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face a challenge

to have to deal with a challenging situation

face down

with the front or face towards the ground

face the fact(s)

to accept that something is real or true, esp. if it's difficult to accept

fail miserably

to fail very badly

fair deal

a reasonable deal in business or a morally correct arrangement

fall asleep

to go to sleep

fall dramatically

to fall quickly, esp. of prices, sales, rates, temperatures, etc.

fall in love

to suddenly feel love for someone you're attracted to

false impression

a misleading or incorrect image

false teeth

teeth that aren't natural

familiar face

someone you know personally

far away

a long way from somewhere

far better (1)

be much better

far better (2)

do much better

far more

much more, or to a much greater degree

fast asleep

sleeping deeply, or in a deep sleep

fast becoming

quickly becoming

fatal accident

an accident in which someone dies

fatal mistake

a bad mistake that has terrible consequences

feel guilty

to feel bad about what you have or haven't done

feel strongly (about)

to have a very strong, or passionate, opinion about something

fight a fire

to try to put out a fire

fight a war

to engage in, or resort to, war

fight corruption

to try to prevent corruption in government and business

fight hard

to try very hard to get or achieve something

figure prominently

to be an important part of a process, an event, a story, etc.

fill a gap

to fill a space or an opening

fill in a form

to complete a form by writing in the spaces

find difficult

to feel that something's difficult, esp. while trying to do it

find time

to make time available, or find room in your schedule

fire a shot

to make a gun shoot a bullet

firmly established

well established and unlikely to change

flat battery

a battery that no longer works, or needs recharging

flat tyre

a tyre that doesn't have enough air in it

follow a pattern

happen in a regular way, or according to a pattern

follow advice

to do what someone advises you to do

follow directions

to go the way you've been told to go, or do something as directed

follow instructions

to do what instructions or instructors tell you to do

foreign policy

policy relating to international or foreign issues

free speech

speech that isn't restricted by law, religion, censorship, etc.

free spirit

a person who doesn't behave in a conventional way

front door

the door at the front of a house

front page

the first page of a newspaper

front row

a row of seats at or near the front

front seat

any seat in the front of a vehicle, or the seat next to a car's driver

fully understand

to understand the full meaning or importance of something

Contributor: Matt Errey