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main course

the largest course in a meal

main road

a wide road with lots of traffic

main thing

the most important thing

make a bed

to neatly arrange the sheets, blankets and pillows on a bed

make a decision

to decide what to do

make a difference

to cause a situation or condition to change

make a fortune

to make a huge amount of money

make a fuss

to create unnecessary excitement or concern about something

make a living

to earn money for the things you need in life

make a mess

to create an untidy or disorganized state or situation

make a mistake

to do something that's wrong or has bad results

make a note (of)

to write down something so that you don't forget it

make a profit

to make money from business or investments

make a reservation

to book or reserve a seat on a train, a table in a restaurant, a room in a hotel, etc.

make amends

to do something to show you're sorry for your bad behaviour in the past

make an appointment

to arrange a date and time to visit an office, clinic, dentist, doctor, etc.

make an effort

to put time and energy into doing something

make an excuse

to give a reason for doing something you shouldn't do, or for not doing something you should do

make an offer

to state a price you're willing to pay for something

make arrangements

to arrange all aspects of an event such as a wedding, funeral, meeting, conference, etc.

make believe

to pretend that something is real or true

make changes

to change something in specific ways

make clear

to make something easy to understand, or to express yourself clearly

make contact

to contact a person or an organisation

make friends

to form new friendships

make love

to have sex with someone, esp. someone you love

make progress

to get closer to a goal, or to improve in ability

make room

to create space by moving something

make sb feel sth

to cause somebody to feel a certain way

make sense (1)

If an idea, plan or action "makes sense", it's sensible and rational and not stupid or likely to fail.

make sense (2)

If a sentence or statement "makes sense", it can be understood by the people who read it or hear it.

make sth easy

to cause something to be less difficult

make sure

to check so that you're sure about something

married couple

two people who are married to one another

mass market

the great majority of people who buy goods in a society

may (very) well

could or might

medical care

help given to someone who's sick or injured

medical history

all the illnesses, injuries and treatments that someone has had in the past

meet a need

to provide what is needed

meet a standard

to reach a certain standard or level of quality, safety, etc.

meet a target

to reach the number or amount set as a target, e.g. in sales, profits, savings, website traffic, etc.

meet opposition

to receive a negative response or reaction

meet with approval

to receive a positive response or reaction

mental illness

illness causing thoughts or feelings that seriously disrupt a person's normal state of mind

miles away

far away, or a long way from a particular place

miss a flight

to arrive too late to board a flight on a plane

miss a goal

to try to score a goal, but fail

miss an opportunity

to have an opportunity to do something, but fail to do it

missing in action

If someone is "missing in action", they haven't been seen or contacted since being involved in military action.

mixed feelings

different emotions, or conflicting impulses, felt at the same time

moral obligation

moral requirement to do something because you know it's the right thing to do

more or less (1)

somewhat, fairly or almost

more or less (2)


murder mystery

a book, play or film about the investigation of a murder

mysterious circumstances

circumstances that aren't understood, or haven't been revealed or explained

Contributor: Matt Errey