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language skills

skills related to using a language

last long

continue for a long time

late night

a night when you go to bed later than usual

laugh out loud

to laugh audibly, or laugh aloud so people can hear you

law and order

public order that police or military forces maintain

lay the groundwork

to do preliminary work in preparation for future work

lead the field

to be winning in a race

lead the way (1)

to go first to show others the way

lead the way (2)

to do something first or best

lead the world

to be the most successful or advanced in the world

lead to believe

to encourage somebody to believe something, or to hint that something might happen

leading role

the most important role in a film, play or TV show

leave a message

to leave information for someone you haven't been able to meet or talk to

leave home

to move out from the home you grew up in

leave sb alone

to stop annoying, bothering or criticizing somebody

leave school

to stop going to school

leave sth alone

to not touch, change or use something

legal advice

advice from a lawyer, a solicitor, or any other a legal expert

let go (1)

to allow somebody or something to go free

let go (2)

to stop holding on to something

let sb know

to tell or inform somebody

level playing-field

a situation that's fair for everyone, or in which everyone has the same opportunities

level teaspoon

a teaspoon filled to the level of the sides of the spoon

lie ahead

If something lies ahead, it's going to happen in the future.

light a fire

to start a fire

liquid refreshments

alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks

little bit

slightly, or a little

little brother | little sister

younger brother, younger sister

little known

not known by many people

live at home

to live in the home you grew up in, or with the people who raised you

live music

music played on instruments in front of an audience

living conditions

physical conditions in which people live

living things

all things that are alive, incl. microorganisms, plants, animals, etc.

long ago

in the distant past

long overdue

should have been done, or should have happened, a long time ago

long time

a great amount of time

long way

a great distance

look nice

appear attractive, pleasant, enjoyable, delicious, etc.

lose a game

to be defeated in a game

lose a job

to be told you no longer have your job

lose control

to no longer be in control of something

lose faith

to no longer have faith in something you once believed in or trusted

lose hope

to no longer have hope

lose interest

to no longer be interested in something

lose money

to have less money after gambling, investing, starting a business, etc.

lose weight

to become lighter in weight

lose your life

to die because of an accident, war, illness, crime, etc.

lose your temper

to suddenly become angry

love dearly

to love very much, esp. of family members and friends

loved one

someone you love, esp. a family member or partner

lucky escape

If you had a lucky escape, you came close to being killed or badly injured.

Contributor: Matt Errey