Collocations beginning with J. Select a collocation for more details.

jet fighter

armed jet plane used in war

job interview

an interview you attend if you're trying to get a job

job losses

reductions in the number of jobs available

job opportunity

prospect or chance of finding a job

join a club

to become a member of a club

join forces

If two or more people or groups join forces, they work together to achieve a common goal.

join the army

to enlist and serve in the army

joint account

a bank account held jointly by two or more people

joint effort

something achieved or created by two or more people working together

joint owners

two or more people or parties who share ownership of something

jump to a conclusion

to decide, or make up your mind, before knowing all the facts

junk food

unhealthy food, esp. processed food with lots of fat, salt, sugar, etc.

junk mail

advertising material that's sent to people who haven't asked for it

just about

almost or very nearly

just cause

a cause that it is morally right or just

just now (1)

at this moment

just now (2)

a moment ago, or a very short time ago

Contributor: Matt Errey