yourself or your family

easy answer

a solution that's easy to find and adopt

easy money

money that's made without working hard

easy question

a question that most people can answer correctly

easy target

someone or something that's easy to attack or criticize

eat properly

to eat proper amounts of healthy food

eat well

to eat plenty of food

eating habits

what you usually eat and the way you eat it

economic growth

an increase in the size of an economy, or the rate of this

educational game

a game that helps students to learn

eke out a living

to earn just enough money to survive

empty promises

promises that probably won't be kept

empty words

words that aren't really meant, or that won't lead to action

enter a plea

to plead guilty or not guilty in a court of law

enter politics

to begin a career in politics

entry-level job

a job at the lowest level of pay or responsibility

equal rights

rights that are the same for all races, genders, classes, etc.

equally important

of the same importance

essential services

basic services like water, electricity, postal services, medical care, free education, etc.

ethical investment

investment in a company that's ethical, not harmful or exploitative

ethical standards

ethically acceptable levels of behaviour

ethnic minority

a group of people living in a country in which most other people are from another culture or race

ethnic tensions

bad feelings between people from different races or ethnic groups

even number

any whole number that can be exactly divided by two, such as 2, 4, 6, 8, etc.

evenly matched

If two opponents are evenly matched, they are equally likely to win.

every single

all of them

exceed expectations

be more or better than expected

express concern

to say or show that you're worried about something

express interest (in)

to show that you're interested in something

extend a deadline

to give someone more time in which to do something

Contributor: Matt Errey