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keep a diary

to own and write in a diary

keep a promise

to do what you promised to do

keep a secret

to not tell anyone a secret

keep an appointment

to meet somebody at the time you agreed to

keep busy

to have or find many things to do

keep fit

to stay in good physical condition by exercising

keep going (1)

to continue in the same direction

keep going (2)

to continue driving, riding, running, walking, etc.

keep going (3)

to continue doing whatever you're doing

keep in touch

to have regular contact with somebody by phone, mail, email, etc.

keep quiet

to make very little noise

keep records

to store detailed information, e.g. in business, legal cases, health care, education, etc.

keep safe

to prevent loss or damage

keep sb waiting

to make somebody wait

keep sb/sth quiet

to stop somebody or something from making too much noise

keep score

to keep a record of the score in a game or a match

keep still

to not move

keep the change

to not return the change after someone has paid for something

keep your balance

to remain steady on your feet and not stumble or fall

key issue

the most, or one of the most, important issues

key role

the most, or one of the most, important roles

keynote address

the main speech or lecture at a conference, seminar, meeting, etc.

keynote speaker

the main speaker at a conference, seminar, meeting, etc.

kick a goal

to score a goal by kicking a ball

kill time

to do something to fill in spare time

know best

to know what the best thing to do is

know better

to be sensible enough to know that it's better not to do something

know the score

to know the truth or the facts about something

Contributor: Matt Errey