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happy ending

The last part of a story is a "happy ending" if all ends well for the main characters.

happy hour

a scheduled time when alcoholic drinks cost less than usual

hard job

a difficult job or task

hard to believe

difficult to believe

hard to see (1)

difficult to see

hard to see (2)

difficult to imagine

hard to tell

difficult to know or deduce something

hard work

any activity that requires a lot of energy or concentration

hardly any

almost none

hardly ever

almost never

hardly likely

very unlikely or very improbable

hate to think

to be afraid to, or not want to, imagine something

have a baby

to give birth to a baby

have a chat

to have a friendly talk with someone

have a go (1)

to have a turn at doing something

have a go (2)

to attempt to do something

have a look

to look at something

have a right

have a moral or legal claim or ability

have a word

to talk about something with somebody

have access (to)

to be able to get or use something

have an effect (on)

to cause a change

have an idea

to think of something

have got

to own, possess or have

have room

to have enough space for something

have sex

to have sexual contact with someone

have the chance (to)

to have the opportunity or the time

have time

to have enough time to do something

have trouble

to find it difficult to do something

healthy diet

a diet that's good for body's health

heavily armed

having or carrying many weapons

heavily guarded

guarded by many people

heavy drinker

someone who drinks a lot of alcohol

heavy losses

large or high losses, esp. of money or lives

heavy schedule

a schedule with many meetings, appointments, dates, etc.

heavy smoker

someone who smokes a lot of cigarettes

heavy traffic

traffics that's congested and moving slowly

heavy workload

If you have a heavy workload, you have a lot of work to do.

hidden extras

extra costs that companies or sellers try to hide from buyers

high level

a level that's above the normal or expected level

high quality

very good quality

high standard

very good standard

highly regarded

thought to be very good by many people

highly unlikely

very unlikely

hold a referendum

If a country holds a referendum, citizens can vote for or against introducing a new law or piece of legislation.

hold an election

to have or conduct an election

hold an inquiry

to have or conduct an official inquiry

hold hands

If two or more people hold hands, each person holds another person's hand.

hold office

to occupy a powerful position or role, esp. in government

hold sb hostage

to imprison somebody and demand something in exchange for their release

hold sb prisoner

to force somebody to stay somewhere

hold talks

to have formal or official discussions about an issue or a situation

honest mistake

a mistake that wasn't made deliberately, or had no bad intent

hope so

used to express hope that something's true

human cost

damage or loss caused to people or societies, incl. material loss, social costs, psychological damage, etc.

human error

a mistake caused by a person, and not by mechanical failure or natural forces

human life

human existence or human experience

hurt sb's feelings

to upset somebody by being insensitive to their feelings

Contributor: Matt Errey