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gain access

to get into a place, or be given access to something or someone

generally accepted

accepted by most people

get (sb) ready

prepare yourself, or somebody else, for something

get (sth) ready

prepare something

get a call

to receive a telephone call from somebody

get a chance

to have an opportunity, or the time, to do something

get a joke

to understand a joke

get a shock

to be very surprised by something

get a ticket

to get a fine for parking illegally, speeding, etc.

get angry

to become angry about something

get back together

to become a couple or a group again after being apart

get better

to improve

get better (at)

to improve in skill or ability

get changed (1)

to be changed by someone or something

get changed (2)

to put on different clothes

get dark

to become dark, esp. when the sun goes down

get dressed

to put on clothes

get into trouble

to become involved in a bad, difficult or dangerous situation

get lost

to become lost, or be misplaced

get married

to marry somebody, or marry each other

get old

to become an old or elderly person

get rid of (1)

to throw away, give away or sell something you don't want anymore

get rid of (2)

to stop, or remove, something or someone that's annoying or upsetting you

get sleep

to spend time asleep

get tired

to become tired and feel like resting or sleeping

get tired of

to become bored or annoyed with something or somebody

get to know

to get familiar with somebody after spending time with them

get to sleep

to start sleeping

get upset

to become unhappy, disappointed or annoyed because of something

get used to

to become accustomed to something

give a hand

to give help, support or assistance

give advice

to tell somebody what you think they should do

give birth

If a mother gives birth, her unborn baby passes into the outside world.

give evidence

to say what you witnessed or know in a court of law or at an inquiry

give notice

to tell somebody that a job, or the occupation of a property, will end at a certain time

give permission

to allow or permit somebody to do something

give rise to

to cause or result in something

give sb a call

to telephone somebody

give sb a chance

to give somebody the opportunity to do something

give sb a lift

to take somebody somewhere in a car or other vehicle

give sth a go

to attempt something, esp. something you've never tried to do before

give thought (to)

to think about or consider something

give up hope

to stop hoping for something because you think it's no longer possible

give way (1)

to collapse due to weight or pressure

give way (2)

to yield, or let another vehicle go first, when driving in traffic

go bald

to become bald, or have hair fall out

go bankrupt

to be unable to pay debts and go out of business or into receivership

go crazy (1)

to become mentally ill

go crazy (2)

to get very excited

go on a date

to go out with someone you're dating

go out of fashion

to become unfashionable

go smoothly

happen without problems, difficulties or delays

go unchallenged

to not be challenged or corrected

go unnoticed

to not be seen or noticed

go wrong

to not go well, or to have bad results

good cause

an organization, activity or charity that helps people or animals in need

good chance

quite a high probability or likelihood

good company

If someone says you're good company, they enjoy spending time with you.

good deal

a fair deal or fair price

good enough

as good as necessary

good luck

good fortune

good time

an enjoyable or fun experience

great deal of

a very large amount of

greatly appreciate

to appreciate very much

growing number (of)

more and more, or an increasing number

guilty conscience

a feeling of shame or remorse after doing something wrong or bad

guilty party

person or organization guilty of doing something wrong or bad

Contributor: Matt Errey