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icy cold

extremely cold

icy wind

very cold wind

ill effects

bad effects caused by something

ill health

poor health

immediate action

action taken right away, or without waiting

immediate family

your closest relatives by birth, meaning only your parents, brothers, sisters and children

immediate future

the period of time directly following the present

impose conditions

to set conditions or requirements that must be met or satisfied

impose restrictions

to place limits or bans on particular actions or activities

impose sanctions

to ban or limit trade or contact with a country in order to bring about a change of government or policy

inextricably linked

If two or more things are inextricably linked, the connections between them are essential or extremely close.

innocent victim

a person who wasn't involved in the events or actions that harmed them

insect bite

a bite or sting from an insect

inside information

information only known by people inside a particular organization

intense pressure

very strong or extreme pressure

interest rate

the percentage of a loan that borrowers must pay back in addition to the amount they borrowed

internal injury

an injury inside the body

internal organ

an organ inside the body

invest heavily

to spend a lot of money on something to improve or develop it

irreparable damage

damage that's too serious to repair

issue a permit

to give somebody an official document that permits them to do something

Contributor: Matt Errey